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100000PSI - Chapter 85.3: What Are You Apologizing For? (3)

Reality was a little different. 

Deafening silence loomed inside the lift, only alleviated slightly by the whirring sound of the lift motor. No one was saying a word at all. 

In the end, it was Ji Fanyin who broke the silence. She calmly said, “The two of you must already know each other, so I’ll spare the introductions.” 

She learned about them during the time when Bai Zhou thought that she had gone to the movies together with Chen Yunsheng. 

Now that I think about it, do they know that the person who went to the movies with me that day was actually their current boss, Zhang Ning? 

“Yeah, we’ve met,” Chen Yunsheng said with a smile. “Bai Zhou had paid me a visit once over a small misunderstanding.”

Bai Zhou immediately fought back, “Are you sure it was just a misunderstanding?”

His thoughts were practically written all over this face: That douche is clearly up to something!

Ji Fanyin disregarded the confrontation between the two youths and instead called out to Shen Qi, asking, “What else is on my agenda today other than the meeting?”

“There are a couple of revised scripts that require your approval.” Shen Qi began reporting Ji Fanyin’s schedule for the day in an orderly manner.

Ji Fanyin thought that Zhang Ning had really struck gold this time around by bringing Shen Qi onboard. He was the kind of multitalented assistant who was capable of resolving problems in the absence of their boss, the dream of all bosses. 

In a sense, he was pretty similar to Secretary Fan… just with hair.

On top of impeccably managing Ji Fanyin’s schedule, he had also neatly organized all of her documents, such that she was freed of nearly all administrative work. 

… I don’t really have too much work to handle, but this Shen Qi really takes a load off my shoulders. It feels like he’s really here to help me make a fortune. 

There were many questionable details surrounding Shen Qi, but Ji Fanyin couldn’t be bothered to probe into them unless Shen Qi took the initiative to explain. 

When the lift finally came to a stop on her floor, Ji Fanyin stepped out and began making her way toward the General Manager’s office. Barely after walking two steps, she suddenly turned around to look at the two youths behind her. 

They were similar in terms of height and age, but there were vastly different expressions on their faces. 

Ji Fanyin gestured her chin toward Shen Qi and instructed, “Find work for them.”

She finally walked away after that. 

The two youths were still staring at each other with sparks in their eyes. Shen Qi turned to Bai Zhou and asked, “Bai Zhou, what did you major in?”

“… Oil painting.”

“I’ll arrange for you to join the Art Department then.” Shen Qi made the call on the spot. “Chen Yunsheng’s Music Department is located right next to it, so I’ll take the two of you there together.”

The two youths simultaneously turned their heads to look at each other, as both their faces turned wintry cold. 

StarveCleric, Stephen Honor's Notes:

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Written by Yuan Yao. Translated by StarveCleric, Stephen Honor. Edited by ru.