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ZY - Chapter 384- Lin Xi Protector Captain

  Afternoon, 3pm.


    A message came from Shen Mingxuan, "Latest news! Breaking Dawn's main force was sneak attacked by Assassin Alliance at Red Valley, they suffered heavy losses!"


    Lin Xi laughed, "Breaking Dawn is so amazing now? They fought us yesterday and are fighting Assassin Alliance today?"

    "Strictly speaking they are getting destroyed!"

    Shen Mingxuan laughed, "I heard that people on the forums are spreading that Assassin Alliance are very vicious. They slashed and then broke away. Assassin Alliance all equipped their daggers with poison. They damaged health and recovery. Breaking Dawn Dust and Breaking Dawn Destruction both died. Breaking Dawn Ash was nearly killed by Mundane Slaughter and Moonlight Firefly. I heard that at lowest, his health reached 1%!"

    I smiled, Throat Sealer's effect was shone!

    Lin Xi was shocked, "Poison on the dagger?"

    "Right, level 3 poison, Throat Sealer. I saw the video. After Breaking Dawn Dust was hit by Moonlight Firefly, his health couldn't be healed. 7-8 Priests and Priests healed together but he was still killed by Mundane Slaughter, Nine Song and Moonlight Firefly. I think that Throat Sealer prevents healing."

    "That is terrifying..."

    Lin Xi's tone was filled with seriousness, "It seems like July Wildfire is on Assassin Alliance's side. If this King of Assassins joins them, Assassin Alliance will become really strong."


    Shen Mingxuan said, "Assassin Alliance was originally a second rate guild. With July Wildfire and his poisons, as well as August End's inscriptions, once Assassin Alliance forms up, they will try for first-rate. Even Breaking Dawn wouldn't be their match."

    "It won't be so easy."

    I shook my head, "After all their makeup is too simple, 90% of their guild are Assassins. Such a guild won't be able to do much. They won't be able to level and might lose in PK. The moment the enemy survives for a few rounds they would collapse. As the game progresses, skills to break stealth will appear. Then, Assassin's golden age would have passed."

    "That makes sense.

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    Lin Xi smiled, "Lu Li's analysis is quite positive."

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    "Right, there is one more thing."

    Shen Mingxuan said, "Regarding Breaking Dawn Fate, did you look at the name list, today she changed her ID to Soft Sweet and she left Linchen County. She joined a guild called Limitless in Shallow Ocean County."


    Lin Xi said solemnly, "I know, Yanshi Bugong and Yanshi Bumou's guild. That Yanshi Family is a rising family and they are strong. I didn't expect her to go there, I thought that she would join us."


    Shen Mingxuan said, "Breaking Dawn Fate is Su Xiaohan, now that she left Breaking Dawn and joined Yanshi Family, I heard... Her relationship with Yanshi Bugong is not bad."


    Lin Xi thought about it, "As compared to Breaking Dawn Fate, Soft Sweet is more suitable for her, after all she is such a gentle and beautiful girl. Yanshi Family is much better than Breaking Dawn Ash. They should treat her better. That is good, it is better than her being left out in Breaking Dawn."


    I added, "She has found a decent home in game now."


    Lin Xi smiled, "Lu Li look, that Su Xiaohan named herself nicely, what about you? Our With You's top Paladin, are you planning to continue with this ID? A Little Brother, that is so embarrassing. Our With You is a guild with a long-term goal!"

    I smiled awkwardly, "I didn't think about it when choosing the name, but... Since all of you are requesting, then I should change it. En, I will change it..."

    "Do you need gold? If you want to change your name, the money can come from the studio."

    "No need, I don't lack that money!"

    I switched to the Paladin account and purchased the only name change card in the shop. I looked at the box and thought about it before adding in Light Monster Lu Li. This was the name I used when I played other games. I was really strong and one eagle strike caused the whole server to shake!

    But thinking about it, it didn't sound right. If I named it Lu Li, one would be able to find my past records and my identity would be revealed. Forget it, change name!

