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IRNDGL - Chapter 118: Hell is Empty, For


Mu'en blinked, dazed and wary.

Evidently, the fundamental knowledge she got from Door Key: Knowledge didn't include information about the Primordial Witches.

These ancient legends and secrets didn't belong to the category of basic knowledge and most transcendent beings were also unaware.

Even someone with Ji Zhixiu's background was only aware of some bits and scraps.

Only someone like Doris who had been around for a long time and had a significant status would be able to understand these things and could make sure nothing would happen to her.

However, her family clan had been an Anointed of Walpurgis Night and firmly believed Lady Silver still existed in the dream realm and would protect them once she awakened.

Other transcendent beings had varying opinions towards these ancient myths, but they were mostly of unbelief.

After all, a long time had passed, and these ancient myths had become so fragmented that some of them were considered outright taboo and heretical.

For example, the Church of Pestilence denied the existence of the Primordial Witches and rejected such ideas as heresy.

The Church of the Dome worshipped the moon, but none of its doctrines were related to the Walpurgis Night, entirely separating the two concepts.

Those who believed also had to say they didn't.

Meanwhile, dear student Mu'en's mind was full of question marks hearing the vocabulary of 'Anointed' and Walpurgis, for she didn't have an inkling of what these words meant.

Walpurgis seemed to have foreseen this. She released her skirt, walking forward gently as water rippled beneath her, and spoke with a voice that sounded like a nightingale.

"Dear child, you do not know my name nor my history.

"I am Walpurgis, alternator of day and night, beckoner of dusk. The sun and moon are my eldest son and daughter, the stars and lake sing their praises to me.

"I bless all things that live under the alternation of day and night, and I make a covenant with all who posses magic:

All who call to the sun are loved by me.

All who swear to me will receive my sustenance.

All who are treasured by me remain safe from darkness and chaos."

She moved towards Mu'en as she recited these words melodiously. The young girl was wary and tried to shirk, but in the next moment, the woman in black vanished and the melodious voice reappeared from behind her.

Black gloved hands rested on Mu'en's shoulders. Walpurgis approached the young girl's back and saw the scar on her nape. Resuming her normal voice, she whispered softly, "I like children who want to be free."

"I'm not one of your people." Realizing she couldn't get rid of the other party, Mu’en turned. "What are you trying to do by dragging me into your dream?"

The young artificial girl, lacking in knowledge, wasn't aware that the words Walpurgis had spoken were more than enough to subvert all conventional notions regarding the Primordial Witches!

Walpurgis didn't just control the night; she had control over a much wider domain.

Day, night, and dusk. Her control over the alternation of these represented her authority over time.

Sun, moon, stars, and lake. These represented her subordinates, for her level far surpasses these things, and even controlled them.

And her range of believers weren't just night elves, but all living things as well as beings that possessed magical powers.

Compared to the Moon and the Wall of Fog, the Primordial Witch Walpurgis seemed much more like a true god.

Walpurgis paused, then chuckled. "It's you who entered my dream."

And that was why she assumed Mu'en was an Anointed, seeking her out to be protected, according to the covenant made thousand years ago, even though her present strength had severely diminished, and the world couldn't remember her name.

Mu'en was also stunned. Then, she recalled seeing the glimpse of the dreamcatcher's feather before falling asleep and instantly understood... She was in a wandering dream that had been captured by the dreamcatcher.

And the medium was probably the Church of the Dome's holy emblem she kept in the box.

Recalling the conversation between Lin Jie and Father Vicent, then connecting them to Walpurgis' words, Mu'en discovered some contradictions.

"Are you the Moon?" she asked.

Walpurgis rubbed her head as if she were a favorite pet and smiled. "I am not. But the moon is my sweet child, just like you."

Mu'en thought about it, then looked around. "It's not here."

"When the darkness engulfed everything, I buried it together with the sun," uttered Walpurgis as she gazed at the distant horizon.

"But the Church of the Dome believes in the moon, just that they dare not look straight at it," replied Mu'en.

Walpurgis' smile faded as she gazed firmly at Mu'en. "That is a false sham. The true moon wouldn't fear the eyes of its believers."

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"A false faith can drive one mad. It fears being exposed as a deceitful usurper and thus, makes people swear not to look at its true odious self. If I still had power, I wouldn't let it continue with its foolish ways.

"Unfortunately... I can only exist within this dream now."

Walpurgis suddenly looked towards Mu'en. "Perhaps you might be my chance."

"Ah?" Mu'en blinked.

Walpurgis pinched the young girl's cheeks. "My child, you have a soul as pure as water, like the most malleable of vessels... Are you willing to accept this dream? I'll give you all my remaining strength and let you take my place as the master of this dream realm."

Mu'en asked warily, "What do you want me to do?"

Walpurgis grinned. "Slay the false moon."


Colin sat in his own seat for hours, late into the night and wee hours of the morning.

Even when the sunlight shone into the store, his limbs were cold and his body still trembled.

Last night, he had waited up quite some time, eventually opening the door for the returning priest, hoping to hear the good news of a successful exorcism.

For the entire evening, Colin hadn't heard the sound of fighting or screams from next door, nor did he see anything unusual, such as blood spattering on windows or a blinding white light to show the intensity of the fighting.

Upon seeing the returning priest's pale face, Colin knew that the situation had been dangerous indeed.

However, things were completely opposite of what he expected!

Instead of getting word that the situation was resolved, Colin received a "You are mistaken. The bookstore owner next door is an ordinary person who is kind, warmhearted, and loves to help others."

Even Father Vincent has been corrupted!

Hell is empty, for demons walkamong us!

Colin's paranoia reached an extreme and it suddenly turned into rage.

Why do these people just refuse to believe him!

The boss of the audio-visual store opened his door and set his resolve to confront the demon next door.

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He had to expose the bookstore owner's true self!

Even if he were to die!

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