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ZL - Chapter 1054- Troops arrive at the city

At 3am, Legend, House of Prestige, Vanguard, and the other guilds led twenty million people to attack. They treated the secondary city, Red Rock, which was northwest of Nine Heavens City, as their main target. Red Rock City had over two hundred thousand Nine Heavens City NPC troops and also a large number of players. This was Demon Mountain and 7K's frontline castle. If they did not take it down, it would be impossible for them to attack Nine Heavens City.

  Videos appeared from the frontlines of players battling. They were like waves clashing beneath the city and it was really chaotic.

  On the side of Waterfront City, Rumor had started to retreat, probably because he felt that he was unable to take down this city in a short amount of time. However, Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple did not use the chance to sneak-attack the Heaven Planning Hall's troops in Red Rock City. Clear Black Eyes noticed that, as long as Zhan Long and I did not appear, they should not move. Otherwise, they would pay a heavy price. During the Deer Forest battle, Waterfront City lost five hundred thousand troops because of that.


  At 5am, there was a message from Yue Qing Qian: "Brother Xiao Yao, Moon City has over eighty million players, and they’re just an hour away from Fan Shu City. The War Hawk Knights said that they had brought seven hundred thousand NPC troops and cannons. I suspect that they’re attacking Fan Shu City!"

  I nodded. "Of course, they choose to attack Fan Shu City; they aren't fools and will definitely remove this castle."

  Yue Qing Qian: "Should we start defending it?"

  "En! Send orders! All Zhan Long members move to defend Fan Shu City!"


  After which, I stood atop Green Rock City and gazed at Fan Shu City. The Furnace God Cavalry had started moving toward Fan Shu City. From Flaming Cloud City to Fan Shu City, it would take at most fifty minutes. Moreover, a large number of them had returned three hours ago. I could tell that the main target of the three servers was Fan Shu City as it dealt too much damage on them. Moreover, during the King's Hunt, they noticed that Fan Shu City's army played a vital part. They had to pay attention to it.


  I placed Butterfly back into its sheath and summoned the God Dragon Horse. I looked at Red Rock City and the wind blew onto my cape. I said to my allies, "Moon City is attacking Fan Shu City, so I have to go defend it. I shall leave this place to all of you. That... Who wants to defend Fan Shu City with me? I think that Zhan Long won't be enough."

  Ye Lai smiled. "Judgement?"

  I shook my head. "Don't... Green Rock City needs Judgement's eighty thousand elites, I'm wary of Clear Black Eyes sneak-attacking this. The Japanese and Korean players won't give up so easily, too. If we lack troops here, they'll receive news and we will lose this place."

  Blood Contract placed his arms across his chest. "Then I will follow you back!"

  I nodded. "That is great. That... Queen Mu Xuan, will Wild Beauty and Wild Swan lead the defense of Fan Shu City? Appearance Alliance has the top Mage team in the world; you are the best candidate for defending the city."

  Mu Xuan pushed her chest forward and gave a teasing smile. "Eh,

when did you finally learn to praise me? Okay, since you praised me, Appearance Alliance will help Zhan Long this once! Wild Beauty and I have joined Heaven Planning Hall. We are ignoring the Great Battle Axe to follow Zhan Long; is that really approapriate?"

  I glanced at her. "You aren't really doing anything. Plus, you are doing this for China. Let's head out. Time awaits no one. In thirty minutes, those cavalrypeople will probably arrive at the city."



  Thus, Judgement and Enemies at the Gate were left in Green Rock City, while Appearance Alliance and Blood Contract followed me to defend Fan Shu City. Most of Zhan Long players were back in Fan Shu City, so we had around one million players. With the city, I believed that even eight million enemies would be unable to deal with us.

  Mu Xuan wanted a ride, so I had no choice but to pull her up onto the horse. As a Queen-level player, she was unwilling to sit behind me. She sat sideways at the front of my God Dragon Horse and whispered some things to me that only woman would say. Luckily, the God Dragon Horse was really fast, and in less than thirty minutes, we had reached Fan Shu City!

