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MCAB - Chapter 92

Yun Zizhou firmly pushed Mi Rou out of the kitchen, her dislike for Mi Rou skyrocketing.

Even though Mi Rou was only a guest, she behaved as if she were the host.

However, two hours later, Yun Zizhou finally knew that there were no limits to a person's shamelessness.

When Jun Zishu opened the front door, the first thing she saw was Mi Rou waiting for her by the door.

Mi Rou couldn't be regarded as a beautiful woman. Although she had a delicate appearance, she wouldn't attract any eyes if she stood in a crowd.

However, to make up for her lacking appearance, Mi Rou had an excellent temperament and a good fashion sense.

Most importantly, Mi Rou's appearance when she cried was fatally attractive. This was also what caught Jiang Wentong's attention in the first place.

Now that Jun Zishu thought about it, Jiang Wentong was quite the pervert. When Mi Rou was crying over her broken heart, Jiang Wentong had found her crying appearance to be beautiful. She had even gone as far as to seduce Mi Rou for such a perverse reason.

Not one of the characters involved in the mission was a normal person.

"Welcome back," Mi Rou greeted Jun Zishu affectionately and naturally. She even considerately helped Jun Zishu with her bag.

"Mhm. Do your parents know that you're here?"

"They do."

"Do they know why you are here?"

"They do."

Mi Rou nodded twice before embracing Jun Zishu from the front.

"I missed you," Mi Rou said as she rubbed her face against Jun Zishu's shoulder.

Jun Zishu rubbed Mi Rou's head. Then, just when she was about to push Mi Rou away, she noticed Yun Zizhou staring at her from the kitchen entrance, a shocked expression on her face.

Jun Zishu calmly smiled at Yun Zizhou before gently pushing Mi Rou out of her embrace.

Mi Rou looked up, her eyes looking slightly red and moist.

When Jun Zishu saw Mi Rou's pitiful appearance, she inwardly sighed as she realized what exactly had drawn Jiang Wentong to like Mi Rou.

"I can't help but get a little emotional after not seeing you for a long time," Mi Rou explained to Yun Zizhou with an embarrassed smile.

"Dinner is ready. Come and eat," Yun Zizhou said, her expression staying as calm as before. However, the trembling fists in her pockets showed that she wasn't as calm as she showed herself to be.


Throughout the meal, only Yun Zizhou was in a restless state.

Jun Zishu remained as steady as usual, having even the leeway to praise Yun Zizhou's cooking.

"I'll wash the dishes," Mi Rou said to Yun Zizhou while she helped bring the dishes to the sink.

"Sis, isn't Big Sis Mi Rou a guest? Not only did she go out with me to buy groceries today, but she even tried to cook for us. Although I stopped her before seeing as she is a guest, she is now trying to do the dishes as well," Yun Zizhou said with a smile on her face. Nobody could tell that she was actually furious on the inside.

"There really isn't any need to be polite with me. Right, Wentong?"

"Mhm. But you didn't come all this way to my house to do chores, right? Come to my room with me," Jun Zishu said as she beckoned at Mi Rou with a finger. Then, she looked to Yun Zizhou and smiled, saying, "I'll have to trouble you with the dishes, Zizhou."

However, the instant Jun Zishu turned away, her smile vanished without a trace.

Yun Zizhou couldn't help but feel that the relationship between Jun Zishu and Mi Rou was strange. Initially, she thought that Mi Rou was merely one of Jun Zishu's friends. Moreover, judging by how Jun Zishu spoke about Mi Rou previously, Jun Zishu might not have a good relationship with Mi Rou at all; she might only be maintaining their friendship for the sake of politeness.

However, looking at Mi Rou's behavior, it didn't seem like that was the case at all. She showed that she had a good relationship with Jun Zishu, so great that she could freely enter Jun Zishu's room, read Jun Zishu's books, and cook in Jun Zishu's house.

In addition, what confused Yun Zizhou the most was that Jun Zishu didn't express much repulsion toward Mi Rou's actions. On the contrary, the two had even hugged at the door. Moreover, that hug they shared didn't seem like a hug between friends who had reunited after separating for a long time. The way Mi Rou hugged Jun Zishu looked more like she was fawning over Jun Zishu. Meanwhile, Jun Zishu had actually responded by rubbing Mi Rou's head.

Filled with complicated feelings, Yun Zizhou absentmindedly washed the dishes.


Meanwhile, inside Jun Zishu's room, Jun Zishu sat on a chair while Mi Rou sat on the bed.

"I have already made the necessary arrangements for your move. I found you a new job and a place to live."

"Can't I live with you?" Mi Rou softly asked as she looked at Jun Zishu.

"There are only two rooms in my house. I haven't explained to my mother about my sexual orientation. Moreover, I've never shown myself to be a tomboy, so my mother hopes for me to get married."

Although Jun Zishu knew that her words were cruel and hurtful, she had no choice but to say them.

"Do you hope for that as well?" Mi Rou asked. She paid no heed to the other things Jun Zishu said, focusing her attention only on this point.

"Perhaps," Jun Zishu gave a vague response. Although she wanted to firmly nod her head, she felt that doing so might overstimulate the person in front of her. Moreover, according to Jiang Wentong's character setting, she wouldn't want to get tied up by marriage so soon. She'd have to be 30 before she even started considering a married life.

"I can sleep on the sofa."

"Sleeping on the sofa is bad for your body. I've already helped you find a place close to your work. The price is reasonable, and the environment is great as well," Jun Zishu said in a decisive tone.

