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CSG - Chapter 3084: Xiao Ling’s Return

On the Delight Plane, in the forbidden grounds of the Cloudsurge Empire, Mo Tianyun sat on a grey rock in white clothes. Before him was a pool of water, where fish of various kinds swam around happily.

But at this moment, Mo Tianyun seemed to sense something. Suddenly, he raised his head and gazed at the sky. His gaze seemed to pierce the protective formation of the Cloudsurge Empire, allowing him to directly see the sky outside.

At the same time, a thick cloud silently condensed in the Cloudsurge Empire’s clear skies. Lightning crackled and thunder boomed within the clouds, giving off an invisible pressure.

“It’s the tribulation of a god artifact. Normally, tribulations of god artifacts only appear when god artifacts that are far too powerful have been forged.” Mo Tianyun was stern. His eyes twinkled as he sighed. “As it seems, the Rain Abbess has already refined the World of Laws. In just a few decades, she’s forged a powerful god artifact. That’s not something any regular grandmaster blacksmith can achieve. I didn’t expect her comprehension of the Way of Smithing to be so high as well.”

Empyrean Demon Lord, the World of Laws will be complete in one year’s time. Once the World of Laws is complete, we can set off for the Xuanhuang Microcosm immediately. It’s time for you to make preparations now.” At this moment, the Rain Abbess’ voice rang out in Mo Tianyun’s head.

Mo Tianyun nodded and stood up slowly. He took a step and vanished instantly, completely ignoring the protective formation of the Cloudsurge Empire. He left the Delight Plane instantly.

In the Tian Yuan clan on the Cloud Plane, Jian Chen shut himself in the secret room enveloped by a powerful formation deep underground, continuing to experiment stubbornly. He tried everything he could think of to refine Godking pills below God Tier.

A thick layer of dust had already formed on the floor of the secret room. The dust was completely composed of the residue of failed pills and various heavenly resources.

He made countless attempts and changes, but without any exception, it all ended in failure.

Don’t tell me there really isn’t any other way apart from adding spiritual fluid contaminated with Xuanhuang Qi during the refinement process as the sword spirits said?” After another failure, Jian Chen stood up, defeated. He pulled at his hair viciously. He was extremely troubled.

He was already so close to his target of the ten droplets of a Grand Exalt’s essence blood. The Primeval Divine Hall was basically within arm’s reach, but this exact detail happened to pose an irresolvable problem to him. Jian Chen utterly refused to accept this, so he was so frantic that it almost drove him mad.

After all, that was the Primeval Divine Hall, one with a complete artifact spirit. Even if he set that aside, there were many followers that had once followed the master of the Primeval Divine Hall into war.

To be able to become followers of a Grand Exalt, warriors that charged into war with one, it was as clear as day how powerful they were.

Once he inherited the Primeval Divine Hall and had it recognise him as its master, the powerful followers that slumbered within there would become a powerful force to assist him.

But right now, all of his wishes had crumbled because of the quality of the Godking pill, which was why Jian Chen refused to accept this.

He could not bring God Tier pills into the Darkstar World!

And in the Darkstar World, he would not have Xu Ran’s assistance, so he would not be able to refine Godking pills either!

“Big brother Jian Chen, big brother Jian Chen…” But at this moment, the excited voice of a child passed through the formations around the secret room. Jian Chen heard it clearly.

Jian Chen stiffened when he heard this extremely familiar voice. In the next moment, all of his gloominess from the failure of the refinement process was swept away. His face was filled with surprise and joy.

The familiar voice was Xiao Ling’s!

Jian Chen held a special sentiment towards Xiao Ling, Back then on the Tian Yuan Continent, he had met Xiao Ling in Mercenary City. Back then, Xiao Ling was known as the spirit of the barrier by the common people.

But in reality, she was a natural spirit formed from the essence of the earth. She had once suppressed the tunnel leading to the World of Forsaken Saints deep beneath Mercenary City.

Back then on the Tian Yuan Continent, Xiao Ling had saved his life several times. Without any exaggeration, if it were not for Xiao Ling back then, Jian Chen would have never made it to his current position. He probably would not even have the opportunity to enter the Saints’ World. He would have been reduced to a pile of dirt a long time ago.

Xiao Ling was Jian Chen’s saviour, but due to her special disposition, Jian Chen had always treated Xiao Ling as his very own sister. He protected her and watched over her carefully.

“Big brother Jian Chen, come out quick! Little brother Xiao Jin and I have both returned. Even master is here. Hurry up and come out from underground!” Xiao Ling’s cheerful voice rang out again, directly piercing the powerful barrier underground and reaching Jian Chen’s ears clearly.

“Senior Mo Tianyun is actually here too!” Jian Chen came to a realisation. Originally, he still felt puzzled over how Xiao Ling could penetrate the powerful formation he currently resided in. After all, no matter how much her strength had increased over the years, it definitely would not have reached the level to penetrate such a formation.

Jian Chen could not be bothered with refining any more pills. He immediately emerged from the secret room with a smile on his face, making his way to the surface as quickly as he could.

“Jian Chen, what is wrong with you?” Xu Ran gazed at Jian Chen in suspicion as his mood had suddenly changed drastically. Then she followed him out of the secret room and arrived at the surface as well.

Xiao Ling and Xiao Jin stood at the front excitedly at the entrance to the secret room, while Mo Tianyun stood behind them with his hands behind his back in his white robes.

Beside Mo Tianyun was a beautiful woman in black clothes.

No one in the Tian Yuan clan had sensed their arrival. Even the protective formations cast around the clan failed to obstruct them or detect their presence.

“Xiao Ling! Xiao Jin! Senior Mo Tianyun!” Joy flooded Jian Chen’s face, and he went up to receive them with a great laugh. Afterwards, he bowed politely towards Mo Tianyun.

“Big brother Jian Chen, I’ve missed you so much!” Xiao Ling jogged over to Jian Chen’s side and hugged his arm firmly. Her bright, naive, and childish face was filled with happiness and satisfaction.

“Big brother!” Xiao Jin spoke up as well. He seemed even younger than Xiao Ling, but he possessed a sense of maturity and level-headedness that completely conflicted with his age.

On top of that, Xiao Jin reeked with a bloody presence of slaughter, enough for anyone to tell with a single glance that he was a vicious person who had stepped over mountains of corpses and pools of blood.

Jian Chen rubbed Xiao Jin’s head with great familiarity, but his gaze was mostly fixed on Xiao Ling. Doubt gradually filled his eyes as he communicated, “Senior Mo Tianyun, haven’t the insufficiencies and flaws with Xiao Ling’s mind been made up for? Didn’t you say Xiao Ling can completely recover from all of her natural flaws as long as she has the Innate Orchid of Five Elements?

Mo Tianyun sighed and replied, “Xiao Ling gave most of the Innate Orchid of Five Elements to Xiao Jin because she doesn’t want to change. She just wants to remain like this forever, without any worries, passing each day happily.

This is Xiao Ling’s choice. If that’s the case, then let’s respect her choice and let her be a little spirit that can spend every single day happily, devoid of any worries.

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu.