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ZY - Chapter 401- Rich family

  Two days later.


    Morning, Ocean Wind Forest was covered in a fog, The air was really damp and fresh.


    Along with a loud bell, finally, Poison Refining Technique had risen to lv-5 after 5 days of hard work!

    I clicked on it and a new recipe appeared in front of my eyes--

    Night Soul Charm Lv-5: Use on targets within an 8x8 range, after poisoned, reduce movement speed by 50%, 50% chance to be stunned. At the same time suffer from 300% of the attacker's damage. Unable to use skills, unable to attack, lasting for 2 seconds. The exact effect is related to the user's level and Agility: Soul Charm Grass x2, Black Beech Oil x1, bottle x1


    I squinted my eyes, was this the legendary Midnight Ecstacy?

    Once one is poisoned, it would reduce the group movement speed and attack speed. Just this alone made the Midnight Ecstasy a high grade poison. Moreover, it could stun targets such that they wouldn't be able to use skills. This was even stronger. Such a group control skill was really useful, especially in party fights. It was enough to change the tides of battle!

    But the recipe didn't seem so easy.

    I searched the forums. Black Beech Oil could be found in Dongyang City, Linan City, Bright Lake City, Wannan City which was all secondary cities that weren't open yet. There was no news regarding Soul Charm Grass so it should be something found in high level maps. This level 5 Poison Refining Technique ingredients were out of Linchen County's range!

    Right at that moment, a bell rang in the sky--


    System Notification: Congratulations player Dawn for getting to level 100, first to complete the quest. He has triggered the opening of the secondary city system. The server will undergo maintenance and will open at 12 tomorrow! Once the server is open, four secondary cities will spawn: Winter Sun City, Linan City, Wannan City, Bright Lake City. Welcome courageous warriors to join! The server will go into maintenance in 30 minutes, please head online to prevent losses!


    Time for a patch!

    I sucked in a deep breath.

I looked at my level and I was just 98. Dawn was just too sick, he was actually crushing all the other experts on the server. On the level boards, Lin Xi, Fengxian, Feng Canghai were all level 99. Only Dawn was able to get to level 100. The system didn't report any prizes but it would definitely be a good one!

    En, time to head to secondary cities and welcome even more challenges! Moreover, the secondary city players were far more than those of counties. Dozens of counties will move into one secondary city so one could imagine how intense that would be!


    Right at that moment, a message came from Ah Fei, "Ah Li how are you at Li River?"

    "Still fine, what is it?"

    "Are you not coming back?"

    His voice was a little sad, "I am staying alone and feel empty, why not... You come back. As a brother, I am really sorry this time so you have to give me a chance to apologise?"

    "Okay then."

    I nodded, "Anyways the secondary city is about to release, I shall see if I can get a ticket for tomorrow."

    "En, good. Tell me when you book it, I will pick you up from the airport."



    Afternoon, a restaurant in Li River.

    The sunlight was bright and I became really tired and lazily. I ate pepper-flavored potatoes and beef while looking at the details on my phone, "The system has started to refresh, I am planning to return to Suzhou tomorrow. There is a seven o'clock flight in the morning. Moonlight and Warm Sun go home too, the two of you have spent so many days outside."

    Moonlight Firefly pouted, "Brother Seven you are returning so soon?"


    "To be honest, I have not had enough fun..." She was a little reluctant.

    I laughed, "That is okay, we can come next time, moreover we will come many many times!"


    Warm Sun nodded, "Then next time, let's check tickets too!'


    Not long later, we all booked our tickets. It was all for the next day. After Mundane Slaughter wolfed down the food, "Since you are leaving then let's not waste time. Let me bring you to see something nice."


    Thus, we went to watch performances that were quite nice and left a lasting impression. After which it was late and we went for a meal before heading back to rest.


    Next morning.

    I left the earliest and didn't disturb Moonlight Firefly and Warm Sun. I called my own cab and on it, I sent a message to my sister, "Sis I am coming back today, should I eat lunch at home?"


    She replied quickly, "Dad is at home too, I shall tell the chef to prepare something."

