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IRNDGL - Chapter 121: This Might Just Be Fate

"The Goddess of Fate ought to have two eyes. Since there's 'Coin of Misfortune', then wouldn't there be a 'Coin of Fortune'..."

Lin Jie's words reverberated in Edmund's mind. Before he had even finished speaking, the Coin of Fortune was delivered to his door. This definitely wasn't a coincidence!

Ordinary beings might not believe in coincidence and chance, but the farther one got into the realm of transcendents, the more they would understand that there was a thread of cause and effect between everything that happens in the world.

Those of Supreme-rank could feel, see, and even manipulate the threads of cause and effect, which indirectly controlled the fates of others! This was also why Supreme-ranks were considered gods.

They had powers that went beyond logic, formless and traceless, as well as being indescribable.

Take the God of Rain hatched from the Magic Ovum Mirror as an example. It could control thunder and lightning which was its own power. There was no need for incantations or sorcery mediums, just hitting the clouds with the hammer in its hands could bring forth these destructive forces of nature.

It picked out the causal threads relating to lightning and endowed itself with the concepts of rain, lightning, and electricity. The same goes for other Supreme-ranks, who were equally as incomprehensible to other transcendent beings. This was why they were considered unrivaled gods.

But one thing was certain:there were no coincidences in this mysterious domain. Moreover, what lay before them now was the legend of the Coin of Destiny.

This was ironclad proof! Ever since the First Era till the present day, the times where the Coins of Fortune and Misfortune combined could be counted with the fingers in one hand. And each time, within a year, the two coins would part, either from the owner disappearing or experiencing ill fortune.

These two twin coins were of the same origins but were actually the two poles of a magnet. Each time the two coins gathered, they would immediately start repelling each other and causing some unpredictable consequences.

In fact, there weren't many people who would want to put the two together anymore. Just obtaining one on its own would already prove to be a very powerful sorcery tool.

However, the worst part was that these two coins looked exactly the same. Trying to distinguish the two apart without the previous owner present for verification would require trial and error...

All in all, Edmund was certain that it was the bookstore owner's power that made the Coin of Fortune appear before them instantly.

Regardless of whether he had foreseen them bringing the Coin of Misfortune as a gift, or if he had arranged for that person to hand over the Coin of Fortune, this was all the tip of the 'coincidence' iceberg and evidently displayed his strength.

With a surprised look, Lin Jie picked up the coin that Colin had left on the table. He compared it with the one in his hand and found it exactly the same.

Linking the dots from what Edmund had said earlier, his heart beat a little faster.

Is this the Coin of Fortune? What day is it? Cherry's men brought me a Coin of Misfortune and in the next moment, Colin comes with a Coin of Fortune as thanks! He briefly explained how he had helped Colin with his circuit breaker, while of course, omitting the part about Blackie's help.

Faced with the ashen faces of this bunch, Lin Jie shook his head and chuckled, "Ha... Looks like I'm still very lucky. Even the Coin of Misfortune cannot seize away my luck.

"Destiny really works in mysterious ways and this might just be fate.

"Haa... I've always been a romanticist that believes in fate..."

Back when it was raining cats and dogs, specially preparing a cup of hot tea for a customer that might not even exist showed that Lin Jie was poisoned by romanticism and a bit of a hipster. And when Ji Zhixiu had entered the store, the degree of romanticism poisoning within him had deepened and he couldn't help feeling that life could be really interesting at times.

It was just unfortunate that at this moment, no one could understand his state of mind. Fate my *ss! What grandiose acting...

Such thoughts went through the minds of the party from the Ash Chamber of Commerce. Who gives a family heirloom as thanks for helping to reset a circuit breaker?!

There has to be a catch! This bookstore owner is just...

Out of curiosity, Lin Jie overlapped the two thin coins. The coins must have been made out of some special material, for they instantly stuck together firmly, turning into a whole coin with two sides. Lin Jie turned the coin over and over, exclaiming happily, “Seems like I’ve gotten the complete Coin of Destiny, Butler Edmund.”

