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ZY - Chapter 388- Lin Xi tears

 Next morning.

    After waking up, when I opened my eyes, I saw that Lin Xi was slowly sitting up from the sofa. She moved the blanket aside and smiled, "Last night... What happened after? I don't remember everything..."


    I rubbed my brows and recalled that kiss. I looked towards Lin Xi and probed, "You don't remember anything?"


    She said seriously, "Since we started drinking until now, all my memories is gone."

    Her face flushed red, "After I got drunk, I didn't do anything embarrassing right?"

    "Probably not..."

    I shook my head but I was really confused. It seemed like the person that kissed me wasn't Lin Xi. So who was it? Shen Mingxuan?

    She was hugging the blanket and one leg stretched out. She slept sweetly and wasn't like a girl at all.


    Lin Xi pushed her leg.


    Shen Mingxuan opened her eyes and looked at us.

    "Help me back to my room!"

    Her face flushed red, "I want... I want to that..."

    Shen Mingxuan burst out laughing, "Right, you only went once since last night. I will help you back."


    Her ears were red and she didn't dare to look at me.

    After they returned to the room, I looked towards Gu Ruyi. She rubbed her eyes and smiled at me, "Lu Li, we all drank too much last night."


    I nodded, "I didn't."

    After saying that,

I smiled, "Ruyi, you sleep right after returning? You didn't wake up?"


    She shook her head, "My alcohol tolerance isn't good so I slept until now. My head still hurts a little."

    "Oh, drink some hot water and you will be fine."

    I nodded, "I shall head downstairs to wash up."

    "En en."


    9am, went online.

    I sent a message to Mundane Slaughter and along with that was a screenshot of Heartloss Powder, "Level 4 poison is done, I have 4000+ bottles. Come and get it from the old place!"

    "Damn, Heartloss Powder!"

    Mundane Slaughter's expression changed, "This poison is so amazing, is it effective against Boss?"

    "Logically speaking it should but the chance would be greatly reduced. If not any Boss would be crushed by a large group of players."

    "I think so too, I will be there right away!"

    A few seconds later, Mundane Slaughter arrived. He looked at me and smiled, "Yi, Little Seven why do you look different!"

    "How so?" I frowned.

    "You look like... You gained something..."

    "Is that so?"

    I was stunned, "Really? You need to go to check out your eyes..."


    He scoffed and started to trade. I looked in the mirror, did I look so? Did I write my mood on my face? That mysterious kiss last night... That was my first kiss, but I didn't know who it was if it was Lin Xi... That would be great!

    But would Lin Xi be so proactive?

    I didn't know. if not who else would it be?

    If it was Shen Mingxuan, that fellow... Long story. Anyways I hoped that it wasn't her. I didn't look down on her. She was a beauty so everyone who like her, but... I just hoped it was Lin Xi. As for Ruyi, she was bad at lying so what she said to me should be real.

    Haiz, if I could read hearts like Lin Wan Er things would be so easy. I would naturally get the answer and wouldn't have to guess.


    Not long later, the 4000+ Heartloss Powder was traded. Mundane Slaughter clenched his fists and smiled, "That was fantastic. I think Assassin Alliance can go on a spree. We will beat up every guild apart from With You and Elements."

    I glanced at him, "Don't be too arrogant. If Assassin Alliance wants to continue, don't make so many enemies. After all, a pure Assassin guild will be a target. If you cause trouble, people might gang up on you."

    "En, don't worry."

    He smiled, "Assassin Alliance is only targeting Breaking Dawn."

    "En, I shall level up Poison Refining Technique!"

    "Go, good luck!"



    I arrived in Ocean Wind Forest once more to collect Chancetaker Grass and hunt Greystone Ocean Turtles.


    Another person walked out from stealth. it was Yanshi Wuxing who smiled, "You are here to get equipment?"

    "Right, if not how can I get stronger?"

    I killed monsters while replying.

    He smiled, "July, I heard that you are the only Poison Refiner in the server? Winds of Battle bought their poison from you?"


    I didn't deny, "Right."


    His eyes lit up, "Can you give Limitless a deal? You know that not long later the four secondary cities will be released and competition would be intense. Be it Boss or PK, poisons will be necessary. So can I represent Limitless to buy from you?"

    "Temporarily not."

    I shook my head, "Apart from the start, I have stopped selling poison. I don't want it to flow into the market and am just providing it for my own people. So sorry, I am not accepting deals."


