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IRNDGL - Chapter 113: The Strong Have Their Own Principles

Opened it... by accident?!

Ji Zhixiu stared at the opened brass box in a daze.

There were still some traces of the aetheric ripple that had dissipated. It was as if an invisible lock had been broken andsome minute changes to the glossy surface remained.

Blood seemed to 'overflow', exuding an evil scent.

However, it was just an illusion and in the next second, it was only a faint, dim light being emitted from within the box.

Lin Jie didn't react either. He had merely passed the item for Mu'en to hold on to temporarily. Just a few moments without supervision and she opened the box?

Ever since he had saved Mu'en, this child was usually extremely curious towards everyday things and would want to touch everything she saw. Giving her such a lego-like box was asking for it.

Moreover, with that crazy learning ability of hers, being able to open the box's lock wasn't all that strange.

Never mind, what's done is done. Young Miss Ji's request was to open this box as well.

There wasn't any essential difference whether it was his assistant or Lin Jie himself doing the opening.

However, this child had touched others belongings without permission and this was still something left behind by the scumbag... that might be used for blackmail and could make Ji Zhixiu uncomfortable.

This child still needed to properly apologize.

As the two adults watched, Mu'en pushed the box forward to Lin Jie, then quickly put her hands behind her back, like a child caught doing something wrong.

She looked at Lin Jie guiltily and mumbled, "I just wanted to try."

You just wanted to try, so you tried it and it opened just like that?

Even if the sigils sealing the box are simple, the sheer number of sigils on the box requires a white magician proficient in this aspect!

Is this young girl actually a white magician proficient in sigils?!

Ji Zhixiu no longer doubted as her thoughts reached this point. On the contrary, she felt that it was to be expected. She's Mr. Lin's assistant after all!

Ji Zhixiu nodded her head. A being capable of being an assistant here definitely wouldn't be ordinary indeed.

While Ji Zhixiu was thinking things through, Lin Jie pushed the box to Ji Zhixiu with an apologetic smile. "Kids tend to be ignorant and like to touch things anyhow. I apologize.

“Her mind still isn't too sound yet. Although she is very talented in certain areas, she still lacks common sense and I haven't taught her how to behave with others yet."

Mu'en blinked her eyes several times, then nodded gravely, "Umm."

Your 'child touching things anyhow' refers to breaking the seal sigil of this box where the cautious Heris had stored away the original formula? This is even scarier than 'just wanting to try'...

Ji Zhixiu cursed silently but her expression changed when she realized another layer of meaning behind Lin Jie's words... This young girl who could be a 'white magician' was actually being taught by Mr. Lin.

Her mind wasn’t sound, and lack of common sense as well as the feeling Ji Zhixiu had just now...

Could it be...

Ji Zhixiu's heart raced as a frightening thought ran through her mind. But because it was so terrible, she could only stop herself from visualizing further and said with a forced smile, "It's alright. Mr. Lin is someone I respect and trust, so is your assistant. There's no need for me to hide this."

Lin Jie shook his head. This young lady was just too trusting and it was no wonder she got played.

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Even though she said she trusted Teacher Lin and it was of course Lin Jie that had guided her and gained her trust, this didn't stop him from thinking that Ji Zhixiu exposed some of her weaknesses too easily.

Putting it to a count, he and Young Miss Ji had only met three times. Even if he was deserving of her trust, it didn't mean that anyone who appeared at his side was the same.

Lin Jie looked at Ji Zhixiu and fell into his usual chin-on-palms pose.

"I remember telling you the saying, 'Hell is other people.' In fact, I've frequently shared this with others but very few remember it and they would ultimately end up paying either a small or heavy price.

"I hope you don't repeat the same mistakes and think about how you felt back when you were first betrayed.

“I will discipline Mu'en on my end, but you ought to be more careful.After all these are your private things."

But you won't deceive me. You are able to see everything that I have, and there's no reason for me to be prudent.’

Ji Zhixiu wished to say all these with reverence and even felt a little wronged. However, since it was Lin Jie who had spoken, she could only lower her head obediently. "I will, thank you for reminding me."

However, the strong had their own principles. Mr. Lin didn't care for the item inside the box.

Perhaps, no, he probably doesn't care. It's merely an original formula, something that an entity like Mr. Lin would be used to.

While these thoughts ran through her mind, Ji Zhixiu's eyes had already turned to the opened brass box.

The inside of the box was lined with black velvet, and sunken in the center was a small crystalline glass sealed at the top by a cork. Contained within a tube was a scarlet viscous liquid.

That thick and dark red blood roiled continuously within the tube, throbbing and contracting against the tube wall as though it was alive and glowed with a gem-like luster.

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Light refracting through the transparent crystalline glass and blood illuminated the box's interior with a bright and sinister red glow.

So beautiful, so alluring... This was the original formula of sordid blood that contained the power of a dream beast.

Thump! Thump!

Ji Zhixiu's heart pounded in sync to the contractions of the blood, and she felt an instinctive shudder.

Because the sordid blood within her was also from the Sky Wolf, hence this throbbing.

This meant that the original formula was the real deal!


Ji Zhixiu stared at the reagent tube within the box and breathed a sigh of relief. This represented that she now had a new hunter organization with their own roots.

Possessing the formula and replacing the original White Wolf. They were the true orthodox!

The huge weight in Ji Zhixiu's heart was lifted and she felt much more at ease. But then, her eyes fell on the sides of the brass box.

Between the brass-adorned box walls and the black velvet at the inner bottom were some crumpled parchment.

Ji Zhixiu reached out for the parchment and smoothed it out. There were two pieces in total and were all secret messages addressed to Heris.

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