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MCAB - Chapter 85


This was the first time Jun Zishu received a marriage proposal from a man, so she couldn't help but be a little surprised. However, even though the atmosphere was a little romantic, Jun Zishu's heart remained unfazed.

"I'm sorry."

Jun Zishu wasn't willing to accept Shi Yu's proposal, and neither would the original Jiang Wentong should she be put in this situation.

Nobody involved in the mission this time was normal, and this included the original Jiang Wentong. After all, no normal person would date five people simultaneously.

Shi Yu's expression gradually darkened when he heard Jun Zishu's response. Then, he stood up, his hand tightly clenching the ring box as he asked, "Can I ask why?"

"We're not a good match."

"Not a good match" was an omnipotent excuse for break-ups. It was an excuse that could seemingly carry many reasons or no reasons at all.

Jun Zishu had thought up many excuses to use against Shi Yu. However, after much deliberation, she dismissed those excuses and decided to be more straightforward.

There was no need to clarify things too much in the world of adults. After all, most adults knew how to take a hint.

"Not a good match? Only now you're telling me that we're not a good match? Sorry, but I won't accept this reason. Change it," Shi Yu said as he calmly looked at Jun Zishu, his voice containing hints of ridicule.

"We aren't a good match, Shi Yu. Even if we stay together, we are bound to come into conflict in the future."

"For example?"

"You are constantly traveling and are seldom at home. I could never rely on you whenever I am facing a problem."

In Jun Zishu's opinion, long-distance relationships were both strenuous and unreliable. After all, the farther a couple was separated, the fewer the times they would interact with each other. In turn, this would lead to the couple having less understanding about each other.

In a sense, having a long-distance relationship was akin to dating empty space. One wouldn't have anybody to accompany them for meals or care for them when they were sick.

Not to mention, wasn't the goal of entering a relationship, for most people, to avoid loneliness? What was the point in having a long-distance relationship, then?

"I can stop going out and settle down to accompany you," Shi Yu said in a determined tone. With his capabilities, he would have no trouble finding an excellent job.

"No, that's not what I'm trying to say. I'm not trying to tie you down and keep you by my side. You are free to fulfill your dream and explore the world. It is a good ambition.

"Actually, the real reason is that I just don't like you anymore."

She no longer liked him. Since she no longer had feelings for him, they might as well break up.

It was easy for a person to fall in love with someone. It could be because of the other party's appearance, voice, actions, or a measly facial expression.

However, it was equally simple for a person to grow tired of someone.

"Can I no longer attract your attention?"

The reason why Jiang Wentong had fallen for Shi Yu in the first place was because of the man's eyes.

The two had met at a corner of a street during sunset. Shi Yu had walked past Jiang Wentong while holding his camera at the time, and Jiang Wentong had looked at him, to which Shi Yu responded with a smile.

Shi Yu's eyes were brimming with vigorous vitality and ambition at the time, and that was what made Jiang Wentong fall for him instantly and approach him.

Afterward, as the interactions between the two continued increasing, they naturally ended up together.

However, Jun Zishu was not the original Jiang Wentong. Her heart remained unfazed when she looked at Shi Yu's eyes.

"Although this sounds a little straightforward, I will still say it—yes."

"Have you found someone else?" Shi Yu suddenly asked, his words somewhat hitting the mark.

Jun Zishu had already expected such a question, so she calmly gave her answer, saying, "Of course not. You are—"

However, before Jun Zishu could finish her words, her phone suddenly started ringing, interrupting her.

[Host! It's No.2! What should we do?!]

Can you connect to my phone?


Hang up the call and change No.2's nickname to Doctor Liu.


Shi Yu also had his attention attracted by the ringing phone. Just when he was about to grab Jun Zishu's handbag and hand it to her, the phone stopped ringing.

"Your colleague called you," Shi Yu said after taking out Jun Zishu's phone and checking the call history. "It should be something urgent, so you should call back quickly."

Shi Yu handed the phone to Jun Zishu and looked at her with glazed eyes, his stare giving Jun Zishu goosebumps.

The atmosphere in the room suddenly turned a little strange. After hearing Shi Yu's words, Jun Zishu calmly nodded and accepted the phone, her face showing no faults whatsoever.

Help me intercept my call, Little Fairy.


Afterward, Jun Zishu called back "Doctor Liu" while Shi Yu focused on Jun Zishu's face and the phone's screen.

"Sorry. The number you have dialed is busy. Please call again later…"

The sound of a female voice came through the phone, and the only thing Shi Yu managed to see was Jun Zishu frowning in confusion.

"He might have called the wrong person. Otherwise, he wouldn't have hung up so quickly and called another person," Jun Zishu said as she tried calling "Doctor Liu" a few more times.

Seeing this, Little Fairy fervently applauded Jun Zishu's flawless acting skills. She felt that her host's acting skills might have gotten even better than before.

Afterward, Jun Zishu set aside her phone and leaned back against the headboard. Then, she crossed her arms in front of her chest and lifted her chin slightly, giving off a somewhat arrogant posture.

"Are you suspecting me?" Jun Zishu asked, narrowing her eyes as she looked at Shi Yu. Even if she was guilty of adultery, she couldn't admit it. She'd be doomed, otherwise.

Fortunately, none of her five partners possessed any stalking skills. Otherwise, this mission's difficulty would be hell, and the only thing she could do was wait for her death.

