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PBS - Chapter 2233: Trio Warriors

"Mm?" Qin Nan's eyes flickered with astonishment.

The palace did not look big on the outside, but its inside was manipulated by a great power which turned it into an extraordinary space.

The space was vast and had a gray mist surrounding it at its ends.

Around ten thousand zhang away from Qin Nan stood three monuments, each with a huge mountain around three thousand zhang tall behind it.

The mountains were glowing like a jade. Their glow was giving off a strange warmth.

"Such an extraordinary aura!"

Qin Nan's eyes glittered.

He just picked up an extraordinary presence as if three formidable experts were in a deep slumber under the mountains. Even he felt a little intimidated.

He looked at the monuments cautiously and was soon left in awe.

The monuments were drawn with mysterious symbols which he had never seen before.

"Qin Nan, you should really thank the Nine Dragons Seal. You've found something remarkable!" Zhou Xundao exclaimed as he noticed something.

The Nine Dragons Seal glowed like it was saying they had no need to be so surprised since it was nothing worth mentioning.

It sounded modest, yet Qin Nan could feel its brimming pride.

"Senior Zhou, what do you mean? What do these three monuments say?" Qin Nan asked.

"Qin Nan, the symbols here are a special font that Cang has invented in the past. Only a few can read it." 

"I can understand it because Zhou Di was lucky enough to obtain the memories of one of Cang's subordinates."

Zhou Xundao paused briefly and asked, "Have you heard of the Trio Warriors?"

Zhou Xundao continued after Qin Nan shook his head, "Back then, Cang was planning to train the Ancient Taboo and the Trio Warriors to become the Ten Immortals so they could carry the secret of the Immortals."

"Unfortunately, Cang was a step late, allowing Zhou Di and Huangfu Jue to secure the upper hand. He completely lost his chance after the Fourth Immortal's intervention."

"Cang was unwilling to give up. He placed all his hopes on the Ancient Taboo, yet its cultivation level was only in the Master Realm."

"However, after the Trio Warriors were no longer being restrained, their cultivation improved rapidly. They had already achieved the Heaven Highness Realm by the time Cang became a Supreme Highness!"

"Furthermore, their talents were extraordinary. They were few of the strongest among the Heaven Highnesses. Their strength was unbelievable whenever they joined hands. They were able to match the strength of the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree."

Qin Nan's eyes were filled with astonishment.

The Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree had attempted to break through to the Supreme Highness Realm together with Zhou Di, Cang, and the others in the past.

It might have failed in the end, yet the attempt alone was a clear indication of its strength.

However, it made a lot of sense to Qin Nan as he thought about it.

Knowing Cang's influence, there was no way the Ancient Taboo was his only right-hand man.

"Senior, are you saying that these mountains are the graves of the Trio Warriors?"

Qin Nan's heart skipped a beat.

"Of course not, the Trio Warriors had perished in the Ancient Battle. No one knows if it's possible to bring them back to life." 

Zhou Xundao shook his head and said, "These mountains might not contain their flesh or their extraordinary path of cultivation, but their natal artifacts might be sealed away under them."

"Their natal artifacts are comparable to the Ten Great Dao-Seeking Weapons. Furthermore, you can even combine their power to construct an ancient formation which will further increase their power."

Qin Nan was astounded.

Even without Zhou Xundao's explanation, he knew how significant the natal artifacts of the Trio Warriors were.

"Hang on, the Ancient Taboo doesn't know about them?"

Qin Nan was confused.

"I believe so. From what I can tell, the spirit of the Orb of the Heavenly Emperor is still asleep, thus the Ancient Taboo has no of learning about the Trio Warriors' natal artifacts."

"Besides, this ancient temple is so small and has an extremely weak presence. These mountains have also sealed away the three artifacts' power."

"Even a Heaven Highness wouldn't notice the palace when they are flying across the mountain range if they don't have a map for it."

Zhou Xundao was a little surprised.

Judging from the circumstances, Cang must have hidden the three artifacts here after the war, but he only had time for such a simple setup.

Even so, the Nine Dragons Seal was able to find this place. It clearly indicated how powerful it was.

Besides, this was most likely the tip of an iceberg regarding the Nine Dragons Seal's capabilities.

"Nine Dragons Seal, you have my thanks!"

Qin Nan brought his fists together after clearing his doubts.

Even though the Nine Dragons Seal did not bring him to where the spirit of the Orb of the Heavenly Emperor was, it was impressive that it had found this place for him with ease.

The Nine Dragons Seal shuddered.

"Are you saying that this place isn't that simple?" Qin Nan was startled.

Was there more to this place than meets the eye?

"Qin Nan, if the Nine Dragons Seal tells you that, there must be something else in these mountains!"

Zhou Xundao blurted out with excitement, "Quick, destroy these mountains. They aren't as sturdy as they used to be. You should be able to destroy them."

Qin Nan collected his thoughts. He unleashed his new power and slashed at the mountains without any hesitation.


A series of explosions took place.

The whole space shook vigorously.

The mountains were indeed weaker as time went by, yet it still took Qin Nan a day and a night to destroy them.

The three artifacts were finally revealed.

The three artifacts were all swords around a dozen zhang long. The hilts were made of a purple-golden mineral. They looked exactly the same at first glance, but the details on the blades were different.

The blades were damaged. There were cracks all over them.

"What a pity, these three artifacts are seriously damaged. They only have less than fifty percent of their power."

Zhou Xundao added, "Qin Nan, these three artifacts each has a spirit. You should avoid using your new power. You can just seal them off with the Art of the Immortal Demon."

"Your cultivation isn't strong enough to subdue them for now."

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