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ZL - Chapter 1086- Heading back to the city

When this A Grade Artificial's head was sliced off, his strong life force was actually shocking. His right hand still waved his sharp claws to slash my shoulder!


While my clothes were being sliced open, my energy formed a protective armor using Blazing Sun energy. but his claws were like an impenetrable blade that stabbed into the armor. My arm felt a fiery feeling and I was still injured. However, it was just a surface level injury.


His body fell to the ground but it was still twitching. He looked really terrifying. I gritted my teeth and stepped onto his head. Instantly, blood scattered all over and some of it landed on my pants.

"Kill him!"

Right ahead, an Artificial held an assault rifle and fired.

I didn't hesitate, moving about swiftly to dodge. At the same time, Blazing Sun power exploded. I formed the skill that the second grade of Blazing Sun Realm had--- Blazing Sun Armor! The scorching energy formed an armor around my body and ensured that I wasn't hurt.

In the end, there were splattering sounds as the bullets started to hit me but none of them dealt any damage. At the same time, I was shocked. If I hadn't stepped into Blazing Sun Realm, I would probably be covered in bullets right?

Right at that moment, there was a furious roar from behind and it was a B Grade Artificial. His body was covered in spikes like a boar. Before I turned around, he pounced onto my shoulder. He pressed his legs on my bag and grabbed my arm. He opened his mouth wide, the corner of his lips reached his ears as he bit down.

Not only me but everyone was stunned. How was he even a human? He was a monster, a bloodthirsty monster!

I activated Blazing Sun power at my arm. I didn't even turn around. I shouted as the flames swelled, surging into this monster's mouth. His body couldn't handle the strong Blazing Sun power and his pores started to burn. In the next moment, he turned into a ball of flames that fell from my body. At the same time, the clothing around my arm was burnt by the Blazing Sun power.


"Attack, don't let boss be alone!"

Axe's voice spread from behind as he charged with a blade, beheading a C Grade Artificial right away. Xing Lie who was on the building started to snipe one by one to blow up the heads of the Artificials.

The gun fire stopped after 3 minutes and the bunch of Artificials had turned into corpses. Only two of them were alive. At this moment, the square was covered in fresh blood. Some were from our men but most of them were the Artificials and the terrorists.

Police lines were placed up all around and the crowd was evacuated.

"Boss, are you okay?" Xing Lie carried his sniper rifle and walked down. He looked at the wound on my arm and asked.

I glanced and although there was a slight burning feeling, and due to the Artificials being mutated, their wounds might have unknown viruses, but fortunately, my body was trained by Blazing Sun Power. I could handle high temperatures and under a few thousand degrees of burning, those viruses naturally wouldn't be able to survive.

"It is fine."

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I frowned and looked all around. Dozens of civilians had died and it was originally preventable. If we had set up a cordon long ago, they would have canceled the sneak attack.

Then, the amount that these people killed in someplace else might be far more than this.

Not far away, a few policemen walked over with iron cages to capture two Grade C ones that were still alive. They were probably going to study them to understand the secrets of the Artificials.

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Wang Xin walked over and looked at my arm. Pain flashed in his eyes, "It has been tough on you Li Xiao Yao."

I smiled, "Then remember to give me a new uniform."

"En, that is okay."

"Captain Wang, what are the details of the operation?"

Wang Xin said, "They sent 1 A, 4 B and 17 C Grade Artificials. We haven't calculated the D Grade ones. There were around 50 of them. They must have been planning this for a long time but we ambushed them. Scoff, the mastermind must be disappointed."

"Can we try to get something out from those who are alive?"

"It is tough, Artificials had their memories wiped when their bodies are being modified so they don't even know who they are. They are just beasts waiting to do their missions."

I sighed, "This mission didn't achieve anything."

Wang Xin smiled, "No, the fox will reveal his tail sooner or later. Let everyone prepare and we are heading back to Hangzhou. The mission is done so wait for the reward!"



I didn't really care about the reward but Xing Lie and Axe were really excited. After all, people in the military craved honor and recognition. Especially since we lived on the dark side and we were special forces that no one knew about. As such, we craved some honor.

On the flight back, I looked towards everyone, "Are all of you fine?"

Axe smiled, "Apart from boss that is injured, all of us are fine. The new nano bullets are strong, they are only useless against the A Grade ones. B and C grade ones are easy targets."

I smiled but got more and more worried. A Grade Artificials wasn't something that our team could deal with. Moreover, I believed that the masterminds had more skills. How many more of them did they have hidden around each city?

It was already 8 pm when I returned to Hangzhou. The dining hall at the base prepared a huge meal which Shen Bing and the other admin staff joined in. Before that, I changed. The shirt on my right hand was totally burnt and it wasn't appropriate to head over like that.

I wore a new uniform to attend the feast. Shen Bing was still dressed like a mature office lady and she sat next to me.

The dinner was really great, there was someone barbecuing a lamb. But the hall was underground and the ventilation system had spoilt so we were all getting barbecued at the same time.

"I saw the video from the scene."

Shen Bing ate while saying softly, "A Grade Artificial are so strong that they ignore Energy Controlling Realm cultivators. I really don't know how Shanghai and Nanjing's teams will be able to deal with it without you there."

"I heard that Tian Jin Corporation is developing a mini nano cannon that is really strong. One cannon and they should die right?"

"That is hard to say, who knows how long it would take?"

"How is the discovery of the Artificial technology?"

"We have locked onto 27 large research companies. The military sent people in and that including a few corporations in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai. Apart from that, Hangzhou's Bust Medical is also a focus. But to date, we have not noticed anything related in the few companies."

I tossed a fruit into my mouth, "Their research is definitely stored in satellites. Can we use the military satellites to infiltrate?"

Shen Bing smiled, "Good fellow, you actually know about this. Actually, we have formed a special team. Each second we would scout thousands of storage and encrypted files but this needs time. Not every one could be analysed."


I smiled, "I don't know much about that, I can only rely on IT elites like Sister Shen Bing..."

Shen Bing was speechless, "IT elites? You are talking about programmers right? So lame, you should call us... En, I don't know either..."

"Right, how is the business at the bar? How is the guy who took over from Blood Scythe?"

"Scoff!" Shen Bing said, "Fei Ying asked me out many times but I rejected him. I could tell what he wanted, such a person..."

"What did he want?" I laughed.

Shen Bing glanced and said, "He wants to sleep with me, what else?"

I said, "Don't let him succeed, after all, we are all special forces, we need to protect the honor of the badge."

"Pui, you have no conscience, I thought that you were concerned about me!"



After the feast, I wrote a report. Actually, the report was the complicated part but I had no choice.

It was already 10pm when I got back. I noticed that I forgot to clean Butterfly so I ran into the kitchen to wipe it along with the sheath. Then I used detergent to clear the water out. Based on Shen Bing's report, their blood was poisonous but it didn't spread. Normal detergents could kill them so it was fine and it wasn't lethal.

I hid Butterfly and then dealt with the bullets. After bathing, it was 11pm.

Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue were still in game. I sent them a message before sleeping. I had used Blazing Sun energy many times during the day and so I felt really tired. I just fell asleep like that.

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