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CSG - Chapter 3071: Refining Godking Pills (Two)

Afterwards, Jian Chen continued to refine the pills, but without any exception, the end result once he reached the step of adding the Godking grass would all be an explosion.

As a result, explosions constantly rang out in the secret room buried deep beneath the Tian Yuan clan. The collateral energy from each explosion was formidable, basically reaching the level of Infinite Primes.

The energy hidden within Godking grass was far too powerful. When this energy and the effects of the many supplementary materials exploded at the same time, the power they released truly reached the Primordial realm.

Each explosion would lead to a certain level of damage to the low quality god artifact cauldron Jian Chen used, and as the number of explosions increased, it obviously worsened the damage.

Finally, after over a thousand explosions, the cauldron was completely destroyed.

Fortunately, the God Tier cauldrons that he had made Xi Yu gather had been delivered in time, which was the only reason why Jia…

Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu, Deceptioning..