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ZY - Chapter 408- Smashing flowers


    I looked at Nine Song's mechanics and praised.

    "Haha, I am just last hitting! Brother Seven, we will charge alongside you!"



    The darkness lighting glow swelled and when I charged towards them once more no one could stop me. This time I wasn't alone. Nine Song led 70-80 people to charge with me. For Dreams had to split their firepower and the moment they did that, they had no chance to stop me.

    In the distance, killing shouts rang out.

    Mundane Slaughter and Moonlight Firefly started to attack.

    This time, For Dreams led less than 500 people into Muntjac Forest and they probably didn't expect to get destroyed by the 200 of Assassin Alliance.


    In the distance, Wine and Poems was in top armor and his eyes were cold, "Ghostwalker and Heart's Desire can't even block one wave of attacks from July Wildfire?"


    Fenghua Sizhan's face was ice cold, "July Wildfire's transformation effect is too strong and we can't kill him at all. He is getting stronger and stronger, there is nothing we can do..."

    Little Rain's mouth twitched and she looked at Zhou Datong, "Dear, we can't lose just like this... If we get defeated just like this, how are Lu Li and Shi Shangfei going to mock us?"

    "Scoff, not so simple."

    Wine and Poems shouted, "The head on battle is about to begin. Dream Iron Cavalry Camp, charge out with me. Suppress July Wildfire and wipe out this rubbish alliance!"


    All of a sudden, a hundred men pulled out their blades. These were players with mounts. Although they were all different but they couldn't be underestimated. Facing such an attack of scale, normal Assassins couldn't be able to block them. They were like a leaf boat that was swallowed by a deep abyss.



    Nine Song was shocked.

"Finally, For Dreams is about to use their third-rate cavalry? Hahaha, learning from Elements and With You to create a cavalry squad, they really are a joke!"

    I waved, "Don't get hit head on. Little Nine go into stealth and hide towards the forests. I will block them. Once their formation scatters then attack. 3 of you lock onto one cavalry and insta kill them!"


    Nine Song raised his dagger, "Brothers, Secret Flash, go!"

    The Assassin Alliance assassins behind me turned into a flash and disappeared into the sky. The forced stealth skill was the trump card of Assassins and other players hated it. One could deal damage before escaping, that was just shameless.


    "Pu pu~~"

    Streaks of darkness lighting flashed around me and I was like a dark shadow. My daggers were cold and wrapped in lightning. I looked at their bunch charge over and I couldn't help but smile. This was the moment, an Assassin against an army!

    This was something I had to face. Cavalries were the main troops in the future. As the top Assassin, I had to face such a situation. If I couldn't face them then I would have to hide in the darkness. Honestly, if my job was forever restricted, I wouldn't be able to become the king. Since Destiny made games, Fang Ge Que, Li Xiao Yao etc, which one of them didn't ignore their job and became invincible?

    I wanted to take this path so I had to face them!

    "Pata~ Pata~~"

    Bloodthirst Banners were stuck down around me and darkness lightning spurted out. The moment Wine and Poems raised his blade, I used Dark Shadow Jump onto one of the Bloodthirst Banners. I raised my palm and used Dragon Will right ahead.


    A golden dragon swept and one palm scattered a bunch of them. But after all, all of them were heavy cavalry. Dragon Will's damage was weakened against players but even then, a large bunch was down to half health.


    A wind blew at the back of my head!

    My mind buzzed and it was as if things had turned slower. The Paladin's fierce eyes were right in front of me and I could see the angle and speed at which he was slicing. I side stepped to dodge that. At the same time, I jumped up and stabbed my dagger into the back of his head. I raised my daggers and sliced the throat of a cavalry holding a spear.

    "Peng", Flames of Karma exploded and he was insta killed!

    Just like that, I started to move about the army. With the speed advantage, I either jumped or dodged or attacked. My daggers turned into streaks of light and the cavalry was in a mess.


    In the distance, Wet July muttered, "Brother Seven sure is strong... He is actually able to face cavalry... Damn, is he still an Assassin?"

    Nine Song laughed, "Stop saying useless things, their formation is in a mess. Let's go, four of us one team. Aim the target, we have to wipe them out in one move!"


    I was at the core of this battle waving my dagger and fighting the heavy cavalry up close. At the edge of the battlefield, Nine Song and Wet July led the others to hunt. Many people appeared to kill those cavalries that had wandered off.

    In the distance, Mundane Slaughter and Moonlight Firefly continued to add pressure. Instantly, Muntjac Forest was in a mess.


    Roughly 30 minutes later.

    The number of For Dreams members dwindled. Some of them who revived were killed once more. The so-called Dream Cavalry was turned into mush. With my attacks, Nine Song charged. Very quickly, the 100+ strong cavalry army was down to ten people and they couldn't do much at all.

    "Let's go!"

    Wine and Poems pulled the reins and led the people out. He shouted in rage, "Lu, you wait, I will make you regret sooner or later!"

    "You still want to act cool?"

    On the side, a person flashed across. It was Mundane Slaughter. He used Gouge to stun Wine and Poems, "Seven, you can deal with him!"

    "Very good!"

    I laughed and used Dark Shadow Jump to kill a low health Archer and proceed 35 yards. I then jumped to another low health Fighter to jump 29 yards. The third jump was right in front of Wine and Poems. With three slashes, his mount was gone and he landed in front of me.


    With his mount gone, Wine and Poems's face was filled with shock, "What do you want?"

    "To kill you, what else?"

    I smiled and lightning flashed around me. I stood opposite Wine and Poems, "Zhou Datong, why must you go against us? You are asking for humiliation. Don't come next time, I pity your level and equipment!"



    Cloud Piercing Arrow shot into his throat and blood flowed, taking away his last bit of health. Wine and Poems pressed onto his throat and knelt onto the ground unwillingly.


    "Brother Seven!"

    In the distance, Moonlight Firefly held her bloodstained daggers and she pointed into the distance, "Eh... That Little Rain is your ex. She is trapped by us, what should we do?"

    "You still need to ask?"

    I smiled, "Do what you want, it doesn't matter."

    "Haha, I understand!"

    Wang Siyu held her staff and looked as the For Dreams members fell one by one. Her face was filled with rage, "Lu Li you are such a petty person, nothing good will happen to you!"

    Mundane Slaughter said calmly, "A slut won't end up well either, the smart people will smack you."

    "Right right right!"

    Moonlight Firefly charged in front of Wang Siyu with a smile, "My Brother Seven, Lu Li... He is such a nice person but you don't know how to cherish him. Forget it. You even tried to provoke him with Zhou Datong, who even are you? Are you even worth being a dog?"

    "you... Who are you, who gives you the right..." Wang Siyu raged.

    "I am your grandmother!"

    Moonlight Firefly used a combo to kill Wang Siyu.


    "So happy."

    Mundane Slaughter touched his nose, "It is nicer to see girls killing other girls, especially a beautiful girl like Moonlight Firefly."

    I nodded, "I agree."

    Nine Song was covered in blood, "For Dreams has dozens of people that escaped, do we send people to chase?"

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    I said solemnly, "This quest is for you. Nine Song bring 50 people over and force them back. The rest of you continue to level, we can't stop leveling because they appeared."


    I walked forwards and handed the remaining Midnight Ecstacy to Mundane Slaughter, "Hand it to them, I shall continue to collect materials."


    Mundane Slaughter was happy, "This level 5 poison is really strong. That battle was so useful, many people were insta killed by us before they could do anything. 50% chance of sealing skills and basic attacks, this effect... It is so shameless!"

    "Weren't you happy using something so shameless?" I glanced at him.

    "Hahaha, right!"

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