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EIF - Book 04 Chapter 108: Myriad Bone Sinister Mountain and East Spiritual Fire Sea

When the Unborn Man took a step forward, the black fog suddenly thickened. Aside from the ghostly cries, there seemed to be countless ghost heads in the black fog, rushing about and trying to get out.

“Your daughter? A lifespan cultivator is destined to be alone, abandoned by heaven and the world. How could you have descendants? Even if you do, you will cause them to die by virtue of your fate. How could you have a daughter? Who are you?” Mister Dongfang said.

Can’t have descendants?

Thinking of this, the Unborn Man felt even more upset. This showed how heavy the price Long Xiaoyue paid to have Long Wanqing and Long Wanyu. Long Wanqing already died. Now, Long Wanyu was his most precious treasure in the world. Yet, this person before him nearly killed her?

Right after asking his questions, Mister Dongfang suddenly formed a hand seal with both hands.

“Myriad Bone Sinister Mountain, heed my call. Divine bones descend and destroy my enemies!”


The vast white fog behind Mister Dongfang suddenly rippled. Then, the withered hands moved to the side as an immense aura suddenly came from the center.


When that aura appeared, it inflicted more injuries on the nearby Bing Ji.


Bing Ji vomited a mouthful of blood as she quickly retreated.


Suddenly, an enormous skeletal hand extended from the white fog and pulled.


A gigantic skeleton head poked out from inside. Dim lights flickered in its eye sockets.

“Lifespan Dongfang, you summoned me?” that skeleton head said with a sinister tone.

[TL Note: The given name for Lifespan Dongfang is Shou in Chinese. However, it seems like all the lifespan cultivators share this name, so it seems more like a title than a name. Hence, I translated it instead.]

“White Bone Divine General, aid me in destroying my enemy. I offer you one million bodies of flesh!” Mister Dongfang called out.

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“Deal! Hehehehehehehe!” that skeleton head cackled malevolently.

Clatter! Clatter! Clatter! Clatter!

The skeleton head slowly crawled out of the white fog behind Lifespan Dongfang. Every time it advanced, its aura soared, sweeping out in all directions.

“Upper Heavenly Palace Realm?” Bing Ji said in shock.

“Cough! Cough! Cough! The White Bone Divine General? This is the aura of an early-stage Upper Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator.” Ye Shenzhen dragged his weakened body away, showing an unsightly expression.

The White Bone Divine General?

As the White Bone Divine General slowly came out, the distant Gu Hai goggled—not because of its strong aura but because the Life Ender Saber trembled within his body as if in hatred and resentment.

The Life Ender Saber?

Gu Hai frowned slightly. The Life Ender Saber originated from a bone that appeared out of nowhere. The Bone Ancestor?

Does that Myriad Bone Sinister Mountain have something to do with the Life Ender Saber?

The Life Ender Saber trembled, but Gu Hai firmly suppressed it.

The Unborn Man watched as the White Bone Divine General crawled out of the white fog tunnel.

“East Spiritual Fire Sea, heed my summons. Demonic deity, descend!” The Unborn Man suddenly formed a hand seal as well.

The countless evil spirits’ heads in the surging black fog behind the Unborn Man quickly moved aside. Then, the center churned.


A huge warhorse clad in nether fire charged out. An armored general rode the warhorse, and he was also clad in intense flames. His aura was no weaker than the White Bone Divine General’s.

The flaming horse squealed, giving off what seemed to be draconic might and shaking the surroundings of the Slaughter Nation’s imperial palace.

“Milord, did you summon me?” That huge fire-clad general looked at the Unborn Man.

“Nether Fire Divine Commander, kill them. I want them dead!” the Unborn Man roared.

“Yes,” the Nether Fire Divine Commander bellowed in answer.

