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PBS - Chapter 2257 - Unrest and Conspiracy, Part One

"What do you think about Ye Zhaoxian?"

Zhou Xundao asked after he returned to Qin Nan's body.

"To be honest, I think he's a fine person. He did lend me a hand," Qin Nan said.

"He's only helping you this time because we helped him before. He owed Zhou Di one, so you shouldn't think too much about it. He's indeed a fine man under normal circumstances."

"But he won't be the same if you stand in his path."

"My greatest impression of him is when he tries to claim a sacred object to achieve the Heaven Highness Realm. His tribe was also after the same thing. Guess what happened in the end," Zhou Xundao said.

"He fell out with his tribe?" Qin Nan said.

"It's not as simple as that. He found a chance to wipe out his entire tribe. The men, the women, the elderly, and the young, including his relatives. He did not spare a single life," Zhou Xundao said.

"He killed them all?"

Qin Nan was astounded.

He did not think Ye Zhaoxian would do something so insane!

"Which is why, no matter how he is treating you, you should never think of him as an ally. If he helps you again next time, just think you owe him a favor and try to repay him back in the future," Zhou Xundao advised.

"Mm, senior, I will remember it," Qin Nan nodded.

A strong ripple suddenly took place.

"Copper mirror is almost done awakening the memories!"

Qin Nan calmed his thoughts and looked toward Empress Feiyue.

Ripples of light were spreading outward with Empress Feiyue at the center.

Her aura transformed swiftly too. It now had an ancient will.

A few hundred seconds later, her brows shuddered as her eyes sprang open.

Her icy blue eyes were no longer calm as usual. They were filled with pain and confusion.

The scenes she just saw were like imprints on her soul. Every single detail was so clear to her.

Inside a snowstorm, a delicate young girl looked up to a beautiful woman beside her and asked, "Mother, how many reincarnations do you think there are for a person? What's the upper limit of the number of reincarnations?"

The beautiful woman smiled gently, "How many times does Nana think it is?"

The little girl briefly fell into deep thoughts before she said, "I think, a person couldn't just be reincarnated endlessly. There must be an end to it. Otherwise, how boring would it be to keep awakening memories of their past lives? I think, thirteen is the maximum number."

The beautiful woman rubbed the little girl's head, "If Nana says it's thirteen, thirteen times it is then."

The scene changed. The little girl was weaving through a crowd with a passionate and curious look in her eyes, "Mother, when can father let me cultivate too? I want to fly on my own!"

The beautiful woman's face shuddered. She eventually forced a smile, "Soon, it will happen soon."

The scene changed to a room. A loud smack followed a heated argument. A red print appeared on the little girl's face. She ran away in tears and dived into the arms of the beautiful woman when she saw her. She sobbed, "Mother, does father hate me? Why did he hit me when I was only asking a few questions."

Anger rose in the woman's eyes, but it was soon replaced with a sense of helplessness. She let out a gentle smile and said, "Nana, don't misunderstand your father. Your talents are too great. Father is being extremely cautious because he treats you dearly."



In the last scene, the Heavens and Earth were in ruins. The Rules were crumbling.

Everything was drowned in endless blood and fire.

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The girl stared at the terrifying sight with a blank expression. She felt like the world was about to break.

She saw a cold flicker heading in her direction as if it had traveled across a great distance.

She was trembling in fear. She had no way of protecting herself. In the nick of time, the beautiful woman tore through the rift and used everything she had, including her flesh to block the icy flicker.

Fresh blood splashed in the air.

"Mother, mother..."

The little girl burst into tears in a mental breakdown.

"Nana, don't be afraid, don't cry, mother will always be with you! I will bring you away now. Take this scroll, and once you reached the other side, you must practice the art in the scroll!"

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"After you have mastered the art, don't ever mention a thing about what happens here. Think of a new name, and live a great life in the Primary Upper Realm by pursuing the path in your heart!"

"Promise mother, you must forget everything here. Once you comprehended the Rules of the Reincarnation, mother will surely return to your side..."

A huge light swallowed the little girl.

The little girl found herself in an unfamiliar place. Everything was pitch-black around her. She was alone in a cave.

The cold made her shiver.

The cries of wild beasts brought her fear.

The only warmth she felt was the scroll her mother gave her.

Her head was in a mess after she survived the grave danger. Her eyes remained hollow for a long time, but she eventually grabbed the scroll and followed her mother's instructions by practicing the art in it.

She had suddenly grown up.

She realized her mother had always been lying to her. Her father never treated her preciously. Her father hated her.

The people who tried to be close to her were lying to her too.

She understood her mother would never return.

That night, in a heavy downpour, a sudden danger descended. Her weak shoulders did not stand a chance. She passed away as a result.

Empress Feiyue was startled. She suddenly felt warm lines on her cheeks. She reached her hand out and touched them. Tears were running down her face.

She had only cried because of pain in her current life, but she never cried for other reasons.

"Copper mirror, how are you doing?"

Qin Nan came up to her and asked.

Empress Feiyue subconsciously used her power to hide the tears on her face. Her mind calmed down when she saw the worry look in Qin Nan's eyes.

"Qin Nan, I've indeed awakened the memories of Cang's daughter. Her memories were extraordinary. I tried to protect my mind and heart as a bystander, but I'm still influenced by them," Empress Feiyue took a deep breath and said.

"That's fine, my situation is a lot worse than yours."

Qin Nan smiled, "Look at me, I've awakened two past lives who were Supreme Highnesses. Until now, I still don't dare to merge with Huangfu Jue's flesh as I'm afraid it will break me apart."

Empress Feiyue looked at Qin Nan. She knew the man who was not good with words was trying his best to cheer her up.

"You are being too optimistic. I think you've already broken apart."

Empress Feiyue tried to laugh, but she could not giggle. She blinked her eyes at Qin Nan and said, "Let's go."

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