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LGS - Chapter 1050 - Heavily Surrounded, a Land of Buddhism

Behind Xiao An’s alluring beauty, her white bones faded in and out.

From the moment Li Qingshan turned into Northmoon and killed the Light Queen, they had crossed the point of no return. It was impossible for the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga to just stand by, and if that was the case, then they would face them together!

Through weal or woe, I will bear half of it for you!

“Father, please back away!” Xiao An drifted over and slashed down.

After witnessing the terrifying might of the Buddha Slaying sword, he refused to let the edge touch him, so all he could do was pull back. He said in bitter hatred, “Xuanyue, I’m your father!”

Xiao An said apologetically, “Father, I can never pay you back for giving birth and raising me, but given my path, all I can do is go my own way!”

“Is patricide and fratricide your repayment, your path?” the Fierce King of Chu questioned. Having gone from great joy to great sorrow in a split second, even the King of Chu found it rather difficult to bear despite his willpower.

Xiao An shut her eyes, unable to answer him. She possessed a human’s heart now. Having taken back everything of the past, she also had to bear with the various restraints and pains, but she also needed to make a decision!

Li Qingshan originally could not be bothered with saying anything, but he could not help but stand up for her at a time like this. “So what if she’s committed fratricide? That kid Ji Xuanri is posing around, completely up to no good. He’s even worse than his mother. She’s done right in killing him. Otherwise, he’ll definitely destroy the Green province if he becomes the King of Chu in the future. You’re responsible for this too as the father. Don’t you know that we’ve helped you out tremendously? As for patricide, you can stop with your lies. We haven’t even killed you yet, and we obviously have no plans of killing you. Isn’t that correct, Xiao An?”

Xiao An had no idea how to respond. He had a point, but just who would say they were helping someone after killing their wife and child? In particular, his statement at the end was extremely insulting.

The Fierce King of Chu was absolutely livid. He was filled with hatred, blaming the wretched daemon for everything. “I don’t care whether you’re Li Qingshan or Northmoon, a human or a daemon. Don’t even think about leaving Great Buddha mountain today! Fellows, what are you waiting for?”

With the Fierce King of Chu’s order, everyone responded.

“Li Qingshan, I originally thought you had a buddha nature, deep with the root of wisdom, which was why I allowed you to cultivate in the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga. As it seems now, I’ve actually committed a critical mistake. Not only have you hidden your identity as a daemon, but you even brazenly committed murder in this buddha hall, committing a heinous atrocity. Do you really think you can just get away with this? I’ll be purging the sect today!”

The Dauntless monk swung his arm and activated the protective formation. The grand hall was enveloped in golden light, sealing off all exits and turning the place into a golden cage. He glanced at Xiao An and let out another sigh.

The hopes that the Dauntless monk had placed on her were even higher than what the Unraging monk had placed on Li Qingshan, but it was all in vain at the end of the day, which left him extremely disappointed.

“Stop with the nonsense! The right and wrong in this will become clear in the future!”

Li Qingshan swung his arm. The Frenzy Flower Blade of Path’s End was already in his hand. Sensing the roaring fighting spirit within him, the Blade Spirit of Frenzy Flower called out excitedly, “Kid, are you finally going for a massacre?”

“Do you think you still have a future? Dauntlessness of the Guardian King!”

The Dauntless monk roared furiously, and golden light flooded his body, turning into a dauntless guardian king. At the same time, two other guardian kings rose up around him, forming the Demon Subduing Formation of the Guardian Kings. However, there was a huge hole in the formation.


The three guardian kings looked at the Unraging monk together. The Unraging monk shut his eyes before snapping them open again, shining with light. He turned into the unraging guardian king and filled in the gap.

The four guardian kings assembled the formation together and bellowed out at the same time, “The Guardian Kings Subdue the Demon!”

Their voices boomed like thunder. The golden, buddhist light condensed into a colossal vajra mountain and slammed down on Li Qingshan. When it arrived three feet away from his head, it came to a sudden halt.

“Not necessarily!” Li Qingshan held up the vajra mountain as the Strength of the Earth flowed in from his feet endlessly. However, the vajra mountain was even heavier than any regular mountain. Under the combined efforts of the four guardian kings, it continued to press down.

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With a thought, Li Qingshan used the Gravity of the Earth, and the vajra mountain immediately became weightless. The four guardian kings lost their footing too.


Li Qingshan raised both hands and pushed as hard as he could, throwing the vajra mountain towards the towering buddha statue in the grand hall.

The buddha statue suddenly snapped open its eyes and stared at Li Qingshan. It extended its hands and caught the vajra mountain like it was weightless, standing up slowly. It was even taller and larger than the four guardian kings. It was a condensation of over ten thousand years of power of belief from millions of followers.

The great buddha strode towards Li Qingshan with heavy steps. At the same time, the arhats, heavenly maidens, and guardians in the surrounding murals all sprang alive. Many of them possessed the third heavenly tribulation, which reminded Li Qingshan that they had also been the Five Absolutes Immortal’s handiwork.

In that instant, the grand hall seemed to become a land of buddhism in a realm of mortals, emanating with endless golden light.

For the sake of cleaning up their sect, the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga had already unleashed their full strength!

Jin Fugui and Yue Wuyang exchanged glances and drew their weapons. They were also honoured guests of the King of Chu’s estate. Regardless of their opinion of Li Qingshan, they could only oppose him for now.

The other great cultivators of the hundred schools stood forward too, unleashing their various techniques. A grandmaster of the school of Mohism released several Puppet Kings as the grandmaster from the school of Names prepared many curses.

“Wretched daemon, today is the day you die! When you killed the disciples of my school of Confucianism, did a day like this ever occur to you?” an old man with a long beard asked loudly. He was dressed in the yellow robes of a confucian scholar, clearly a grandmaster of the school of Confucianism.

“Haha, you better be careful. I don’t know you, so once we start fighting, I’m not going to be showing any mercy. I’m afraid I’ll kill another disciple of the school of Confucianism.” Li Qingshan laughed.

“You’re already at death’s door, yet you still boast!”

Even in the chaotic Mist province, the King of Southern Yue could lead a group of demonic cultivators, let alone the fact that this was the Green province with a strict order in place. It was a place with a reign that lasted even longer than the Great Xia empire itself, so the King of Chu’s estate possessed paramount authority. After the Fierce King of Chu gave his order, all cultivators had to obey.

However, this was also the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga, or everyone would also have to consider just how great of a price they could pay.

“What a sight!” Li Qingshan said. 

The current situation really did reflect the Frenzy Flower Blade of Path’s End. It really did feel a little like he was at the end of his path. However, before he saved Hua Chengzan, he would never retreat!

The master of the Sword Collection palace remained in the corner of the grand hall the entire time, staying right beside Hua Chengzan. Even when the Light Queen and Ji Xuanri had been killed, he had not moved away from there, giving Li Qingshan absolutely no opportunity at all.

“You don’t want to avenge the two dead ones?” Li Qingshan said.

“Death is certain for you, so why do I need to fight? You’re looking for an opportunity to rescue this traitor!”

The palace master was extremely furious. If it were not for Hua Chengzan’s warning, Li Qingshan would have refined the Soul Cycling sword, and none of this would have happened. The Sword Collection palace would not have lost two great sword cultivators in such a strange way, and his plan would not have fallen apart.

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“If you even touch a hair on him, I’ll butcher your entire family!” Li Qingshan said.

“I’ll kill him first, and then I’ll kill you!” The palace master drew the Heaven Leaning sword and swung it at Hua Chengzan’s neck.

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Written by Dream Teller (说梦者). Translated by Pipipingu.