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PBS - Chapter 2264 - Art of the Heavenly Emperor

The cries lasted for over a few hundred breaths. Ancient Taboo who had been around in the Primary Upper Realm and killing many talented cultivators on behalf of Cang for thousands of years turned into a pile of remains.

Even until the very last moment, he failed to understand why the master he had always been loyal to was the one to kill him.

"Find a place and bury him to make it proper."

Cang cleaned his hands expressionlessly, as if he had dirtied them when he snapped Ancient Taboo's neck in half.

Little did Ancient Taboo know, Cang already planned to grant him his death in the past.

Cang initially wanted Ancient Taboo to become one of the Immortals, but Ancient Taboo had let him down.

Why would he bother having such a useless henchman around?


The puppets retained their expressionless faces. Everything Cang did was right in their eyes.

"Xiang Hun has even established the Heaven-Slaying Sect. Was he waiting to destroy me after he claimed the Indestructible Flesh of Eternity?"

Cang closed his eyes while taking in Xiang Hun's memories. He grinned disdainfully.

"Oh? He even joined hands with two Rulers of Dao? They might come in handy."

Cang raised his brows. He performed a hand seal and transmitted his thoughts to the two Rulers of Dao through the special way of communication they had agreed on.

After Cang was done taking in Xiang Hun's memories, he did not find anything else that was useful. He glanced at Tang Qingshan before sitting with his legs crossed. The pattern resembling the Thirty-Three Small Immortal Realms reappeared behind him.

Cang murmured some chants and performed a hand seal. The power in his body and the wisp of the Impenetrable Sacred Force swiftly flowed in a strange way.

An odd pressure burst out of his body and surged across the place.

It was an art he had self-invented, known as the Art of the Heavenly Emperor!

This Heavenly Emperor was not referring to the cultivation level above the Supreme Highness Realm, but a title he had given himself. It simply meant he was the master of the Heavens and Earth in charge of everything, whether it was the Rules, the Great Dao, or the living creatures, he was treating them all as his people.

If he were the Heavenly Emperor, he could modify the Rules as he pleased. He could kill anyone whom he wanted dead, including the Supreme Highnesses!

In addition to it, the Art of the Heavenly Emperor was also the reality he had in mind.

Once he achieved the Greater Success Stage of the art, he could project the Thirty-Three Small Immortal Realms inside his body and absorbed the Orbs of the Heavenly Emperor. He could use the Orbs of the Heavenly Emperor as bridges to connect him to the Thirty-Three Small Immortal Realms to become the Son of the Origin.

Once he perfected the art, he could utilize the Orbs of the Heavenly Emperor to gain full control of the Thirty-Three Small Immortal Realm's Origin Force, making him the Master of the Origin, hence the Heavenly Emperor!

The Art of the Heavenly Emperor was not easy to master, but Cang had been practicing it since he was just a Master of Dao. He barely completed it when he achieved the Heaven Highness Realm.

It was not that difficult for Cang to pick it up again. He was able to reach the early success stage in no time.

However, it was a little tricky to achieve the Greater Success Stage. Not only did he need to collect the remaining Orbs of the Heavenly Emperor, he also had to reclaim the Orbs of the Heavenly Emperor from the formidable factions.

Time gradually passed. Three days later, a series of shocking explosions occurred inside Cang's body. Thirty-three rays of light appeared in his mind while his organs, blood, muscles, and the power of the Peerless Ruler Realm underwent great changes.


Cang took a deep breath and opened his eyes. Tang Qingshan was standing not far from him.

Tang Qingshan's hair had turned blood-red while his eyes were purple-golden. The word 'Wang' was roughly drawn on his forehead.

"Greetings, master!"

Tang Qingshan knelt on one knee and spoke with a hoarse voice.

"How much of your memories did you recover?" Cang asked.

"Only less than twenty percent," Tang Qingshan answered.

He was no longer the orb spirit that Heaven Highness Wuwang had transformed into, nor was he Tang Qingshan. He was a completely new entity. That being said, Heaven Highness Wuwang's memories and will had retained the upper hand.

"Let's go greet our guests."

Cang waved his hand to dismiss Tang Qingshan. A while later, he returned with two old men.

"Greetings, Heavenly Emperor, I'm Ying Lang!"

"Greetings, Heavenly Emperor, I'm Tianqi!"

The eyes of the two old men flickered with astonishment, but they quickly brought their fists together respectfully.

Cang rose to his feet and said with a smile, "As you can see, Xiang Hun's body is now mine. You have once placed your bets on Xiang Hun. Why don't you place them on me now?"

"Whatever Xiang Hun promised you, I can give them to you too. On top of it, Ye Zhaoxian and the others are planning an expedition to the Blue Heavens on the first day of next month to establish a place to achieve the Heaven Highness Realm. If you treat me as your master, I'll give you a chance to achieve the Heaven Highness Realm."

"What do you say?"

The two old men were surprised. They took the offer without any hesitation, "Thank you, Heavenly Emperor!"

The truth was, they were left with no choice. There was no room for negotiation for them.

Cang nodded with a pleased look. He said, "It's decided then. Don't worry about swearing an oath. I'm never fussed with it. However, I personally detest traitors, so if you show the slightest reluctance to obey my orders, I will kill you without any mercy." 

Cang was only in the peak Peerless Ruler Realm, but the two old men could feel a shiver running down their spines.

At the same time, they both made their minds to serve Cang with everything they had, as if it was what they were supposed to do.

Cang had planted the determination to serve him inside the two Rulers of Dao. It was only the beginning. The determination would continue to grow until it devoured the two Rulers of Dao's mind.

"Very well, Ying Lang, you will go with Wuwang and insert that Orb of the Heavenly Emperor into its respective Small Immortal Realm."

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Cang patted Tang Qingshan on the shoulder and said, "Wuwang, we have gone through a lot to give us another chance again. Don't you let me down."

Tang Qingshan straightened his face and said, "Even if I die, I will not let master down!"

Cang smiled, "Mm, once you are done, head to the seventy-two Sacred Areas of the Heavens and Earth and the Dao Seeking Land."

He paused briefly and looked into the Heavens with a twisted grin, "When the time comes, we'll ascend to the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm and the Master Realm together. It's time for us to see how weak the cultivators of this world have become."

Ying Lang and Zhang Tianqi paid tribute to the cultivators of the seventy-two Sacred Areas of the Heavens and Earth and the Dao Seeking Land in silence. 

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It was a misfortune for them to stumble into Cang after he was reborn.

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