    He smiled, "That is fine, anyways you are on my friend list. When you are planning to sell it, you can contact me okay? Limitless will give you a huge order."

    "Okay, I will remember that!"

    "En en, go get busy. I am heading to level too."



    Just like that, I continued to 12 and after eating lunch, I continued.

    not long later, the door was knocked. Lin Xi's voice spread from outside, "Lu Li, Lu Li your drink is here!"


    I went offline and the moment I took off my helmet I saw Lin Xi outside. She rolled her wheelchair over from the lift and held a glass of orange juice in her hands. She looked at me and smiled, "I freshly made this so I came to send you one. Drink it, add some vitamins!"

    "Why did you come personally?"

    I smiled, "You could have asked Ruyi or Shen Mingxuan to send it?"

    "No need."

    She pointed at the elevator and smiled, "Isn't this so as to allow me to head around freely? This fruit juice isn't iced blended so drink it quickly, if not... Its taste might change~~"

    "okay okay!"

    I nodded and accepted it. After drinking I smiled, "Come, I will send you back upstairs."

    "No need, I can do so myself."


    I pushed the wheelchair and smiled, "I want you to save some energy!"


    She replied weakly and didn't fight back, allowing me to push her up. I hugged her and placed her on the sofa before heading down.

    I looked at the orange juice and smiled. Maybe the person who snuck a kiss was Lin Xi. Her attitude towards me... Seem much closer!

    Thus, I drank it all in one gulp and it was really sweet.


    I went online once more.

    In less than ten minutes, I received a message from Gu Ruyi, "Lu Li, not good... Lin Xi seems to know something about you, she is crying from anger, you..."


    My heart felt cold and I had a bad feeling. At that moment Shen Mingxuan sent a voice message, her voice was ice cold, "Lu Li come upstairs and explain to Lin Xi!"

    Finally, it happened.

    All of a sudden I was filled with emotions as I knew that I had to say goodbye to Lin Xi and With You. A thousand kilogram stone was weighing on my heart and I headed up nervously. What I had to face would still come. Maybe if I explain it to her, she would forgive me?

    However, things weren't so smooth.

    When I walked up, Lin Xi was sitting on the ground and crying. Her eyes were red and she wasn't as proper as before. She was like a girl that was given a huge blow. When she saw me, she gritted her teeth, "Lu Li, July Wildfire... Come, so you are really such a person? Look at it yourself!"


    She tossed her phone out and instantly that white rabbit cover shattered. It rolled along the floor until it reached my legs.

    "Lin Xi..."

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    I was stunned. I picked it up and saw a WeChat screenshot, it was between Ah Fei and I--

    Ah Fei, "Hahaha~~~ Lin Xi and the others have left. Seeing her up close, she is really that kind of... Flawless beauty...

    I, "Really?

    Ah Fei, "Yes! Right you have been in With You for so long, have there been any progress? Or you forget your reason to head there? It is to make Lin Xi fall for you and then leave after playing with her. Has your heart changed?

    I, "I don't know, my heart is in a mess."

    Ah Fei, "What is there to be in a mess? Is she not good enough for you? Hahaha, although she is a cripple but maybe there would be other kinds of benefits, hahaha~~~"

    I, "Haha!"


    The instance that I saw that, I felt light stab into my back and was on the verge of breaking down. I didn't expect this to be the outcome. Out of the millions of possibilities, this was the worst one right?

    Shen Mingxuan's gaze was ice cold, "This screenshot came from your brother, that August End's girlfriend Little Qian. You liar, do you have anything to explain?"

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    I was frozen, "Lin Xi, I..."

    "What do you want to say?"

    Lin Xi teared up and her hands pressed onto the ice cold ground. She shouted at me, "How are you such a person? People scold me for being a cripple, are you happy about that? You... You disappoint me too much..."

    "Lu Li..."

    Gu Ruyi stood at the side, "You... Say something?"

    "I am sorry..."

    I was like a deflated balloon, I muttered, "Lin Xi, sorry... It is my fault, I will disappear myself, sorry..."

    I turned around and headed down without even taking my stuff. I picked up my helmet and charged out of the villa. I stumbled and was filled with guilt. "Pa", I knelt down on the ground. My nose soured, was this karma? Did I deserve this?


    "Du du du..."

    My phone rang, it was from Ah Fei.

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