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ZL - Chapter 1109- Rebirth

But this King Slime had nothing to do with dumb, it was just too huge and its head looked like a pile of shit. The sad crown looked like a potty.

"Ah, so stupid..." My girlfriend spoke once more.

"How does it look stupid!" I grumbled.

"It is!" She insisted that I had to listen to her.

"Okay, even so we have to kill it."

I clutched Butterfly and shared its stats into the party channel. As expected from a hundred men quest Boss, the first floor Boss was already a four star god tier boss--

King of Slimes (4 star God Boss)

Level: 207

Attack: 35500-45000

Defence: 33000

Health: 300000000

Skill: Steel Defence, Sticky Liquid, Decomposing Poison, Revive

Introduction: King of Slimes formed from all the other slimes. This giant slime is the king of the Hell Slime race and while having strong poison and steel defence, it can revive. You must kill it many times before you can successfully finish it. Be careful of the poison and the liquid pieces. Don't step on them or you will regret it.


"Prepare to begin!"

Fang Ge Que nodded at me and raised his hand. Magic light wrapped around Streaming Cloud Fan and used Ice Rock Blast+Fire and Ice Storm. Fang Ge Que's damage was really terrifying and two damage numbers rose up--



This was even without the God Killing effect if not his damage would double. But maybe this Boss was not good with magic resistance.

I attacked at the same time. I tossed out Gan Jiang and flew out with Blade Spin. 9 attacks pierced through the Boss's body. I jumped into the sky and grabbed Gan Jiang. I raised Butterfly and used Strength of a Thousand Men+Wind Carrying Slash. The gold tier golden light charged up and huge damage numbers scattered. Lu Chunyang, Enchanted Painting and Drunken Spear were all impressed.

The Boss's body shook. On the ground, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K, Meng Yao and Death God's Elegy all used Blade Spin from afar. After they used their skills they headed close to the edge and slashed the boss. It was hard for us to deduce the Boss's weakness. This beast with a few-kilometer wide body wouldn't have any weakness.

Silver Dragon Little White spat out dragon flames. Wan Er used Blade of the Death God as she sat on its back.

As we fought, the King of Slimes roared and used Steel Defence. Our damage started to reduce. Under this effect, the King of Slimes's health started to recover. Damn, half of our damage was healed up!

"Damn...." Drunken Spear used Thousand Layer Wave and was speechless, "This would probably take a really long time..."


as long as we don't die." Jian Feng Han said.

The moment he said that, Quick Thunder Swift Wind's axe recoiled from the King of Slimes's body and he lost 4000+ health. Steel Defence had a recoil effect and worse was the green liquid that appeared beneath the slime. It spread beneath Quick Thunder Swift Wind's legs and it started to bubble. His health started to drop and the moment the Boss's form ended, a green tentacle slapped Quick Thunder Swift Wind's face and he was killed!

"Damn, that idiot..." Jian Feng Han looked at Quick Thunder Swift Wind's corpse. Who knew that House of Prestige's deputy guild leader would be the first to die.

Bai Li Ruo Feng's face was a little ugly and ordered a House of Prestige healer to revive him.

I said loudly, "The boss will break apart when attacked, stay far from them. The boss will also release decomposing poison so try to avoid it if not it would be really terrifying."

We weren't rookies. Mocha, Meng Yao, Li Mu, Wang Jian etc had avoided the poison region. Actually, this Boss wasn't tough to kill and we just had to use our brains. As for Quick Thunder Swift Wind, he didn't have a brain. I could tell from my initial battle with him.


The Boss's health was too high and its defence was scary too. After 30 minutes of attacking, it was finally down to low health. But the Healers in the party had words to say--

Darling Duck, "I am down to 17% mana, I can't regain mana quick enough. I have healed you all for too long."

Who’s Blue, "Me too, I have 9% left."

Chang Sheng Jue laughed, "This... Little Polite, it is your time!"

In the crowd, Legend's Flagbearer Little Polite raised his shield, "Spirit Fountain!"

