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ZL - Chapter 1118- Lei Ding's end


 A golden light flashed and once again I stood in front of Lei Ding. Damn, the increase after the Azure path made the hybrid demon lord so much stronger. In the last patch I could block his attacks for a while but even with dozens of healers this time, I couldn't avoid death.

 "This Boss has too many skills!" Drunken Spear was forced back by Lightning Rage and his expression was one of pain. Clouds gathered in the sky and it was here once more, the Boss's Lightning Cloud Curse. Bolds of thunder landed and swallowed Drunken Spear's body. Yan Zhao Warrior was unlucky too. In front of such a top class Boss, experts were just a bunch of defence and health numbers. Once they ran out of health, they were dead.




 I used Cleansing Rain to heal for 60 thousand before drinking a bottle of potion. Darling Duck and Who’s Blue healed me and I managed to get to full. I slashed the boss from sharp angles and the moment he slowed down a little due to his focus on attacking Jian Feng Han, I sliced in and used Strength of a Thousand Men+Wind Carrying Slash. Lei Ding's aggro was all onto me now.

 "Haha, you still want to die?"

 Lei Ding recognised that I wasn't killed previously, I was just badly injured. After all the NPCs couldn't understand player systems. Lei Ding's rage was all onto me now. Not only did he used Endless Anger, he even triggered Thunder Trampling King. When it was used, it was just a tribulation. Clouds appeared beneath his feet and lightning pierced into everyone. Jian Feng Han, Ye Lai, Han Bei Song, Enchanted Painting all died. Old K's Oppose the Heavens skill was triggered as he charged at the Boss. He sliced numerous times and after seven seconds, he knelt down under the feet of the Boss.

 "This can't do!" My health started to drop and I went all out. However, we were too slow. Lei Ding's attacks were just too fierce.

 "Peng peng peng..."

 Fox fired three cannons and that caused Lei Ding's body to shake. He roared and then charged at fox. After killing him with one axe he charged at me with lightning speed. Meng Yao couldn't take it anymore and smashed Nuwa Shield onto the ground, using Nuwa Protection. She barely helped me to block Lei Ding's damage. 

 Death God's Elegy held Zhen Yue Sword and after Jian Feng Han and the others revived, he used Zhen Yue Warsong. I drank one bottle of Lanling Flower Wine and used King's Domain. Everyone's defence and health increased and they would recover 10% of their health each second for 10 minutes. These ten minutes were the key to whether or not we could defeat Lei Ding!


 I flew towards the boss. Lei Ding didn't hesitate and he used Axe Slash, each attack shook my God Slaying Armor. This time the damage was not so terrifying but it was still really high--





 Fortunately, I could heal 43 thousand health a second so I barely held on. My daggers attacked while also defending. Now I saw clearly that Lei Ding's Lightning Rage and Lightning Cloud Curse were magic attacks and couldn't be blocked. However, the Axe Slash after Endless Anger was a physical attack. With King's Domain's 150% strength buff, I could barely block that.

I could at least dodge 30% of the damage and so the healers were able to stabilise my health.

 "Peng peng..."

 Lei Ding's axe smashed onto my chest and lightning glow splattered. I lost a huge chunk of health and was in danger once more.

 On the side, Death God's Elegy smashed the boss with his shield. He slashed twice with Zhen Yue Sword and used Justice Provocation to help me tank for a few seconds. He said solemnly, "This boss is too strong, in my memory Guild Leader hasn't had such a problem with bosses in a long time..."

 Yan Zhao Warrior stood from afar, "Probably only Xiao Yao can block Lei Ding."

 I retreated and was hit with Lightning Cloud Curse, "I can't okay, ranged powers fire, we only have 10 minutes!"

 Fox continued to use God Killing Cannon. Lin Wan Er's Blade of the Death God, Crescent Moon Storm etc skills landed on the boss's body. Yue Qing Qian didn't want to put pressure on everyone so she just used Grip of the Firefox+ Glacial Hammer from afar. Dancing Forest and Bai Li Ruo Feng etc fired. These 10 minutes were too important to us and we bet all our large scale skills. Whether or not we could kill him depended on these ten minutes.

 We didn't disappoint Lei Ding. In the 17 minutes since the start, till King's Domain ended, Lei Ding was down to 14%.