    "En en!"

    Afternoon, I shall bring Ah Fei back home. He was my brother for so many years and I had never brought him home. I even hid my true identity from him so I felt a little bad.


    Time passed.

    At 10am the flight landed at Rainbow Bridge Airport.

    When I walked out with my luggage, Ah Fei was waving frantically, "hehehe Ah Li I am here, don't look at those short skirt girls there, look at me!"

    "Look at your sister..."

    Everyone looked at us and I felt really awkward.

We are hosted novel, find us on google.

We are hosted novel, find us on google.

    After which, I set a GPS towards my house.

    "I heard that your family is really rich?" Ah Fei asked.

    "En, you can say so... A little?" I said.


    He smiled, "Great, I can finally eat a good meal today!"



    At 12, I reached home.

    When Ah Fei's car drove into this villa, his face turned green. He drove slowly while looking around, "Brother... Are we at the wrong place? You said your house is rich but to stay at such a place... It is too much? Tell me, are we at the wrong place?"

    "Nope, continue forwards. Find a spot to park."


    When we continued forwards, the carpark's facial recognition system activated and a beautiful girl hologram appeared. She smiled, "Lu Li welcome back!"


    Ah Fei was frightened, "What is this? This... This is too advanced?"


    I guessed that he would react like that and didn't say much. I just said, "Time to go, lunch should be ready."

    "oh... Oh..."

    Ah Fei was a little shy, like a chicken entering a huge garden.

    Along the way was Su-style architecture. It was said that when my house was being built, we invited relevant experts and designed it similar to the Suzhou Museum. It was filled with both ancient culture and modern creativity.


    In the hall, my sister walked over and smiled, "Ah Li you are finally back, I thought that you would be half an hour later."

    "En, Ah Fei drove quite quickly."

    "He is Shi Shangfei?" Sister tilted her head and looked at him.


    Ah Fei looked at her and said, "Call me Ah Fei, hello Sister Lu..."


    She smiled and didn't say anything. She led the way and after walking for half a minute, Ah Fei was shocked beyond words at the interior of the place. He lowered his voice and said, "Damn... I feel like I am in a dream, this... Is it really your house? Also your sister, why does she look familiar, I think I saw her before..."

    I didn't say anything. Of course, she was familiar, she was often on the news. After all, the CEO of Destiny Corporation and was also in charge of Illusionary Moon.


    Ahead, father seemed like he had just got off work and didn't even take off his suit, "Ah Li is finally back... This... This should be Shi Shangfei that you always talk about?"

    "Yes, I am Ah Fei."

    Ah Fei nodded, "Uncle Lu hello!"


    Father was stunned, "Lu Li you didn't tell Ah Fei about your real identity?"

    "En, no, I felt like there was no need." I said.

    "We are all at home so there is a need. I will say it."

    Sister sat down solemnly, "Ah Fei, I am Ah Li's sister, I am Ouyang Nuo Yan, Destiny Corporation's CEO. Opposite you is our father, Ouyang Luo Feng, one of Destiny Corporation's founders and also the largest shareholder. As for Ah Li, er... I don't have to introduce him..."

    This... This..."

    Ah Fei's face turned ashen white and looked at me, "Then why... Why is Ah Li's surname Lu?"

    "I followed my mom's surname."

    I smiled, "So I am called Lu Li and my sister is Ouyang Nuo Yan."


    Sister teased, "Strictly speaking Ah Li's full name is Ouyang Lu Li, so is that easier for you to accept? I am Ouyang Nuo Yan, he is Ouyang Lu Li, he is really my brother."

    "So that is the case..."

    Ah Fei's body shook, "Sister... So, our family... Is it a super-rich family?"

    "Our family?"

    Sister was stunned and covered her mouth to laugh, "It seems like Ah Li's description of you is right, you really are shameless. But you are right, we are indeed rich."

    I coughed, "Dad, sister, now that I am back, should I stay with Ah Fei? The two of us are playing together so we can take care of one another."

    "En, okay."

    Father nodded, "But don't eat too much delivery food, it is not healthy."

    "En, I know."

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