The East Spiritual Fire Sea? The nearby Gu Hai raised his eyebrows, showing some shock on his face. Previously, the nether fire dragons that Number Eight Dongfang and the other Mister Dongfang clones summoned seemed to have come from the East Spiritual Fire Sea. Did the Unborn Man summon the Nether Fire Divine Commander from the East Spiritual Fire Sea as well? Is the East Spiritual Fire Sea open to all lifespan cultivators to use?


When the Nether Fire Divine Commander and the White Bone Divine General appeared, their strong auras seemed equal.

The White Bone Divine General turned its head to look at Mister Dongfang. “Lifespan Dongfang, one million bodies of flesh might not be sufficient.”

“Just carry on. I’ll add another one million bodies of flesh,” Lifespan Dongfang said coldly.

“Excellent! Hahahaha!”

The White Bone Divine General stepped forward, clawing at everyone. Suddenly, countless withered hands appeared, covering the sky as they headed for everyone.

“Neigh!” The fire horse let out a loud cry. Then, it stomped its hoof loudly. Immediately, boundless horse hoof images collided with the skeletal claws.


Space immediately rippled.

“Go!” The Nether Fire Divine Commander suddenly launched flaming chains.


The chains flew towards the White Bone Divine General.

“Chains of Hell? Humph!” The White Bone Divine General countered with a punch.


The fist and chains clashed, and the chains stopped in mid-flight. However, the chains quickly wrapped around the White Bone Divine General’s arm.

“Hah!” the White Bone Divine General roared in a fury.

Rattle! Rattle! Rattle! Rattle! Rattle! Rattle!

Countless bones suddenly appeared in the surroundings, covering the sky and ground. The bones seemed to grow out of the ground and space, charging at everyone.

“Humph!” the Nether Fire Divine Commander snorted coldly. At the same time, boundless nether fire erupted from space, rushing towards the white bones.


The surrounding ground shook.

Neither the Nether Fire Divine Commander nor the White Bone Divine General could quickly triumph.

Lifespan Dongfang stood behind the White Bone Divine General, watching the two experts summoned from the nether realm fight. He had long since been tightly clenching his fist.

“The white-robed north, south, east, and west cultivate life. The black-robed spring, summer, autumn, and winter cultivate death. You summoned the Nether Fire Divine Commander, so you cultivate death? Chunshen? Xiahou? Or perhaps…” Lifespan Dongfang was about to continue asking when his voice trailed off.

[TL Note: Dongfang means east side; at the same time, it’s also a family name in China. The various cardinal direction and season lifespan cultivators’ family names are all legit family names in China, often prominent families. Most two-character family names were originally high official ranks. Like in the western world, when family names initially came about, many Chinese people took their professions or address as their family names. For example, Sima means minister of war.]

The Unborn Man waved his other hand.


Surging white fog appeared on the Unborn Man’s other side. Countless withered skeleton heads rushed about endlessly in the white fog.

“Myriad Bone Sinister Mountain, heed my call. Divine bones descend and destroy my enemies!” The Unborn Man repeated what Lifespan Dongfang had said.


Right after the Unborn Man spoke, an enormous claw extended from the white fog.


When that claw appeared, the nearby White Bone Divine General and the Nether Fire Divine Commander stopped and looked over in shock.

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A gigantic skeleton appeared behind the Unborn Man as well.

“Another White Bone Divine General?” Bing Ji exclaimed in shock.


Then, that gigantic skeleton walked out from behind the Unborn Man.

“Unborn Man, did you summon me?” the gigantic skeleton asked.

“White Bone Divine General, kill him!” The Unborn Man pointed to Lifespan Dongfang.


That gigantic skeleton suddenly gave off a formidable, destructive aura.

While Lifespan Dongfang summoned one White Bone Divine General, the Unborn Man summoned two beings—one White Bone Divine General and one Nether Fire Divine Commander.

“That’s impossible! Who are you? You did not use a lifespan treasure to use the death Dao or the life Dao!” Mister Dongfang exclaimed.


The White Bone Divine General that the Unborn Man summoned stepped forward suddenly and clawed at Lifespan Dongfang.