"shua", a blue light rose up and covered all the party members around. Our mana started to climb and it reached 70% right away!

Jian Feng Han was speechless, "Cavalry has a mana regaining skill?"

Little Polite smiled, "My two star god shield's only skill is Spirit Fountain, instantly regaining 70% mana, cooldown of 1 hour. Is it useful now?"

Jian Feng Han said, "Respect..."

I said, "Little Polite drink wine if not you won't be able to follow up. This boss will revive."



I was the party leader so my words were actually quite useful.

As I expected, at around 35 minutes, the Boss finally died but no equipment was dropped. Moreover, the pieces of its body were squirming. Two minutes later, liquid started to congeal and the Boss formed once more. King of Slimes hollered, "How would it be so easy. You bugs, prepare to die!"

Continue. This Boss was tanky but its attack was low and could only rely on poison. We moved around to avoid the poison range so naturally, we wouldn't get insta killed.

But I didn't expect that system to be so shameless. After we spent 35 minutes to kill it again, the King of Slimes actually revived once more!

This wasn't a problem. After all this 100 were all experts in the game. We could allow the Boss to revive once more but when it revived the third time, even Fang Ge Que was stunned, "This... This is a little too much?"

I continued to slash and didn't bother to think so much.

King of Slimes didn't disappoint us and it had four health in total. After discussing, everyone stopped when it was down to 0.2% health and I was the one to kill it. I didn't disappoint everyone and my 2000 charm nearly caused the King of Slimes's whole family treasure to get dropped. 9 items were dropped and many of them floated in mid air and they shone all sorts of light. At the same time, their stats appeared and everyone started to roll for them--

Poison Spear (1 star god artifact): Attack 12000-16200, ignore 20% of defence, health +23000

Poison Helmet (1 star god artifact): Heavy armor, defence +4200, 10% damage recoil, health +25000

Elemental Staff (Demon Harvest Tier): Magic Attack 11020-14400, Magic Attack+125%

Elemental Cape (Divine): Defence +3750, Attack +30%, Defence +40%

King of Slimes Bracers (3 star god artifact): Heavy armor, defence +5000, Defence +145%, 20% damage reduction

King of Slimes Shield (3 star god artifact): Defence +7000, Defence +175%, Health +40000, skill: Invincible shield, last 11 seconds

Poison Bracers (1 star god artifact): Leather, Defence +2950, Agility +35%, Health +17000

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Poison Chestplate (1 star god artifact): Leather, Defence +3250, Attack +50%, Health +24000

Stone Wheel Staff: Magic Attack 8020-12200, Magic Attack +75%


The system released stats really quickly and instantly the bunch of equipment was placed in front of us. Everyone was stunned. We were all experienced but we had never seen this before. 6 god artifacts were placed in front of us so would you not be shocked?

It was split based on needs so I chose to roll if it was a piece of heavy armored equipment.

I was dazzled. First was the Poison Spear, the cavalry players all rolled different numbers and in the end Little Polite got it. Poison Helmet was taken by One Second Hero and that raised morale. Zhan Long's team had gotten equipment!

Element Staff fell to Dong Cheng Yue. She wasn't really happy. After all, for her luck to be used on a Demon Harvest Tier item was a waste. Next time she might not roll a 97 again.

Elemental Cape was taken by Jian Feng Han. The next 2 three star god artifacts. King of Slimes Bracers was obtained by Yan Zhao Warrior and the most valuable shield was taken by Don’t Be Foolish.

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Two leather armors. The poison bracers were given to Xing Lie and Fox got the chest plate. Two one star artifacts belonged to Zhan Long. As for the last staff, the stats were too lousy so I didn't even bother to see who got it.


After King of Slimes was killed, the flame net splitting the first and second floor dissipated. A path appeared but the path to the third floor was still locked. We had to kill the 2nd-floor boss to head to the third floor. This was the process we wanted to. This would help the 100 of us strengthen.


It wasn't early anymore so we voted to sleep. We agreed to head online at 6 pm to continue our battle.

Goh Shao Feng Ryan's Notes:

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.