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ZY - Chapter 393- Light over the wilderness

   I retreated and went into stealth.

    Right at that moment, Mundane Slaughter sent a party invite.


    Party channel: Note, player July Wildfire has joined the party!


    This was Assassin Alliance's core party and all their first rate experts were here. Not long after I joined, the channel buzzed--

    Moonlight Firefly, "Wa wa wa! ! ! Brother Seven is here! ! ! ! ! !"

    Nine Song, "Brother Seven, you are finally here, great! !"

    Ten Month Birth, "Finally!"

    September Shirt, "Here here! ! !"

    Wet July, "Brother Seven we love you! ! ! ! !"

    I, "Scram! ! ! ! !"

    Everyone, "Hahahha~~"

    Mundane Slaughter spoke up, "The situation is not very good. We were forced back and killed 35 of them but 21 of us died. Currently, Breaking Dawn has 300+ people and Vanguard has 200+. we have 120+ people. Seven what should we do, after all, you are a sneak attack player too."

    I thought about it, "Spread our attacks and don't fight them head on. Fanchen you lead one, Firefly you lead one, Nine Song you lead one. Head to their left, right and back. I will face them head on. I will attack to hold onto them. The moment their formation breaks, you will attack from three directions. Leave after killing, don't stay. Everyone has forced stealth so once you use it, don't appear anymore. We can kill fewer of them but try not to die, after all the price of death is too heavy."


    Nine Song said, "I think Brother Seven's commanding is so strong, unlike Boss Fanchen. He is on drugs, even nine cows can't stop him!"

    Mundane Slaughter was speechless, "Damn, can you blame me for that? Seven affects our strategy, with him,

I am a commanding genius okay!?"

    Moonlight Firefly's voice was really calm, "En en, I believe you..."

    But her tone was clearly sarcastic.

    After which, I raised my hand to tell them to split up. Mundane Slaughter, Moonlight Firefly and Nine Song led three expert teams to the back. Breaking Dawn and Vanguard had formed a 500 men square formation. They held their breath and waited.



    Don’t Be Foolish frowned, "Why isn't July Wildfire coming, is he afraid?"


    Beside Don’t Be Foolish was a high-level fighter called Goodbye Tears. He smiled, "Is he terrified of our formation? Come out quickly, I want to show July Wildfire how strong I am!"


    In the crowd, Breaking Dawn Dust said calmly, "You haven't been hit by July Wildfire before and you don't understand him. Wait for a while, if you are overconfident, we will definitely lose!"


    Don’t Be Foolish was stunned and his expression turned serious.


    Mundane Slaughter, Nine Song, Moonlight Firefly all sent messages, "We are ready, we can attack at any moment!"

    "Okay, prepare to kill!"

    I accumulated one White Cloak so I had nothing to fear. It was time to test my puppets. I came to the side of their formation. Wild Returning Light was covered by a bunch of people so it was impossible to kill him right away. Let's start with Don’t Be Foolish!


    Darkness Dragon Tooth covered in a streak of annihilation light as I appeared. I passed through the fallen leaves and stabbed into Don’t Be Foolish's armor. A very decent damage number popped up--

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    This was pretty normal. Firstly I didn't transform and secondly, Don’t Be Foolish was Vanguard's main cavalry and his armor was covered in orange. After this, his health actually still had 20%. His overall health was around 100 thousand and it was actually similar to my Paladin account!


    The moment he was hit by White Cloak+Annihilation, Don’t Be Foolish panicked, "So vicious! Save me... Brother..."


    Another Paladin shouted and activated Self-sacrifice. In that instance, I used a basic attack on Don’t Be Foolish and then used Dark Shadow Jump. I removed his final bit of health. Thus, the Paladin's Self-sacrifice missed!