  In the distance, a bunch of Royal Army troops could be seen. Han Yuan was leading his team to burn down the forest in the north. The few villages were also moving into Fan Shu City, for their villages had been burned. He had not provided any help to the Moon City people at all.

  Fan Shu City's city was covered in silver, as it was watered with white iron. The walls were covered in white iron, so one knew how high the city defense was. The city walls were crowded with players and NPCs, and they were all ready to fight. They knew that the enemies were about to arrive. We entered from the east city gate; it was the only gate that was opened. This was to welcome the support troops.


  We headed right into the city, and when Mu Xuan jumped off, Han Yuan and Xiao Lie walked over. Xiao Lie immediately said, "Marshal Li, the War Hawk Knights sent reports, stating that Moon City is going all out. They have over a thousand Dragon Crystal Cannons and numerous Flame Dragon Cannons. They will arrive in Fan Shu City in two hours’ time!"

  I nodded. "En, scout some more."

  I charged up the walls and looked to the north. I could only see the desert. Yue Qing Qian, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Song Han, et cetera were here, too. This was the highest point, so one could see the furthest.

  "Why did only Moon City people come?" I was curious.

  Dancing Forest smiled. "Iron Skull and Swirling Abyss cities fought. I heard that Brown Eyes and Sky Rose had fought. On the fifth hour of the country war, Brown Eyes died once to Sky Rose, so he’s furious."

  I understood. America and the Russia were enemies; their prickly relationship was much more than that of the Indians and China. If those two servers really fought, it would be very beneficial to us. After all, we were under immense pressure.

  Dust bellowed in the distance, signalling the arrival of enemy cavalry players. The Moon City players had crossed the desert just to see us.

  "They're here!" Yue Qing Qian squinted her eyes and smiled. "They are so quick!"

  Li Mu clenched his fists. "There aren't many, one hundred thousand cavalry at most. Why don’t... We bring the Furnace God Cavalry off the walls and beat them up?"

  I thought about it and smiled. "No, don't be too anxious to defeat them. Let them come; it is okay."


  Li Mu did not understand. "With the Furnace God and Red Flame cavalries on top of the Royal, Violent Thunder, Fire Axe, and other allied armies, as long as we strike, we can crush those one hundred thousand. Moreover, we won't suffer many losses."

  I explained. "Think about it, China is fighting with Waterfront and Nine Heavens cities. Now that Moon City is here, if we force them back, what will the Russians and Americans think? They’ll perceive China Region as the most dangerous force and stop their war to attack us jointly. Even with Fan Shu City's tight defense, we may be unable to hold down all three servers at once."

  I sucked in a deep breath. "If I am right, the reason why the Russians and Americans are fighting is that they have problems with splitting us. Let them fight; we don't have to care."

  Mu Xuan sat down, her skirt dancing in the wind, making her look really gorgeous. "Little Zai Zai is such a schemer! So cunning!"

  I: "..."


  Thus, we did not strike and just allowed the enemies to get near us. Our opponents were not stupid, too, and did not attack us rightaway. They just spread out to eliminate some stray China players. They also scouted the maps to ensure that we did not have any troops ambushing them.

  They were too careful. It seemed like they were suffering from psychological trauma from our past deeds.

  After two more hours, at 8am, a large group appeared. At this point, many Tian Ling players had gathered to aid us in defending the city. We had over four million players. With the strength of the city, there was nothing the eight million Moon City players could do. What of them having one thousand Dragon Crystal Cannons? We had many Dragon Crystal Cannons and Flame Dragon Cannons, too. Moreover, with the height of the city walls, we could shoot even further!

  If both sides fired at each other, they would have no chance at all.


  This lasted for thirty minutes until their NPC army blew the horns. The battle was about to begin. Numerous infantry divisions used giant beasts to push forward siege weapons and cloud ladders. To have sent so many people just to mount an attack on a secondary city, they were really looking up to Fan Shu City!

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.