"So, am I such a person in your eyes?" Jun Zishu asked in a somewhat angry tone. "The change in my feelings for you is unrelated to other people. I cannot accept this ring. I don't wish to get married, either, whether it is to you or other people. Isn't it wonderful that you get to pursue your love for photography now?"

Jun Zishu's bombardment of words rendered Shi Yu speechless. Then, just when he was about to open his mouth to say something, Jun Zishu stood up from the bed.

Jun Zishu had never been short. Now that she was wearing her heels, she stood on the same eye level as Shi Yu.

Afterward, Jun Zishu mimicked Shi Yu's previous actions, holding the man's face with both hands and carefully inspecting it. Her observation was much more detailed than Shi Yu's, her actions making it seem like she was inspecting a piece of artwork.

The best way to deal with an abnormal person was to behave in a much more abnormal way.

After continuing her observation for three whole minutes, Jun Zishu released Shi Yu's face and revealed a smile of interest before asking, "Do you like me, Shi Yu?"

"I like you."

"No, you don't like me at all."

Jun Zishu's smile reached its peak. Then, she picked up her phone from the bed and put it into her handbag.

"What do you mean?"

Shi Yu reached out and grabbed Jun Zishu's wrist, his hand exerting a lot of force.

"Let go," Jun Zishu said, putting up a struggle. She still needed her hands to make a living.

However, the hand holding Jun Zishu's wrist did not loosen at all. Instead, Shi Yu looked at Jun Zishu with a cold expression, his eyes filled with anger as he demanded, "Are you denying my love for you just because you don't like me anymore?"


Jun Zishu put more strength into her struggling and forcibly freed her wrist from Shi Yu's grip.

"Sorry, but I can't feel any love from you right now. You have also just hurt me," Jun Zishu said as she gently blew on and massaged her reddened wrist. After her wrist stopped hurting as much, she continued, "Honestly, I had hoped to avoid creating such a scene. My initial plan was for us to have fun for a day before I mention the break-up to you."

"A final moment of happiness before the death penalty?"

Shi Yu didn't know how he could still laugh in this situation. However, it was a fact that he was laughing right now.

"I didn't plan to say so many things to you originally, but since things had already turned out like this, I'll just say it," Jun Zishu said as she brushed her long hair with her fingers, giving off an imposing aura.

"You say that you like me. That might have indeed been the case initially. We both treated each other well during that period, right? But what about afterward? You told me that you wanted to travel, with each of your trips lasting from two to three months. I agreed out of consideration. You were chasing your dreams, after all. However, the frequency of the phone calls we shared went from daily to once every few days. You might have messaged me every day, but what good were they?

"Why don't we try switching positions? You stay at home and work every day while I go out and have fun for months on end. Do you think you'll feel comfortable with that?"

"I thought…"

Shi Yu didn't think Jun Zishu would suddenly explode like this, and he was momentarily at a loss for words.

"You thought that I was gentle and generous, that I was smart and capable, that I could understand you and support you, that I would always welcome you home with a warm hug, and that we would eventually walk down the wedding aisle in the end?"

Jun Zishu laughed.

Her partners loved her to death? Her partners would go crazy if she broke up with them? Her partners would dismember her because of a disagreement? Since that was the case, she might as well come clean and see who was more affectionate.

Yanderes were paranoids when put mildly and lacked respect for others when put negatively.

It might be fine if a yandere was smart and only focused on capturing their beloved's heart. However, yanderes who would imprison and force the target of their affection to be with them would only have bad endings waiting for them.

Jiang Wentong was indeed a scumbag and deserved to die. Out of her five partners, the only person she didn't betray was Pan Yingying, while the person she betrayed the most was Shi Yu.

However, did that mean Shi Yu was perfect and innocent?—No.

"If that's how you thought, I can only say that you don't understand me."

Jun Zishu softly chuckled. Everything she just mentioned was indeed the image Jiang Wentong had created for Shi Yu. However, it was merely one of the many sides of the woman known as Jiang Wentong.

"You don't even understand me, so what right do you have to say that you love me?"

"It's not like that. I truly like you. It was indeed my mistake in the past. I had failed to be a good boyfriend. However, I am sincerely proposing to you now, so I hope you can be with me," Shi Yu said in a panic. He never knew that Jun Zishu held so much dissatisfaction in her heart.

Ignoring Shi Yu's pleading, Jun Zishu asked, "Do you know why I maintained that kind of image in front of you in the past?"


"It is because I wished to leave a good impression on you, so I tried my best to behave in the way you liked. However, do you know why I stopped acting?"

Shi Yu didn't continue asking. The answer was already clear, after all.

—She no longer liked him, so she couldn't even be bothered to act anymore.

"That's why I say that we're not a good match. Instead of me, you should choose someone who shares similar interests with you, or you can find someone willing to silently wait for you and support you," Jun Zishu continued. "Honestly, I don't wish for you to put up with me. Do you know what your greatest charm is?—The way your eyes shine when you talk about photography. I like that part about you. I also hope that you can keep staying that way.

"Shi Yu, I hope that I can remain good friends with you. Relationships between men and women aren't just limited to lovers.

"Shi Yu, let's break up."

Jun Zishu felt that her way of handling the break-up was abominable. Not only did she refuse to admit that she was cheating, but she was even trying to push the blame onto Shi Yu.

However, it couldn't be helped. She'd be killed if she came clean with Shi Yu.

So, it'd be better if she obediently kept to her role of a scumbag.

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