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LGS - Chapter 1045: Queen Mother, I’ve Returned

Jin Fugui doubted his ears. His impression of Li Qingshan was still stuck from several decades ago. It had also been because of Si Qing that the Unraging monk had hurried over from thousands of kilometers away to save him.

“This kid is very vicious. We’re already fortunate enough that he hasn’t come to teach us a lesson. How can we teach him a lesson?”

Yue Wuyang could not help but sigh a little despite his anger.

“What are you whispering about, uncles?” Gu Yanying walked over.

“We’re talking about how we’ve grown old. You should have begun wearing these clothes a long time ago.” Jin Fugui smiled.

“Forget about it. I hate the colour gold,” Gu Yanying said as she looked at Hua Chengzan.

She felt like he had changed drastically, completely different from the “little Hua” in her memories. On top of that, it was rather strange that he had appeared here.

Hua Chengzan seemed to sense her, turning around and smiling at her.

Gu Yanying responded with a smile, but she found him unfamiliar and distant. She thought about it, but she still decided against making her way over. Perhaps this was not a bad thing for him.

At this moment, Ji Xuanri suddenly walked towards the master of the Umbral Yin sect and the Dark Queen. His bold action immediately made the grand hall fall silent. Everyone’s gazes gathered over.

Who did not know about the grievances between the two major sects? Ji Xuanri might have been the crown prince of the Green province, but what he carried on his back was a sword.

“Greetings, your highness the Dark Queen and the sect master. It’s been many years since we’ve last seen one another, but the sect master’s demeanour is just the same as before!”

Ji Xuanri maintained a warm smile as if he was not facing the great enemies of the Sword Collection palace but his own seniors.

“But the crown prince sure has been improving with each passing day.”

The sect master nodded and forced out a smile, which made him seem even more eerie.

“Crown prince, didn’t we just meet recently? Weren’t you even trying to kill me?”

The Dark Queen caressed the cat in her arms and gazed at Ji Xuanri loathingly. Her words made the atmosphere in the entire grand hall stiffen.

The Fierce King of Chu was currently in a conversation with the Dauntless monk. When he heard that, he could not help but frown.

Ji Xuanri came off as much more modest. “You’ve misunderstood, your highness. I never intended something like that. I…”

“Stay away from me. I feel disgusted whenever I see your face!”

The Dark Queen simply shut her eyes, but it was not just for humiliating Ji Xuanri. His face, his name made her think of the person she had lost.

Ji Xuanri’s smile stiffened slightly. Originally, he wanted to demonstrate his composure and bearing as the future King of Chu, but he never expected the Dark Queen to completely disregard the situation. She was not even afraid of angering the Fierce King of Chu. He thought, What a crazy woman!

“You bitch, find some shame in your actions!” The Light Queen called out as she pressed down on the hilt of her sword. “Xuanri, what’re you acknowledging this bitch for? Get over here.”

The Dark Queen said, “Truly mother and son. You’re just as loathsome as one another!”

“Amitābha!” The Dauntless monk uttered the buddha’s name loudly, and his voice boomed through the hall. He tried to mediate the situation. “In this peaceful land of buddhist cultivation, could the two queens temporarily set aside your grievances for my sake and spend a moment of peace together?”

There was almost no one across the Green province, or even the entire world, that would not do something so simple out of respect for the Dauntless monk, but there just happened to be two of them here, and they were two infuriated women.

The Light Queen behaved like she had not heard the Dauntless monk at all. She sneered and said, “Some bitch has lost her child, so of course, she’ll go crazy from jealousy when she sees us, a mother and a son, getting along fine!”

The Dauntless monk became helpless. So be it then!

“You-” The Dark Queen widened her eyes, and her face became even more pale. This was the greatest source of pain in her life. She said in pure hatred, “I will definitely kill you. I will kill everyone from the Sword Collection palace.”

The Dauntless monk and the Unraging monk exchanged glances and smiled wryly. Originally, they still wanted to discuss the matter of the Soaring Locust King after the ceremony, but that plan had almost fallen apart before the ceremony had even begun. They could not help but blame this crown prince Xuanri for picking such an untimely moment.

“Both of you, be quiet!” The Fierce King of Chu flew into a rage, and a tremendous aura swept out. Fierce winds whistle through the grand hall.

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With the wrath of the King of Chu, the Green province shook. Even great cultivators would be alarmed, but it was still useless.

“What, you still want to protect this bitch? She just said she’ll kill me!”

“What a joke. A man who couldn’t even protect his own child can actually bring himself to order others around?”

The Light Queen and Dark Queen actually directed their abuse towards the Fierce King of Chu now. Perhaps this was the only common ground that existed between them.

The Fierce King of Chu’s chest heaved heavily, clearly utterly furious. However, he was unable to vent his anger.

Right when the situation was about to develop out of control, a voice suddenly rang out, “Please calm down, father.”

However, the voice did not come from Ji Xuanri. Instead, it came from behind the hall. It was a woman’s voice, fleeting and gentle, enough to rouse everyone’s emotions.

In a daze, everyone caught the faint scent of sandalwood. A woman walked out from behind the hall, dressed in a bluish-white kasaya. She was spotless. Her dark, long hair draped down to the ground, while her beautiful appearance made her resemble a heavenly maiden. Her steps were so gentle that she seemed to be treading on air.


The Fierce King of Chu was momentarily taken aback. In that moment, a profound sensation sprang forth within him. This was a connection of fate, a bond of bone and blood.

“One Will, what did you say?” The Dauntless monk raised an eyebrow.

“Father? I haven’t misheard, have I? Alright then, I admit it. I’ve been particularly hard of hearing today.” Jin Fugui communicated with Yue Wuyang secretly.

“I’m also doubting my ears right now. In my knowledge, his majesty doesn’t have a daughter like this. Hmm? Don’t tell me?” Yue Wuyang seemed to remember something before letting out a gasp of surprise.

The cultivators present all responded in various ways. They began discussing, “So she’s One Will. Sure enough, she’s very young. But what’s this ‘father’ about?” “Don’t tell me she heard about the Dark Queen’s painful loss of her child at the end and wants to take on a foster father and mother?”

However, even the person who mentioned that did not believe their speculation. If that were the case, it had been a little too sudden. Buddhist disciples had always focused on severing their connections to the secular world, and with her outstanding talent, did she even need someone like that in her life?

“Is it coming?” Gu Yanying smiled.

“Yanying, what do you know?” Jin Fugui.

“Just keep watching, and you’ll know,” Gu Yanying said with interest.

The Fierce King of Chu stared at Xiao An. Thousands of possibilities also flowed through his head, but he eliminated them one by one. In the end, only that name remained, the most likely yet also unlikely name. He still struggled to believe this.

“You’re… Xuanyue!?”

“That has been my name before. So you still remember it, father!” Xiao An gazed at the Fierce King of Chu with a smile, overlapping with the figure in her memories.

The Dark Queen held her breath the moment Xiao An walked out. Her eyes were completely fixated on her. Her body began trembling gently as her pale face lit up with a red glow. She murmured, “You’re… my Yue’er…”

Xiao An bowed slightly towards the Fierce King of Chu and arrived before the Dark Queen, holding both of her hands gently. “Queen mother, I’ve returned.”

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It was about time for her to take back everything she had lost.

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Written by Dream Teller (说梦者). Translated by Pipipingu.