Yes, everyone had seen how the two coins reunited in a dramatic fashion.

“You are really lucky indeed,” flattered Edmund. He was an experienced and slick steward, so flattering such great beings came naturally to him.

Lin Jie placed the joined coins into the box. At this moment, he recalled that Colin seemed a little off from the way he had scrambled out miserably. Thus, he said, “Colin seems to have encountered some sort of trouble.”

Edmund took his eyes away from the now-upgraded Coin of Destiny and asked, “Do you want us to check on that gentleman?”

Even though Edmund guessed that the troubles faced by Mr. Colin were largely related to the bookstore owner, he still put forth this suggestion.

Either to deal with the aftermath or to silence him... When someone was willing to offer help, Lin Jie was naturally willing and thus instructed, “He mistakenly thought that I was an evil spirit some time ago. I guess he’s probably given me this family heirloom to make up for his guilt.

“I used to think that he was a lazy man, but it seems like he has a decent nature. Help him as best as you can.”

Edmund wiped the sweat on his forehead and nodded with a smile, but deep down, he thought to himself, ‘He’s definitely offended you, so you planned it so that he handed over the Coin of Fortune. Indeed, we cannot comprehend those of Supreme-rank. This bookstore owner probably just has fun toying with mortal beings.’

The old butler instructed two of the remaining three to head upstairs to do a survey for renovation and got the last to follow him next door. The neighbor’s door wasn’t shut properly. It appeared that the owner had suffered a great scare. Edmund politely knocked on the door as a notice, then stepped inside.

“Mr. Colin?”

“W-What…” A trembling and sobbing voice sounded. Colin’s plump body was hidden behind the sofa, revealing a jiggly butt that couldn’t stop shaking.

Edmund took a look at the information handed to him and said, “It seems like you still owe the Chamber of Commerce a sum of ten thousand dollars and the due date is approaching soon.”

Colin knew it!

This demon was surely out to toy with him! The demon didn’t want to kill him and had an ulterior motive!

Colin's rage started to boil. He couldn’t be afraid of this. He didn’t even fear death, so why would he be afraid of this.

I, Colin, have guts!

He shot right up and exclaimed, “Do an estimation! How much are my shop and all these goods worth?”

Edmund couldn’t keep up with this fellow’s train of thoughts, but since Lin Jie had asked him to help, he would do so. The total value came up to be approximately thirty thousand dollars.

"Is it alright if I use my shop to pay the debt?"

"In a way, yes. Although the valuation is like this, it would surely be even lower when it comes to actual business transactions... Uh, are you having some troubles that require resolving?" Edmund had originally wanted to waive this debt. However, he never imagined Colin to have such strong integrity and insisted on paying it off himself. Looks like the bookstore owner has a good eye indeed.

"None at all! Totally no troubles!"

Colin felt refreshed as if suddenly relieved of all burdens. He roared with laughter like a crazed fellow. "I am finally free! Hahahaha... Now I can pack up, leave, and never return!"

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And packed he did, for he had already sold most of his stuff. Thus, after sorting out some stuff, he walked straight out the door.

"What do we do now?" asked the subordinate.

Edmund thought for a moment and saw the light. After taking away that fellow's Coin of Fortune, the bookstore owner must have foreseen this misfortune befalling this fellow which might affect the neighborhood. That's why he's gotten us to come over and scare this fellow away.

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However, Edmund didn't know why, but when he looked at the messy floor of the audio-visual store, he actually felt that perhaps the bookstore owner had wanted to 'takeover' the next door store's territory.

"What else can we do? Return back and tell Mr. Lin what happened," sighed the old butler.

After hearing the recount, Lin Jie learned that his neighbor was actually a decisive person, but he had been oblivious to it all this time. At this moment, Lin Jie suddenly realized that the unit next door had become vacant.

Edmund felt that he had gotten the message. He handed over the recently obtained title deed to Lin Jie. "If you require it, we can help renovate the unit next door. As per your instructions."

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