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PBS - Chapter 2246 - Cang's Reincarnation, Part Two

"If Heaven Highness Wuwang's will had shown up at a time like this, it means Cang has indeed reincarnated successfully," many authorities shared the thought.

"Huangyun, fellow cultivators, it's only a wisp of Heaven Highness Wuwang's will possessing a Peerless Ruler. He's only slightly stronger than a Heaven Highness in the early stage at most!"

"Why don't we join hands and take him down?"

Eternal Night Heaven Highness transmitted his thought to Ruler Huangyun and the authorities of the Li Clan with glittering eyes.

"Very well!"

Ruler Huangyun and the rest instantly made up their minds.

"Superior Heavens and Earth falling into eternal darkness!"

Eternal Night Heaven Highness immediately made his move and unleashed the power of the Rules of Darkness. It summoned a strange-looking ferocious beast which let out a ghastly roar.

Ruler Huangyun and the others proceeded to execute their moves. They combined into a giant web looming over Tang Qingshan.

"A nameless Heaven Highness dares to challenge me?"

Tang Qingshan performed a hand seal with great disdain in his eyes. A shocking blood-red glow burst out of the ten moons and descended upon him.

Blood-red talismans appeared around him and formed a palace covering over an area of a hundred li square.

If one was observing closely, they would discover a mysterious figure sitting in each of the talismans.


A series of shocking explosions took place.

The palace shook vigorously as the attacks landed on it. However, there was not a single crack on it.

"He's using the power of the ten blood-red moons?"

Eternal Night Heaven Highness, Ruler Huangyun, and the others were startled and stopped attacking.

The rare phenomenon of the ten blood-red moons had spread across the entire Thirty-Second Small Immortal Realm and caused many successions and fortunate encounters to appear, a clear indication of how formidable their power was.

They would have no chance of overcoming the power in a short period of time. It was meaningless for them to keep attacking.

"There's no point wasting our time on him. Let's focus on securing the remaining two orb spirits."

Empress Feiyue transmitted her thoughts to Progenitor Mingchu, Progenitor Linghuang and the others before making her move.

The authorities of the formidable factions followed as they collected their thoughts.

The entire Eastern Region was immersed in a chaotic battle.

"Senior Zhou, does this mean I'll have to treat him as my enemy from now onward?"

Qin Nan observed the battle and prepared to move out anytime while transmitting his thought. He sounded a little dull.

"Judging from the current circumstances, I'm afraid so."

"You should know that the reincarnation only grants the person memories of their past life and the arts and artifacts they possessed. Normally, the memories of their past life would be incomplete."

"Therefore, in most cases, those who awakened the memories of their past life would only be influenced over time. They still retained their own will."

"That being said, the reincarnation of someone like Heaven Highness Wuwang isn't the same as most people. On top of it, Heaven Highness Wuwang was able to leave a wisp of his will behind too, thus his memories would surely have great influence on Tang Qingshan."

"Even if you don't want to fight him, he's going to kill you too," Zhou Xundao explained.

The words were like a bucket of cold water pouring down on Qin Nan.

"That being said..."

Zhou Xundao's tone changed after a brief pause, "It doesn't mean there's no way to overcome it. During our time, someone did manage to erase the memories of one's past life and make them normal again."

Qin Nan blurted out, "Senior, what should I do?"

He would never fight Tang Qingshan under any circumstance.

Zhou Xundao shook his head and said, "I'm not quite sure either, but you can try awaken the pattern spirit when the time comes, it should know better than I do."

Qin Nan let out a relieved sigh even though he had yet to find the answer.

Either way, there was still a way to solve the problem!

Qin Nan soon joined the battle.

"Qin Nan, it's time for me to see how strong the reincarnation of a Supreme Highness is!"

A peak Ruler of Dao of the Han Clan decisively withdrew from the fight against Empress Feiyue and the others and targeted Qin Nan with his eye-technique.

However, he felt a great chill running down his spine before he could attack.

Brave Wolf Ruler's enormous claw traveled across the distance and grabbed at him.


The shocking battle lasted for over a few hundred breaths. Qin Nan managed to secure an orb spirit under the protection of the authorities on his side, after he overcame a deadly attack from a Ruler of Dao in the Greater Success Stage.

Tang Qingshan who was in the middle of performing a curse observed him with cold eyes, but he did not intervene with it.

However, Qin Nan and his men did not stop there. They proceeded to target the last orb spirit.

"They are going for more?"

The eyes of other authorities flickered coldly.

Initially, a few formidable factions did not attack Qin Nan and his men, but they had all switched their targets. Qin Nan and his men slowly became everyone's enemy.

The battle intensified further.

A few thousand breaths later, Empress Feiyue soared into the sky and secured the last orb spirit with a magnificent force.

"Damn it!"

The authorities of many formidable factions had twisted expressions on their faces.

They had yet to obtain anything so far!

"Even though there are five orb spirits here, only one Orb of the Heavenly Emperor has appeared so far, meaning that the remaining four Orbs of the Heavenly Emperor will show up anytime. We have to secure two of them," Progenitor Mingchu said.

"You're right!"

Qin Nan nodded. He took a quick glance around him.

Eternal Night Heaven Highness, Ruler Huangyun, and the others were already competing fiercely for the Orb of the Heavenly Emperor which the Ancient Taboo had taken out. 

Qin Nan and his men did not join the fight. They placed their attention on the ten moons in the sky while fending off the formidable factions that were going after them.

They could feel the undercurrent growing, as if a string was almost at its limit after it was being pulled constantly.


Tang Qingshan let out a furious roar as he grabbed at the rift with both hands.

Countless runes emerged from the middle of the ten moons and transformed into illusionary figures. They were performing ten different kinds of hand seals. 

Even though the ten hand seals were completely different, they were all aiming at the Thirty-Second Small Immortal Realm.

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