However, Lifespan Dongfang’s White Bone Divine General was being delayed by the Nether Fire Divine Commander, leaving Lifespan Dongfang vulnerable to attack.

“You bastard!” Lifespan Dongfang’s expression changed as he threw a palm strike.


However, the White Bone Divine General was too strong. When Lifespan Dongfang’s palm strike clashed with the White Bone Divine General’s claw, the attack knocked him back about thirty meters.

Blargh! Lifespan Dongfang vomited a mouthful of blood.

“Who are you? The life Dao and the death Dao cannot coexist. Who exactly are you?” Lifespan Dongfang glared at the Unborn Man.

However, the Unborn Man flew towards Lifespan Dongfang together with his White Bone Divine General.

“The Dongfang line of inheritance? I will eliminate the source of your inheritance today!” the Unborn Man said coldly.

Boom! The Unborn Man’s White Bone Divine General attacked again.

Lifespan Dongfang was horrified. He was no match for the summoned White Bone Divine General.


Lifespan Dongfang swiped his hand down, and a tear suddenly appeared in space.

Whoosh! Lifespan Dongfang hastily entered that spatial tear.

“Are you trying to escape to the nether realm? Humph! To think that you want to try and flee from me?!” The Unborn Man’s rage surged.


The Unborn Man entered the tear together with his White Bone Divine General.

On the other side, the battle between Lifespan Dongfang’s White Bone Divine General and the Nether Fire Divine Commander stopped. Then, they quickly followed.


Although all the ghostly beings had left, the horrifying auras that they had unleashed had knocked over the bodies of numerous Divine Blood Army soldiers.


The Unborn Man chased Lifespan Dongfang into the nether realm. The Nether Fire Divine Commander and White Bone Divine Generals all followed. Space recovered slowly, leaving Gu Hai’s group gaping at the scene in shock.

“Lifespan cultivator summons? They can summon ghostly beings of the Upper Heavenly Palace Realm? Cough! Cough! Cough!” Gu Hai coughed as he goggled.

“Brother-in-Law, are you alright?” Long Wanyu looked at Gu Hai worriedly.

“Cough! Cough!” Gu Hai revealed a faint, bitter smile. As of now, the situation in his body was as terrible as it could be.

The Unborn Man pursued Lifespan Dongfang. However, while the external danger had been resolved, the internal danger remained.

“Your Majesty!” Bing Ji rushed forward and placed her hand on Gu Hai’s body to absorb some cold energy. He immediately felt somewhat better, but the ice that covered him continued to thicken.

“Fortunately, the Unborn Man managed to rush over in time. Mister Gu, how did you call him over?” Ye Shenzhen came forward weakly.

Gu Hai showed a faint, bitter smile and was about to speak.


Suddenly, the Slaughter Nation’s imperial palace shook. A crack appeared in the sky, allowing boundless crimson light in.

“Oh no! The walls of this independent world are breaking. Imperial Emperor Xi Yu is using Blood Prison to break the barrier.” Ye Shenzhen’s expression changed suddenly.


Another loud report rang out.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

More cracks appeared in the sky, appearing like it would break at any time.

“Imperial Emperor Xi Yu is about to barge in? Your Majesty, can you call back the Unborn Man?” Bing Ji looked at Gu Hai.

Gu Hai showed a faint, bitter smile. He had already shattered the black jade talisman. He no longer had a way to call the Unborn Man over.


Another loud report rang out. Crimson light filled the Slaughter Nation’s imperial palace and its surroundings. Who knew how much longer the barriers could last?

“Brother-in-Law, what should we do now?” Long Wanyu asked worriedly.

“Help me over.” Gu Hai dragged himself towards the Slaughter Heavenly Emperor.

Enduring the pain from her injuries, Bing Ji supported Gu Hai with Long Wanyu. They went to the stool that still had a silk cloth covering it.

Then, Gu Hai extended his hand and pulled off the silk cloth.

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