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PBS - Chapter 2237: Great Courage

Meanwhile, the vicinity of the mountain range...

Eternal Night Heaven Highness, Ruler Huangyun, and Ruler Miexiang were wearing gloomy looks on their faces.

They had long expected it was not easy to break into the place where the spirit of the orb was sleeping, yet they did not expect it would be so difficult.

They had prepared a lot of methods beforehand, yet none of them were effective.

"Senior Heaven Highness, should we tell the rest of the Rulers of Dao where the spirit is?" Ruler Huangyun asked with a bow.

"Fine," Eternal Night Heaven Highness said.

He knew it was their only option under the circumstances.

It would take them at least half a year to break into the mountain. It would not matter if they did secure the spirit of the orb by then.

Ruler Huangyun nodded at Ruler Miexiang. The latter performed a hand seal and unleashed blue light rays which turned into thousands of little creatures flying in all directions.

Eternal Night Heaven Highness flung his sleeves and summoned countless huge birds out of nowhere. They let out a cry and flew into the distance at a shocking speed.

Even though they were not allowed to use their badges in this world, they could easily deliver a message to people in other places with ease.

"Keep going," Eternal Night Heaven Highness said. He pulled the string of the ancient bow again.

He suddenly stopped halfway and said with a disdainful look, "Do you seriously think you can conceal your presence when I'm around?"

A blue ripple appeared from the rift as Empress Feiyue stepped out of it.

"Empress Feiyue!"

Ruler Huangyun and Ruler Miexiang's gaze sharpened.

They already knew Empress Feiyue had beaten Ruler Duanmu up badly.

"It's you?"

Eternal Night Heaven Highness' eyes flickered coldly.

He did not have a good impression of Empress Feiyue, especially since she was very close to Qin Nan.

"You're pretty bold to come here alone. Did you forget that I'm very interested in your Art of Ten Lifetimes? Do you think you can challenge me after you became a Ruler of Dao?" Eternal Night Heaven Highness grinned coldly.

A strong aura rose inside his body.

The difference between the Heaven Highness Realm and the Ruler Realm was like the distance between Heavens and Earth. Not many Rulers of Dao were able to challenge a Heaven Highness even in the ancient times. 

That being said, Eternal Night Heaven Highness knew that Empress Feiyue was no ordinary Ruler of Dao, but he was not in the early stage of the Heaven Highness Realm either. He was a peak Heaven Highness!

He was only a step away from the Supreme Highness Realm!

It did not matter how strong Empress Feiyue was. She would not stand a chance against him.


A random thought crossed Ruler Huangyun and Ruler Miexiang's minds.

Should they join hands with Eternal Night Heaven Highness to take down Empress Feiyue here?

Empress Feiyue had invented the Art of Ten Lifetimes herself. Besides, Qin Nan treated her dearly too. If they could take her down... 

Qin Nan's heart sank a little. The situation did not look great for Empress Feiyue. 

He did not expect Eternal Night Heaven Highness would hold such a strong grudge against Empress Feiyue.

"They are not the Trio Warriors' reincarnations," Empress Feiyue transmitted her voice to Qin Nan before she said, "Eternal Night, I'm clearly not strong enough to fight you now."

She sounded calm and indifferent.

"It seems like the Strongest Immortal everyone has been talking about knows her place! If you really think that, why would you dare to show up here?" Eternal Night Heaven Highness was displeased by Empress Feiyue's attitude.

The rift within a hundred thousand li darkened because of his emotions.

The Heaven Highness was on the verge of unleashing his wrath!

Empress Feiyue's eyes remained perfectly calm. She said coldly, "You will only fight me if you're stupid."

She took out an ancient sword.

"I won't fight you because we need your help to destroy the mountain range? You’ve truly overestimated yourself. Even without your help..." Eternal Night Heaven Highness' eyes widened before he finished the sentence.

Ruler Huangyun and the others had the same reaction.

They could sense the glow and the energy of the sword flowing toward the place where the spirit of the orb was.

"This sword...Isn't it Heaven Highness Wuwang's natal artifact, Alpha Ursae Majoris?" Eternal Night Heaven Highness' eyes flickered with astonishment. 

"Heaven Highness Wuwang's natal artifact?" Ruler Huangyun and the others were dumbfounded too.

They immediately realized how significant the sword was!

"Qin Nan, that's some courage your woman is showing!" Zhou Xundao exclaimed.

"Senior, what do you mean?" Qin Nan asked. He did not quite understand what was going on.

"It's simple. She's taking a gamble that the Trio Warriors' reincarnations are inside the mountain. If she's wrong and the reincarnations are among the Rulers of Dao, they would surround her and take her down."

"If she's right, the outcome would be totally different."

"Eternal Night Heaven Highness and the others would realize Heaven Highness Wuwang's reincarnation is inside the mountain and isn't fully awakened. If they join hands and unleashed the full potential of the sword to attack the mountain range, what do you think is going to happen?" Zhou Xundao said.

"Heaven Highness Wuwang's reincarnation would subconsciously try to reclaim his natal artifact. If the mountain range which the spirit of the orb has created is under attack from the inside..."

Qin Nan's eyes flickered with astonishment when he realized the truth.

Eternal Night Heaven Highness and the others were not going to waste their time on Empress Feiyue in order to destroy the mountain range!

If the Alpha Ursae Majoris was indeed effective against the mountain range, they might be able to destroy the mountain range and refine or destroy the spirit of the orb in advance!

Empress Feiyue only took out one of the ancient swords. She had kept the other two as a safety precaution!

Qin Nan quickly realized the risks involved.

If Empress Feiyue took the wrong bet, or the Alpha Ursae Majoris failed to have any effects on the mountain range, she would be in deep trouble.

Empress Feiyue said, "I have no intention to waste my time on talks. If the sword did work, I hope you will all lend me your strength."

She immediately slashed at the mountain range, firing a tremendous sword glow at it.

Eternal Night Heaven Highness and the others immediately looked at the mountain range.

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