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ZY - Chapter 399- Defeating the experts

 He was attacking!

    The moment Ice Boomerang Blade brushed past my nose, I got close and my Darkness Dragon Tooth was covered in flames. I used Gouge and Mundane Slaughter couldn't move at all. I slid behind him and used Basic attack+ Backstab+ Basic attack+Godslaying Blade+Basic attack. Moreover, my damage was too high and just one set of moves and he was down to low health!


    he wanted to charge the moment Gouge ended but I used Ice Boomerang Blade. With the blades sweeping and slashing, Mundane Slaughter knelt onto the ground. His face was ashen white, "Damn... How fast!"

    I walked forwards and pulled him up. I smiled awkwardly, "My equipment are just too good if not one set of skills wouldn't have done so much damage."

    "That is useless."

    He smiled, "When I was made to use Ice Boomerang Blade by your Cloud Piercing Arrow, I had already lost."

    "Hahhaha, that is true! ! !"

    "Damn, you really are not humble! Hahaha~~~~"


    In the next moment, Mundane Slaughter charged towards the stone mountain and sat on it lazily. "Since I have lost, whoever wants to challenge for the guild leader position go, teach this fellow a lesson!"


    Moonlight Firefly descended from above and said, "Brother Seven, come, teach me!"

    "Do you want your dagger back?" I asked.

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    "No need, I have a backup one."


    A second flag stuck into the ground. Both Moonlight Firefly and I entered stealth. I didn't dare to be careless as Moonlight Firefly was also one of the top ten Assassins on the server. She was slightly weaker than Mundane Slaughter.

    The leaves scattered and this time I didn't do the same thing. The same strategy couldn't be used twice in the same place.

Moonlight Firefly was such a smart girl so she definitely wouldn't fall for Mundane Slaughter's mistake.


    Right at this moment, a leaf that was three steps away from me shifted slightly. I didn't even think and headed forwards. The moment I used Ice Boomerang Blade, I moved to the side. "Pu", a red dagger pierced through the sky and landed on where I should be at.

    As expected, Moonlight Firefly tried to bait me. She was using my previous strategy and was digging a hole for me!

    I dug the same hole so why would I jump into it?

    The moment the flames from Gouge disappeared, my Darkness Dragon Tooth stabbed into Moonlight Firefly's stomach. I used Godslaying Blade+Ice Boomerang Blade. Moonlight Firefly was really nimble and she slid downwards, slashing along my shoulder and at my waist.

    The moment my waist was in pain, I didn't even think and kicked backward. Her stomach was hit and she retreated. I used Gouge and slashed her snow white neck.


    Shock flashed in Moonlight Firefly's eyes. The moment she was hit with Gouge she said, "I admit defeat!"


    I retracted my dagger and canceled the sparring mode.


    Moonlight Firefly's health went to full and she smiled sweetly, "Brother Seven is so quick!"

    "Cough cough..."

    Wet July coughed.

    My mouth twitched, "Okay, who is next, who wants to challenge me?"


    In the next second, Nine Song descended and smiled, "Brother Seven please teach me!"


    During this battle, I was using solely Assassin skills. I didn't even use a single special move. Firstly it was for fairness, secondly, I also wanted to see their strength. After all we would be in the same guild and he was a main Assassin Alliance member. I was probably becoming their guild leader next.

    In the end, this battle lasted 48 seconds. Nine Song was strong and in terms of details he was catching up to Mundane Slaughter. His overall strength was like Moonlight Firefly and was really a good seedling. With his strength, he should be stronger than Breaking Dawn Destruction.

    After which, I was challenged by Assassin after Assassin. Wet July, Ten Month Birth, July Seven etc were taught a lesson. After half an hour, none of the Assassin Alliance members was my match.

    "It seems like I am left!"

    On a piece of stone, October Warm Sun stood up with her staff. Her eyes were filled with confidence.

    "Stop fooling around?"

