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ZY - Chapter 398- Sparring

Night, the cold breeze blew across.


    Moonlight was like water and it scattered on the empty land in the forest. I sat on a piece of stone and beside me were Moonlight Firefly and Nine Song. Many people stood around. These were the core Assassin Alliance members. We formed a circle, none of us spoke and our gazes were really deep.

    The solemn aura was like an intense battle was going to take place.

    After a long while of silence.

    "So how?" Nine Song said calmly, "Since we got the Guild Creation Token, we should form our guild quickly and try to level up. Time waits for no one."

    "Come, let's suggest who to be the boss." Warm Sun held her staff and smiled.

    "Of course Uncle Fan Chen."

    An Assassin smiled, "He is our soul and also core combat strength. He is suited to be Guild Leader due to his reputation."

    "Don't agree."

    Wet July, "Our Assassin Alliance hasn't formed a guild till date and we are all together because we have similar goals. Guild Leader can't be chosen, we have to select him. Although Uncle Fanchen has a good reputation but I think that isn't the main thing."

    "Ah Shui!"

    A middle-aged Assassin frowned, "What does that mean?"

    "No meaning."

    Wet July looked at Mundane Slaughter, "Uncle Fanchen I am not trying to discount you, I actually like you a lot. But I think that the most suitable person is Brother July Wildfire. Not only does he have a good reputation, his strength is also there. With him as guild leader, which guild will dare to look down on us?"

    Mundane Slaughter squinted his eyes, "Don't say that you like me, it sounds so gay. Anyways, whoever is the guild leader doesn't matter, as long as it doesn't hurt our cohesion. That is the main condition."


    Moonlight Firefly said, "We only have so few people, we can't afford to suffer. So no matter who is the guild leader, we need to work hard for Assassin Alliance,

that is enough."


    Ten Month Birth said, "Sister Moonlight Firefly, who do you want to be the guild leader?"

    "Brother Seven!"

    Moonlight Firefly didn't even think, "He is more handsome and his equipment is better. He is deemed as the top Assassin in the server, of course, he is suited to be our guild leader."

    "No, I think that Mundane Slaughter is most suited!" A group objected.

    October Warm Sun raised her staff, "Those of us with seven eight and nine in our names all support brother seven right?"


    Moonlight Firefly, Wet July, Ten Month Birth etc raised their weapons in agreement.

    "50 50."

    Nine Song looked at those who raised their hands, "I have a mature suggestion. Even if you guys are not willing to listen I have to say it."

    Mundane Slaughter's mouth twitched, "Say it!"


    Nine Song sucked in a deep breath, "Think about it, how did the people of the past decide? How did the Five Mountain Sword Path decide their guild leader, of course, it is through battles. Whoever has the bigger fist would be the boss! From start to now, hasn't Assassin Alliance focused on strength? I suggested a match. Whoever is the strongest Assassin would become the Assassin Alliance Leader!"

    "Not bad..."

    October Warm Sun heaved a sigh of relief and smiled, "That is a logical suggestion."

    Mundane Slaughter said solemnly, "Seven what do you think?"

    "Not much."

    I stretched lazily, "Even if you choose me, I won't care much. Everyone should just choose Fanchen."

    "No, we have to have rules."

    Nine Song said, "Brother Seven just spar, only the strongest can gain everyone's respect. If our Assassin Alliance is split into two, that would be a bad situation."


    Moonlight Firefly nodded, "When this sparring ends, the strongest Assassin would become the guild leader. After which, everyone would willingly head around with him to cause trouble right?"

    Everyone nodded, "Right, the strongest Assassin is worth to be our guild leader!"

    I said.

    Moonlight Firefly laughed, "Don't worry, just go all out. Warm Sun and I will help you with guild matters. Moreover, isn't Uncle Fanchen here, he is a great choice for deputy so what are you worried about?"


    I nodded, "Then I shall try my best."



    I jumped off the rock and spun my daggers around, "Hello everyone, I am July Wildfire, my real name is Lu Li, I am from Suzhou. Since we are fighting for the throne, then I shall accept any challenge until no one is able to defeat me."

    "Haha, interesting!"

    Wet July provoked, "Uncle Fanchen, didn't you say that apart from Fushen Thousand Blade you won't admit defeat to anyone? Go for it, defeat brother seven and you will become our Beggar Guild's 18th leader!"

    Mundane Slaughter laughed, "Okay okay okay interesting!"

    He jumped off, "But before that, we need to set rules. Seven you can't use your skill to see through stealth if not it would be pointless."


    I nodded and switched off Shifang Flame Spiral Eye.


    Mundane Slaughter continued, "I haven't learned a combo and you do so no using combos. Apart from that, don't use Apprehension, Dragon Will, White Cloak, Annihilation. etc as it is not balanced. Anyways don't use any skill above SS tier, if not I would have no chance."

    "That is so shameless..."

    Moonlight Firefly said, "Why not tell Brother July not to use a dagger."

    "Thanks for the reminder."

    Mundane Slaughter rolled his eyes, "Heartstealer's armor breaking is too IMBA use another dagger."

    "Okay okay okay!:

    I kept Heartstealer and looked towards Moonlight Firefly, "Moonlight Firefly hand me another dagger."


    Mundane Slaughter tossed me an orange dagger. After equipping it, my combat strength was still far above Mundane Slaughter. But no choice, this was strength and I couldn't just toss it all away.



    A flag appeared between us. He challenged me and I accepted it. At this point, I was facing the challenge of the second strongest assassin but I was not nervous at all. I might be nervous before but there was no need now. After the Spiritual Ruin was destroyed, I had learned more as a normal Assassin. Without my advantages, I had confidence in my mechanics and tactics. I was at least first-rate in the server.

    In other words, my combat skills were definitely first-rate! I hadn't learned Pulse Breaking Style but I comprehended it from battle and I could use similar methods now. The more first-rate experts I fought, this increase in skill was more and more. I probably didn't know how strong I was myself.




    The timer ended and both Mundane Slaughter and I retreated into stealth. Moreover, this map was a mix of fallen leaves, grass and flat land. There was ground with leaves and also dirt that was empty.


    Without Shifang Flame Spiral Eye, I couldn't see anything. I sucked in a deep breath and walked forwards. At the same time, I observed the wind changes and didn't let any detail slip.

    Fanchen was similar to me and he was finding a chance.

    A PK between Assassins was based on patience. Whoever was last to attack had a high chance of winning. Of course, if one had absolute strength, just one Ice Boomerang Blade and one could kill the other. However, it wasn't suitable as one missed Ice Boomerang Blade might cause one to end up in a bad situation.

    "Peng peng..."

    Leaves landed. This map was a hindrance to players and it was also a chance. Fanchen and I observed the leaves falling and once we noticed something off we could notice each other.

    We were really careful and for half a minute, no one noticed each other. I had already walked 20 yards and was at where Fanchen was at. I still hadn't found him.


    A slight footstep spread from behind me. I turned around and saw no one but I was sure that Fanchen was 5 yards away. This distance was just one step for an Assassin.


    I smiled and looked at the landing leaves. I raised my left hand and fired towards the edge of a falling leaf!


    The Cloud Piercing Arrow shot out and caused the leaf to spin and change directions.


    Although I couldn't see, I saw the wind intensify. An Ice Boomerang Blade was used towards the fallen leaf. Mundane Slaughter attacked!

We are Hosted Nov3l, find us on g00gle.

We are Hosted Nov3l, find us on g00gle.

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