    Not far away, Goodbye Tears was shocked. His body was wrapped in flames and he jumped in front of me. He punched my shoulder. This was the Fighter's level 80 skill Meteor Smash, it was something similar to Dark Shadow Jump. But the skill was definitely much weaker and it couldn't increase CD.



    For one hit to deal so much damage was pretty decent. I smiled and spread my arms. My body was covered in flames and I was in Flames transformation. I sliced Goodbye Tears's stomach and I kneed his chin.

    "Aiyo... I..."

    Goodbye Tears was the tanky kind and his body flew into the air. His eyes were filled with rage as he placed his second and middle fingers together. He shouted, "Feel the rage of the Fighter!"


    This was another level 80 skill and once it hit it would deal 200% damage. Moreover, one wouldn't be able to move for a short amount of time, similar to Gouge. Just that it didn't need to be in front of the enemy. More importantly, the skill was using the fingers and the attack distance was further. He was 3 yards away from me but I could sense the coldness of the wind.

    However, that was wishful thinking!


    The moment Goodbye Tears used that, I disappeared from the spot and one could only see the afterimage of Dark Shadow Jump. I appeared behind him and raised my daggers to deal three basic attacks. Along with Dark Shadow Jump, Goodbye Tears's health bar disappeared.

    "This person... So strong..."

    he knelt onto the ground. Even at this moment, he didn't believe that his Acupuncture would miss.


    The moment I killed him, I felt a cold wind behind me. It was quick and accurate. It was Wild Returning Light's attack. A true king tier Warrior was attacking me!

    I turned around and raised my daggers. Sword light intersected with my daggers!


    Sparks flew and my left arm felt numb. Even though I dodged it, I still lost 9000+ Health. Wild Returning Light was really quick and he slid to the side to attack once more. He used Wind Chasing Stab!

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    This was the Warrior's top control+ damage skill, I definitely couldn't get hit by it!

    But my Dark Shadow Jump cooldown was not up so I could only try to dodge!

    Thus, when he stabbed, I kicked a Paladin's shield and leaped backward. "Pu pu" I stabbed a Warrior and pushed him with my right arm to give myself some forwards momentum.


    I completed a three yard movement. This movement dodged Wild Returning Light's Wind Chasing Stab. His eyes were filled with shock and he didn't even hesitate to use Assault to get close.

    This person, his strength and speed were too strong!

    I continued to charge forwards so it was impossible to stop. Wild Returning Light used Assault on my predicted location so what could I do!?


    Since I couldn't flee, I shall fight him head on!

    I used Gouge towards the side. This was a predicted attack and even if Wild Returning Light stunned me with Assault, he would be stunned too!

    But the light shone in his eyes as he broke free. He stopped his skill and instantly his body was wrapped in white light. He turned into a cold light and activated a terrifying skill!

    Splitting Light Slash!

    Golden words appeared, this was an S Tier skill and many streaks of sword energy appeared. I was among them and I just felt an intense pain on my chest. After which, I lost a bunch of my health!


    All of a sudden, I lost half my health. What skill was that? Was this still an S Grade skill? !


    With Splitting Light Slash's advancing effect, Wild Returning Light appeared behind me. The moment he used Double Hit, my heart felt cold. I didn't believe that Wild Returning Light was similar to Lin Xi. Although he didn't have a transformation skill, but he had the ability to insta kill me!

    Hellfire Body!

    Special skill. This was a strong flame and storm attack. I had to tank it if not the rest from Assassin Alliance would die.

    Flames of Karma!

    Hunter's Edge!

    Two skills were used and my health started to increase. Wild Returning Light was furious. He noticed that the Double Hit didn't do much. I got close to attack him. I raised my left dagger to block his sword and flicked with my right dagger. Sparks flew and his sword was sent upwards.

    This wasn't Pulse Breaking Style but it had the same idea. I didn't know how I did that, I just felt like doing that would cause my enemy to be helpless!



    Wild Returning Light was shocked. He was defenseless. His chest and stomach were all points to be attacked!

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