    I thought about it and then typed in a line of words- Lin Xi Guard Captain!

    This name was really fitting. Anyways this account was so as to get close to Lin Xi. For this long time, I was just the support and shield for Lin Xi so the name was perfect.


    "Ding", the name had been changed, "Okay, take a look, I have changed my name."


    Shen Mingxuan was speechless, "You fellow, you really are a simp for Lin Xi!"

    Lin Xi sent three dots.

    I said solemnly, "I am just saying the truth. Think about it, I use 90% of Self-sacrifice on Lin Xi. My Saint Light Technique is also 50% for her. Don't read too much into my name okay?"

    Lin Xi laughed, "Okay, since you said that, then the name is great."

    Shen Mingxuan laughed, "But don't think too much, Lin Xi is my wife!"

    "No one is competing with you..."

    I said, "Lin Xi is my guild leader, okay. I will go get busy, continue fighting."

    "We aren't fighting..."

    Lin Xi smiled, "We are leveling in Fracturing Canyon again. We have 200 people now and 50 cavalry players. I plan to make all 50 of them Burning Jade War Horse mounts. Then we would really have a cavalry army!"

    "Okay okay, good luck!"

    After saying that, I switched off my WeChat and focused on collecting Poison Arrow Wood.



    A few minutes later, I received a message from Ah Fei, "Damn, your Paladin's ID is too shameless? Did Lin Xi accept it?"

    "Of course!"


    He was speechless, "You... You are going to take down Lin Xi?"


    I grinned, "On the contrary, I think Lin Xi is suspecting my identity, she might take me down."

    "Hahahaha~~~ You deserve it!"

    He laughed out loud and said, "Okay, it is okay even if she takes you down. Just come back, anyways I didn't touch your room. Little Qian is in one room with me so we won't disturb you!"

    "To be honest, you two living together is already disturbing me so don't hope for me to return. Even if it is not in With You, I would rather stay in a hotel than go back."

    "Scoff... I heard Little Qian say that she has a friend that is really pretty, why not... Introduce her to you?"

    "No need, I have no need. Let me collect materials, you go get busy."



    until 5:30pm, my bag was finally filled with Throat Sealers. When I refined one, a loud bell rang. Finally, Poison Refining Technique had reached level 4. After so long!


    I took out the City Return Scroll and returned to Linchen County. I then send Mundane Slaughter a message, "How was it today?"

    "It was fun."

    His voice was filled with excitement, "We bashed Breaking Dawn's three parties. This Throat Sealer is so useful. After this battle, our equipment improved by a whole new level and we suffered few losses. With my Agility, after one attack, I would go into stealth. If their Priests didn't heal the Mages, they would die from the poison. The Element Shield isn't able to block the poison at all."

    "That's good."

    I laughed, "Come back to the city. I have another batch, I will give them all to you. I am planning to train the next level of poison."

    "Okay, I am coming!"

    A few seconds later, Mundane Slaughter rushed over with a smile on his face. I opened the trading function and passed him my 7000 Throat Sealers. I left some for myself before waving, "Okay, I shall go offline to eat. Go do your own things."


    He turned around and left. His body was covered in top-quality leather equipment and he was filled with killing energy. This guild leader was scary. To the Breaking Dawn members, they would probably be terrified when they saw such a person.

    After all, as long as Mundane Slaughter didn't want to face Breaking Dawn Ash, there was nothing Ash could do. Moreover, although Assassin Alliance was a small guild but they had many experts. Moonlight Firefly and Nine Song were really strong, they were assassins that could clash with Breaking Dawn Ash. With this group, along with endless Throat Sealers, one could see how bad Breaking Dawn's life in Linchen County was going to become.


    Dinner, we still ate hotpot. As Shen Mingxuan said, one has to eat hotpot when one was happy, one had to eat it when one was sad. There were no feelings that a meal of hotpot couldn't solve. If one hotpot meal couldn't solve it, then one should eat many more.


    We returned and my Assassin account appeared in Linchen County. I sucked in a deep breath, it was time to challenge level 4 Poison Refining Technique!

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