    Moonlight Firefly smiled, "If a Mage challenges Brother Seven, you will be like a sheep fighting a tiger. Let's not embarrass ourselves..."


    October Warm Sun burst out laughing, "Am I so weak?"

    "You are not weak!"

    Mundane Slaughter said solemnly, "You are our top Mage, how can you be weak? Just that a Mage is at a disadvantage and as the equipment gap grows, Seven can kill you in two basic attacks!"


    Mundane Slaughter sucked in a deep breath and stood beside me, "Since that is the case, Seven is our guild leader. Does anyone have objections?"

    Everyone nodded, "We are all filled with admiration. Seven is much better than you as the leader!"

    "Your sister..."

    Mundane Slaughter smiled bitterly, "I was planning to pull you in to be our top killer, I didn't expect... What a joke, I lost everything!"

    I laughed, "The guild belongs to all of us, I am just having the name."


    Mundane Slaughter said, "Then from this moment on, Seven is our guild leader!"

    "Hello, Guild Leader!"

    Everyone nodded their heads and smiled.

    I smiled and told everyone to quieten down, "Thank you for everyone looking up to me, I will say something not pleasing first, I hope that everyone can understand..."


    Moonlight Firefly was stunned, "Brother Seven, what happened? Tell us directly, we are all on the same side."


    I nodded and looked around. I said in word by word, "Everyone knows that I am from With You, maybe in the future I will return to With You. At that time, we have two choices, one is for you to join With You and two is for us to separate. I hope that when the time comes, all of you don't blame me."


    Mundane Slaughter was stunned, "This topic is a little heavy!"


    Wet July said solemnly, "Brother July's words made me think about something. Everyone is willing to follow Song Jiang but what if one day he wants to leave? Haha the script is exactly the same!"

    I laughed, "Ah Shui that is enough... I am not Song Jiang and With You is not the court. I am just reminding all of you. Of course, there is one possibility which is that With You can't take me back then I would forever be in Assassin Alliance."


    Nine Song smiled, "Brother Seven, don't forget that Lin Xi kicked you out. Why should you suffer again? Live happily with us and drink large bowls of wine. What is bad about that?"


    I nodded my head, "Anyways, Assassin Alliance would be my home. of course, no matter what, Assassin Alliance would still be my home in the future and I won't let you down!"

    Mundane Slaughter's eyes were filled with emotions and his blood was bubbling, "Okay, with those words alone, you have the rights to be our guild leader. You are worth it!"


    Everyone nodded their heads, "In the future, Assassin Alliance is our home!"

    Moonlight Firefly squinted her eyes and was emotional, "in the future, the four oceans are not our homes anymore. Our Assassin Alliance will become rulers like Elements, Breaking Dawn and With You!"

    "Right right right!"

    Wet July raised his dagger, "Whoever attacks us, we will bully them!"

    I laughed and passed the dagger to Moonlight Firefly. Then I picked up the Guild Creation Token from Mundane Slaughter, "Okay, let's head back and then to the City Lord Manor to form the guild!"



    "Shua shua shua~~"

    White lights shone. Assassin Alliance members all returned to Linchen County and we headed towards the city lord manor.

    The moonlight was like water.

    Linchen County, City Lord Manor, two tiger statues stood outside the hall. We headed right in and saw a bunch of NPCs surrounding a sand board in a discussion. The person behind it was the famous general Lin Huang. He noticed me and his eyes lit up, "July Wildfire it is you!"


    Mundane Slaughter was stunned, "Bahuang Marquis knows you?"

    Moonlight Firefly smiled, "Damn!"

    I smiled, "Yes Marquis, I came... To create a guild."

    "Oh? !"

    He smiled, "Did you bring the Guild Creation Token?"



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    I needed a name, I turned around and asked, "Assassin Alliance?"

    "En, call it that!" Everyone nodded.

    I waved and typed in the words. In the next moment a bell rang in the skies above Linchen County--


    System Notification: Congratulations player July Wildfire for forming guild Assassin Alliance!

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.