 "Not good, Li Xiao Yao's buff is about to disappear." Jian Feng Han looked at Lei Ding. This boss had killed us many times and even Jian Feng Han had died twice.

 Yan Zhao Warrior said, "No choice, we can only use our lives. All cavalry get ready. Use Justice Provocation to tank 5 seconds. Monks are included. Start to draw aggro. Once Xiao Yao is in danger, come out to attract the aggro, don't hesitate!"

 Less than a minute later, I was down to low health without King's Domain. Twin Dragon was triggered and before it disappeared, Lei Ding hollered and slashed at me three times. My eyes went black and this was the third time I died to Lei Ding!


 While I waited to be revived, Yan Zhao Warrior ordered the cavalry and monk players to head forwards. The cavalry's Justice Provocation had an 80% chance of success and it was the same even with Lei Ding. Don’t Be Foolish was the first to charge forwards. He used Justice Provocation and was hit three times!

 "Peng peng peng..."

 Sparks flew and Don’t Be Foolish's shield was shattered. He was flung out. However, Vanguard's top cavalry was quite tanky and he actually didn't die.

 Next was Li Meng Yao. He used Nuwa Stone's defence and was able to tank him for three seconds. She retreated with an ashen white face. Such a strategy would trigger the player's pain senses. Most of Zhan Long players had switched the pain effect to 20% and when Meng Yao was down to low health, one could imagine how painful that was.

 The third was Fushen Thousand Blade, right after he placed down his blade, Lei Ding used Thunder Trampling King and used Thunder Cloud Storm to kill him, killing a number of cavalry!


 Jian Feng Han panicked and charged over. He used Exposed Point, Stab+Stab+Sweep+Sweep. He then grabbed the Boss's neck and pierced through the Boss's body. This combo's 6 strikes were so beautiful. He turned around and used Cold Wind Slash to lock down Lei Ding.

 But his counter attack was even more fierce. He used Endless Anger and his two axes both dealt lethal blows to insta kill Jian Feng Han.


 Simple couldn't take it anymore. Jian Feng Han had died to Lei Ding's axe many times. Simple didn't hide her strength and used two large scale spells to attract Lei Ding's aggro. She was able to tank once before she was killed. Before she died, she wanted to use Dimensional Leap but failed. That was because Lei Ding's domain had already controlled her body.

 I was finally full health and charged over.

 Everyone helped cover me but more and more people died. Luckily his health started to drop. For 10 minutes, luckily we were much more fortunate. I didn't die, instead, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Ye Lai etc died 1-2 times. Finally, the boss was down to low health.

 "Give me the final blow!" I held my bloodstained sword, "I need to trigger the last set drop if not it would be for nothing."

 Bai Li Ruo Feng and Quick Thunder Swift Wind had lost many levels and were unhappy but Fang Ge Que waved his Heaven Arrogance Staff, "No debate, this quest is triggered by Guild Leader Xiao Yao so he should kill Lei Ding. Xiao Yao, use your killing move."

 Seeing that the Boss was nearing death, I waved my swords and used Strength of a Thousand Men+Wind Carrying Slash. At the same time, I used Dragon Totem+Thundering Heavens to swallow Lei Ding's body. As one of the lords of the Hybrid Demons and ranked above Lanais, naturally, he wasn't willing to die. He knelt onto the ground and raged, "All of you wait, Emperor Azure will help me take revenge!"


 "Shua shua shua..."

 Everyone started to level up. Even if they didn't kill the Boss they leveled up 2-3 times and got back the levels they lost. Moreover, the quest definitely had huge rewards so no one would lose out.


 System Notification: Player Xiao Yao Zi Zai has killed one of the Hybrid Demon Lords Berserker Lei Ding, obtained rewards: Level +3, Charm +150, Gold +1000000!


 The experience gave me 2 levels and with these 3, my levels increased instead of dropping. I was now level 199 and those 150 charm was the icing on the cake.

 I looked at the 1 million gold and split it with everyone. I couldn't split the charm so I could only accept that. I looked at the drops, there were 4, these were dropped by a top boss so naturally, everyone was looking forward to it.

Goh Shao Feng Ryan's Notes:

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.