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CSG - Chapter 3087: Cult Leader

“Alright. I’ll believe in you, senior. I’ll take the young master and leave with you right now!” After a short instant of hesitation, protector Xue still ended up choosing to leave the Tian Yuan clan.

That was because his original reason for joining the Tian Yuan clan was to find a place of safety, as well as the fact that the Tian Yuan clan’s background had caught his eye. As a result, he had always served the Tian Yuan clan with devotion over the past few years. His final objective remained the same, to make a sufficiently large contribution through his efforts and earn some precious resources to heal the young master.

But since there was a better way to treat the young master now, he would obviously make a different choice for the young master’s sake.

After all, he did not really count as a person from the Tian Yuan clan. His relationship with the Tian Yuan clan was purely cooperative. He had joined the Tian Yuan clan and worked for them in exchange for the various resources they gave him.

It was not just him. None of the Primordial realm protectors the Tian Yuan clan recruited were any different. If these Primordial realm protectors wanted to leave, the Tian Yuan clan would not try to stop them either.

“Please give me a moment, senior. Please allow me to bid farewell to clan leader Jian Chen,” said protector Xue. He placed an extremely great amount of trust in the Empyrean Demon Lord. After all, his reputation was at stake. Given the height at which the Empyrean Demon Lord stood at, why would he stoop to the level of deceiving an Infinite Prime like him?

“You don’t need to do that. I will mention this to Jian Chen personally. Moreover, it’s not like you won’t meet again in the future,” Mo Tianyun said. He handled his matters resolutely and without hesitation. As soon as he finished talking, he left the Tian Yuan clan with protector Xue and the small, golden turtle. At the same time, he notified Jian Chen about this through the senses of his soul.

In the central region of the Cloud Plane, at the top of the Heaven’s Link Peak, the lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak that had lost his body and only lived on in soul form currently sat on the edge of a cliff, gazing silently at the surging clouds.

Compared to the past, his soul seemed much weaker. A wisp of the Laws of Curses that even surpassed his cultivation had injured his soul. Then it had adhered to his soul firmly, eating away at it at all times.

Despite everything he tried over the years, even obtaining the full support of the other Grand Prime ancestors of the Cloud Plane, he was still unable to completely eliminate the Laws of Curses in his soul.

The Laws of Curses were at far too high of a level. It was from a Fourth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime at the very least.

Throughout the entire Saints’ World, there were only a handful of experts that had comprehended the Laws of Curses to such a great extent. Not only were they pitifully rare, but even if they could find one, they would not necessarily help him out.

“Sigh!” At this moment, the lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak let out a sigh. He felt powerless inside, as he knew he no longer had much time left.

However, he did not feel any fear or regret because of this. There was only peace as if he had already overcome the concept of death and was fearless.

“In the far future, probably no one will still remember the Heaven’s Link Peak on the Cloud Plane.” The lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak let out a gentle sigh. “Tides rise and fall. Life comes and goes. Are there any truly eternal organisations in this world? The Tian Empire was known as an everlasting empire, as prominent as the midday sun on the Cloud Plane and enjoying the height of prosperity, but weren’t they destroyed in a single instant in the very end too? Looks like my measly Heaven’s Link Peak has reached its end too now.”

“Not necessarily.”

A mild voice suddenly rang out as soon as the peak lord finished speaking. With the voice, Mo Tianyun silently appeared behind the peak lord with his white clothes. A woman in black hovered beside him, standing above the clouds.

Despite the fact that Mo Tianyun did not give off any Demon Qi at all, the peak lord still paled in fright. His eyes narrowed as he leapt up to his feet, bowing towards Mo Tianyun. “Greetings, Empyrean Demon Lord!” It was difficult to tell who was older between the two, but strength was everything in the Saints’ World, and the strong was respected.

Mo Tianyun looked at the peak lord and said, “In the past, you saved Houston, so you’ve basically helped out Ning Shuang. As a result, I owe you a favour. I’ve come today to help you out, basically to settle this debt from back then.”

“Tianyun, is this perhaps the lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak that my disciple talks about?” the woman in black beside Mo Tianyun said.

“That’s correct. He’s the lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak.” Mo Tianyun nodded. When he spoke to the women beside him, he would always show a sliver of tenderness, unable to treat her as coldly as any other person.

“May I ask who you are, fellow?” The lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak looked at the women in black. He was surprised, as he had noticed at first glance that the woman in black was actually the same as him, also a soul without a body.

The only difference was her soul was far too consolidated, so consolidated that it was already impossible to tell whether she had a body or not.

Her soul basically seemed no different from a body.

“Ning Shuang. You can treat her as the leader of the Empyrean Demon Cult,” said Mo Tianyun.

The peak lord was alarmed. The Empyrean Demon Cult was infamous in the Saints’ World, as it had branches in many places throughout the Saints’ World. Every single branch had kicked up storms of blood in the past.

But everyone knew that the Empyrean Demon Cult had no leader. Their pillar of support was the great elder. The experts of the Saints’ World called him the Empyrean Demon Lord.

Below him, the grand elder of the Empyrean Demon Lord was responsible for everything, while the other elders assisted him in managing the various affairs.

Finally, the many vice cult leaders were stationed in the branches littered across the planes and planets.

The peak lord could not help but study the woman in black closely, as this was the first time he had learnt that Empyrean Demon Lord actually possessed a cult leader!


In the Tian Yuan clan, Jian Chen directly visited Ming Dong with the crystal coffin. He told Ming Dong everything about the trouble and danger fairy Hao Yue was currently in.

If he wanted to save fairy Hao Yue, the best way was to find the Anatta Grand Exalt for help, while Ming Dong happened to be the Anatta Grand Exalt’s ninth disciple, so it was most appropriate for Ming Dong to handle this problem.

Although he still had a great deal of contribution to spend in the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng from returning the Anatta Tower, that could only be regarded as a promise the first majesty issued. If he wanted a Grand Exalt’s assistance, Jian Chen had no confidence that the service he rendered to the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng back then would actually count.

However, just to be sure, he still decided to ask Ming Dong to deal with this.

Ming Dong was obviously familiar with fairy Hao Yue. As a result, after learning about her current predicament, he agreed to Jian Chen’s request without any hesitation. He guaranteed it with confidence. “Jian Chen, you have nothing to worry about. I’ll definitely get my master’s help with this.”

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu.