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PBS - Chapter 2213 - A Shocking Arrow

The sky within ten thousand li turned chaotic with all kinds of rare phenomena. The mountain shook vigorously as if a great calamity was happening.

The young girl whom Qin Nan had sent far away opened her mouths wide in shock.

She could still sense Qin Nan's overwhelming presence from so far away, like he had suddenly become the ruler of the world to whom all living creatures were submitting themselves.


Similarly, the young man and the three men who were with him were dumbfounded. The sword intents and the artifacts they unleashed, and the Immortal Force in their bodies were suppressed.

Their faces turned extremely pale.

"You...you are...a peak Nine Heavens Supreme?"

The young man completely lost his mind. His eyes were brimming with fear.

He did not expect to stumble into a peak Nine Heavens Supreme in a place like this.

His master was only a Nine Heavens Supreme in the Greater Success Stage!

"A peak Nine Heavens Supreme?"

Qin Nan grinned.

Was his presence as strong as a peak Nine Heavens Supreme when he had only unleashed a hundredth of his aura?

"What valuables do you have?"

Qin Nan ignored the young man's reaction. He transmitted his voice to the young girl instead.


The young girl was startled. She subconsciously took out the valuables she had collected over the years from her storage bag.

There were a sword, a pagoda, a bow, a red silk, and some fragments. 

The sword was the strongest among them, yet it was only an Earth Immortal Weapon. The rest were only Human Immortal Weapons.

Qin Nan scanned her possessions. With a thought, the bow flew into his hand like a ray of light.

"Did you say your master is the Supreme Elder of the Superfluous Lifeless Sect? What is his name? Where is he now? What is his current cultivation level? And what does he look like?" Qin Nan asked. 

"My...my master is Supreme Qiuyu...he...he is attending a gathering of Nine Heavens Supremes on Guangshen Island...his cultivation level is..." the young man was long overwhelmed by fear. He answered Qin Nan's questions honestly.


Qin Nan nodded. His eyes emitted a golden, red, and purple light rays which merged perfectly into one.

He looked in a different direction and waved his hand.

A watery screen appeared and projected a scene.

Inside it was a golden palace, in which cultivators were enjoying their drinks. The tables and chairs were made of immortal jades. Some were conversing with smiles on their faces. Others had gloomy expressions on their faces."

"Isn't...isn't that..."

The young man's eyes widened.

Wasn't the guy to the left of the main seat his master, Supreme Qiuyu?

The young girl gradually collected her thoughts. She wore a curious look. What was senior trying to do?

"Take a good look, the Earth Immortals, Heaven Immortals, and Nine Heavens Supremes are actually as insignificant as ants in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm."

Qin Nan raised the bow and pulled the string while facing the screen.


His aura skyrocketed as if an ancient seal had just been broken.

The sky turned chaotic with lightning, wind, ice, and fire surging everywhere!

The enormous mountain range under Qin Nan underwent a series of explosions. It was knocked over a few thousand zhang into the ground as if it had just received a tremendous blow.

The young girl was lost in her thoughts. The senior was like the ruler of the world just a moment ago. She could no longer find any words to describe his presence now.

She soon witnessed an unforgettable sight!

Qin Nan loosened the grip between his fingers. A brilliant ray burst forward from the arrow and disappeared into the screen.

A few moments later, the Nine Heavens Supremes on the screen were startled, especially Supreme Qiuyu whose face was as pale as the young man.

Following it, the ray of light which had vanished reappeared in the scene. It went right into Supreme Qiuyu's body.


The screen was not making any sound, yet the young girl felt like she could hear a deafening explosion.

She always felt like the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm was far from her reach.

However, a Nine Heavens Supreme so far away was killed by a single arrow!

It was only a Human Immortal Weapon.

Qin Nan glanced at the young man and the others who had passed out in fear. He flung his sleeves and withdrew his aura.

The rare phenomena in the sky disappeared, as if everything that happened was just a dream.

"Are you alright?" Qin Nan's voice echoed in the young girl's mind.

She felt like the whole world had cleared up as she recovered from her astonishment.

"I will never forget senior's help!"

The young girl dropped to her knees with bloodshot eyes, yet a force helped her up when she was about to knock her head on the ground.

"You don't have to thank me. The Superfluous Lifeless Sect has always been my enemy."

Qin Nan waved his hand.

"Se...senior, I have a request. Can I be your disciple? I might be weak, but I'll listen to everything you say. I have to avenge my clan, but if..." the young girl gathered her courage and said.

Qin Nan interrupted before she could finish, "Becoming my disciple will only worsen your situation. Besides, I don't recruit disciples."

He hesitated briefly and said, "However, I can give you a talisman with my will in it. It can save your life once."

He tossed an ancient talisman into the young girl's hands.

He pointed at the young man and the others, "I'm not going to kill them. You have to rely on your own strength."

"May we see one another again."

Qin Nan flew into the sky and disappeared into the distance.

The young girl was startled. She quickly flew into the sky and yelled, "Senior, I still don't know your name. Where can I find you after I grew stronger?"

The place was deadly silent.

A faint voice echoed in the distance just as the young girl was feeling a little disappointed, "You can go to the Sky Taihuang Sect after you became a Heaven Immortal. You can tell them my name Qin Nan to join the Sky Taihuang Sect and ask Feng Hua to be your master." 

"If you manage to achieve the Master Realm, ask Feng Hua to bring you to the Undying Cycle Mountain."

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