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PBS - Chapter 2251 - The Fourth Supreme Highness, Part Two

The palace was ten thousand zhang tall and three thousand zhang wide. It had six floors each in the lower and upper levels. It was built with some kind of ceramic glaze carved with mysterious runes, talismans, and drawings which were glowing with an ancient aura. 

However, it did not unleash its power. It was like a flowing stream in the chaotic world. People would feel relaxed and calm when they were looking at it.

Its main entrance hung a banner written in huge words.

Children of Peace's Sacred Palace!

"Children of Peace's Sacred Palace? Children of Peace...Children of Peace..."

Eternal Night Heaven Highness, Ruler Huangyun, and the authorities murmured the name continuously before their expressions shifted as they recalled something.

There were four Supreme Highnesses in the ancient era!

They were Cang, Zhou Di, Huangfu Jue, and Ye Zhaoxian! 

Ye Zhaoxian had also invented his own extraordinary path of cultivation. He once possessed the Boulder of Time and Space and the mysterious power of the Dao of Time and Space! 

Unlike the other three, Ye Zhaoxian always had a low profile. He never established his faction even when the great battle broke out, nor did he train any Immortals. He only recruited five successors. 

Ye Zhaoxian was also the only one who had lived in the Blue Heavens all along! 

The palace he constructed in the Blue Heavens was named the Children of Peace's Sacred Palace!

Eternal Night Heaven Highness and the authorities of many factions once put in a long of effort searching for the palace in the Blue Heavens to obtain the opportunity to achieve the Supreme Highness Realm and the Heaven Highness Realm. 

However, they did not expect the Children of Peace's Sacred Palace would appear from the moons!

Could it be that Ye Zhaoxian's reincarnation was about to show up too?

"Did Ye Zhaoxian join hands with Cang before the battle ended?"

Moxie, Demon Emperor Wutian, Zhou Xundao, even Tang Qingshan and the Ancient Taboo were astounded.

They were familiar with Ye Zhaoxian's character. Although he did not join either side in the battle and had always been neutral, he was never fond of Cang.

Cang had visited Huangfu Jue and Ye Zhaoxian multiple times and promised them huge benefits if they were willing to help him to murder Zhou Di. The former tried his best to take advantage of Cang's offer, but the latter rejected the offer without wanting to meet Cang.

"This era...is really changing!"

Eternal Night Heaven Highness, Ruler Huangyun, and the rest of the authorities were overwhelmed with excitement.

The reincarnations of the four Supreme Highnesses had all shown up. It was an unprecedented opportunity for them!

"Claim the Orb of the Heavenly Emperor at once. We'll then split into two groups. You guys will keep an eye on Empress Feiyue. If Cang's reincarnation is successful, join hands with the other factions to take her down!"

"The rest of you, go inside the Children of Peace's Sacred Palace with me!"

The authorities quickly reacted and transmitted their thoughts to plan their moves.

"Fall of Eternal Darkness!"

Eternal Night Heaven Highness was on the move too.

The Thirty-Second Small Immortal Realm was once immersed in fames of battle after a brief moment of peace.

"Qin Nan, look out for yourself!"

Progenitor Mingchu and the others reminded before joining the battle decisively.

They were initially intrigued by Cang's reincarnation, but they had to give up the thought under the circumstances.

"Wutian, go inside the palace with Brave Wolf and the rest to see what's going on. I'll stay here to protect master!" Moxie said.

"Got it!"

Demon Emperor Wutian rose up. His demonic will soared into the clouds.

His sudden appearance took many people by surprise.

Meanwhile, Empress Feiyue's outstanding sword intent was having trouble shattering the purple light and the mysterious symbols.

The mysterious symbols eventually forced their way into her body.

At the same time, the Nine Dragons Seal in Qin Nan's soul unleashed a tremendous power into Empress Feiyue's body.

"Is that it?"

Tang Qingshan observed carefully.

Qin Nan clenched his fists further. He was extremely nervous.

He did not bother looking at the sacred palace since it had appeared.

Inside Empress Feiyue's Divine Sense, a purple crystal had appeared in addition to the ancient boulder resembling the Art of Ten Lifetimes and the spirit of the Wordless Heavenly Book. 

Everything slowly turned red in her Divine Sense.

"Cang, stop wasting your effort, there's no way you can possess me."

Empress Feiyue said coldly, "If you insist, we will both perish."

A blood-red light descended from nowhere and transformed into an illusionary figure.

"Hehe, your Dao Heart is very solid. Ordinary Rulers of Dao would be scared of me somehow, but I didn't feel the slightest fear in your heart. I can even sense your determination."

The illusionary figure spoke with a hoarse yet pleasant voice.

Empress Feiyue could not be bothered talking to him. The boulder in her Divine Sense unleashed a tremendous glow as a strong power of her spirit was unleashed.

No one was allowed to take over her body!

"You don't have to do that, the man whom you care about has already used the Nine Dragons Seal."

The illusionary figure said, "Besides, I never planned to take over your body."

Empress Feiyue remained still, but the spirit of the Wordless Heavenly Book said disdainfully, "Cang, who are you trying to trick here?"

The voice was pleasant and a little childish.

The illusionary figure shrugged and said, "Wordless Heavenly Book, a kid like you shouldn't interrupt when adults are talking. Otherwise, I'm going to make you pay."

Despite its gentle tone, the words sent a chill down the book spirit's spine.

The illusionary figure added, "We don't have much time, so I'll keep it short. Most of the factions in the era had no idea I've married Immortal Jade Moon as my wife when I was a Heaven Highness and had a daughter."

"You would know if since you have the Wordless Heavenly Book."

Empress Feiyue said coldly, "You encountered a great calamity when you tried to become a Supreme Highness, so your daughter passed away when she was only ten."

"Are you trying to tell me that I'm your daughter's reincarnation?"

The illusionary figure chuckled, "Exactly, fate has always been so cruel and disgusting."

"You are in love with Zhou Di's reincarnation, yet you are my daughter's reincarnation. You two are destined to become enemies!"

He sounded a little pleased.

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