"But I want to stay with you," Mi Rou said with a hurt expression. "My purpose in coming to this city is you. I didn't come to a foreign place to find a new job and live by myself. If that's the case, what difference is there between coming here and staying at home?"

"Why did you come here, then?"

From Mi Rou's perspective, there was nothing wrong with her actions. Her actions could even be regarded as being brave for the sake of love.

However, from Jun Zishu's perspective, what Mi Rou was doing was simply futile.

"Because I want to be able to see you every day," Mi Rou said with a smile, her narrowed eyes carrying traces of fondness and sadness.

"But you know that…"

"I know that you can't let others know about our relationship. I will be very careful. So long as we don't behave intimately in front of others, nobody would think in that direction. Even if someone grows suspicious of us, we can just say that we are close friends."

"I just don't like others breaking the habit of my lifestyle," Jun Zishu said with a frown. She really had the urge to just break things off with Mi Rou right now.

"So you've never included me in your world since the very beginning, right? If that's the case, why did you have to bother me in the first place?"

Mi Rou's body trembled when she said these words, tears slipping from her face. However, she quickly got ahold of her emotions and prevented herself from yelling out in anger. Though, doing so only caused the emotions in her heart to grow darker.

"I'm sorry."

After mentally struggling for a moment, Jun Zishu felt that the only thing she could do in this situation was to apologize. After all, "she" was the one in the wrong.

"Apart from that initial period, I thought I was dating air. It might even be better if I had dated air instead. At least it is present everywhere," Mi Rou said with a sad expression.

"Do you want to break up?" Jun Zishu tentatively asked.

"Break up?" Mi Rou wiped away her tears. Although she wanted to laugh, she accidentally choked and started coughing. Then, after her coughing settled down, she gripped her chest and said with a flushed face, "What are you talking about? I didn't come all the way here to break up with you. Okay, that's enough of this topic. I'm going to the balcony to get some air. What do you want to eat for breakfast tomorrow morning? I'll make it for you."

"Is there really any meaning to do this?" Jun Zishu asked in a helpless tone.

"If I think it does, then it does," Mi Rou said as she pulled out a tissue from the bedside table and wiped her eyes with it. Then, she asked, "Can you tell me what that person looks like?"

"What person?"

Jun Zishu was stunned, failing to understand Mi Rou's words. However, realization dawned on her a moment later, and she chuckled, saying, "Adultery isn't the only cause for a broken relationship. The reason why I stopped liking you is simply because I stopped liking you. Why do you need to involve others in this matter?"

"Can I sleep in your room tonight?" Mi Rou asked, forcibly changing the topic. Then, she lifted her head a little, exposing her collarbone to the white ceiling light. Her eyes also looked exceptionally attractive under the ceiling light.

"You sleep in my room, then. I'll go and sleep with my little sister."

Jun Zishu knew that Mi Rou was inviting her. However, she adamantly refused to accept the invitation.

Mi Rou's eyes darkened at Jun Zishu's response. Jun Zishu's behavior made it impossible for her to salvage the situation. Even though she clearly knew that a problem had occurred in their relationship, she had no idea how to fix this problem.

However, she really didn't wish to give up on their relationship just like that.

Why did this person have to seduce her if she was never going to commit to their relationship to begin with?

Why did this person have to leave her after taking her heart?

She didn't want to be trapped in the shadows for the rest of her life.

"Am I so detestable to you now?"

"I hope you can go home. I hope you can find the happiness you deserve."

"Stop talking about this topic, okay?" Mi Rou chose to put a halt to their conversation, a pleading look on her face.

Seeing this, Jun Zishu chose to walk out of the room and give Mi Rou a quiet space to think by herself. At the same time, she also started considering when she should visit Yu Biling's city and break up with her.

Compared to winning someone's heart, breaking up with someone was a much more troublesome affair.

Jun Zishu felt that she was being too reliant on the information the system provided. She felt that she shouldn't be stereotyping people purely based on how they behaved in the original storyline. Otherwise, it might end up backfiring on her.

Shi Yu was the best example. The man she thought was mature had suddenly attacked her and kidnapped her, reacting more like a boy than a man. In contrast, Wei Jiangen, the boy she had written off as immature, took the breakup like a man.

After realizing her mistake, Jun Zishu felt that breaking up with Yu Biling might not be as difficult as she initially thought.

"Is it convenient for me to sleep with you tonight?" Jun Zishu asked as she looked at Yun Zizhou, who was sitting on the sofa.

Yun Zizhou was momentarily stunned by Jun Zishu's question. Then, she nodded and asked, "Is she sleeping in your room?"


The two did not continue talking in the living room but moved into Yun Zizhou's room first.

"Why did you lie to me, Sis?"

"Hm? What did I lie to you about?" Jun Zishu asked with a confused expression. She failed to understand why Yun Zizhou would say such a thing.

"Didn't you say that you weren't close friends with her? Then, why..."

Why did you treat her so caringly?

Why did you hug her?


"My relationship with her is a bit complicated."

"How is it complicated?"

"She's unwilling to break up with me."

After giving the matter some thought, Jun Zishu decided to drop this bombshell on Yun Zizhou.

"Break up?" Yun Zizhou's eyes widened in shock. "But didn't godmother say that your boyfriend is a photographer? Didn't you tell me yesterday that you went to break up with him on Valentine's Day?"

"I broke up with that guy long ago. Shh... My mother doesn't know that I like girls," Jun Zishu said, placing a finger on her lips before giving Yun Zizhou a wink.

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