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PBS - Chapter 2202 - The Scariness of Eternity, Part Three

"Qin Nan, did you see the difference between us now?"

Xiang Hun's unleashed an imperious aura. The terrifying force slowly knocked Qin Nan's powerful slash back.

His backbone was like a pillar between the Heavens and Earth. He lifted the Dao Pattern up amid continuous explosions.

A series of explosions occurred in Qin Nan's body too.

His bones began to break as the number of wounds on his body increased rapidly. Blood was flowing into his eyes and covering his whole body.

The force was simply too powerful for him. He was like a mere ant.

How was an ant strong enough to move a mountain?

That being said, Qin Nan was not disheartened by the sense of minuscule. For some reason, there was a strong grudge accumulating in his chest. He was not willing to fall and lose the fight against Xiang Hun.


Li Yangfan unleashed the power of her hand seal. A strong aura filled the palace as a green light shone upon it.

"I knew it! Giving the items to their rightful owners through duels is only the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree's plan to help Qin Nan! I will kill its successor here today!" Xiang Hun had long expected Li Yangfan's intention. A murderous aura rose in the surroundings. 

However, Xiang Hun's eyes widened when he sensed something.

Qin Nan's eyes became weirder as time went by. The blood-red glow in them was growing stronger too.


Qin Nan uttered thunderously.

The demonic will inside his body became restless as if it was influenced by Qin Nan's will. It dived at the purple fragments in Qin Nan's Divine Sense.

An ancient will woke up from a deep slumber. The power from the hundred and three acupuncture points in Qin Nan's body skyrocketed with a strong demonic intent.


It felt like a gate or some chains had broken.

The demonic will bursting out of Qin Nan's body changed significantly, resulting in an invisible, shocking ripple.

"He's able to use the Rules of the Immortal Demon?" Xiang Hun was shocked.

The slash which he was about to overcome suddenly grew stronger before he could react.


Li Yangfan came to a stop.


A terrifying force surged in all directions.

It knocked both Xiang Hun and Qin Nan back until they were at the walls on both sides.

Qin Nan was still covered in blood, but the aura he was emitting was completely different from before. It had a strong imperiousness which was forcing people to submit to him.

Xiang Hun was still encapsulated by a sacred light. He seemed unharmed, yet Li Yangfan clearly noticed a cut on his fist. A single drop of golden blood fell to the ground.

"Did he manage to inflict damage on the Indestructible Flesh of Eternity?" Li Yangfan said with a blank face.

"Qin Nan, you never cease to amaze me. I didn't expect you to refine the Rules of the Immortal Demon in time!" Xiang Hun said. He had the same disdainful look, as if everything was still under his control.

However, only he knew his heart was filled with rage.

He already possessed half the Indestructible Flesh of Eternity!

How could a mere ant like Qin Nan hurt him?

"Unfortunately, I've only lost a single drop of blood! It's over!" Xiang Hun said coldly. He suddenly appeared above Qin Nan.

"Destruction of Nine Heavens!"

A shocking rare phenomenon emerged from Xiang Hun's back. It consisted of the illusionary figures of the thirty-three Small Immortal Realms. They kept breaking into pieces and reassembling at an insane rate.

Qin Nan felt an overwhelming pressure. He immediately unleashed the will of the twelve Arts of Dao Seeking and the Rules of the Immortal Demon.

"Thirteen Peerless Arts, Cry of the Gods!"

Every word that Xiang Hun uttered would trigger a shocking phenomenon, as if he was the transfiguration of the Great Dao.

The scenery began to change rapidly.

Thirteen slashes appeared out of nowhere like they were capable of destroying everything.

It felt like even the strongest cultivators in the world had their bones and spines shattered as if they were struck by a great calamity.

Xiang Hun was not solely relying on the half Indestructible Flesh of Eternity!

He was the Sixth Immortal, one place behind Xiang Zun, the God of Battle. He was one of the Immortals who carried a great secret with him.

He was also from the era of the four Supreme Highnesses. He was once one of Zhou Di's henchmen. He had practiced countless Dao Arts and Master Arts. He had even probed the Rules of Dao!

He was one of the greatest talents in the past!

If he was to merge everything he had learned with the half Indestructible Flesh of Eternity, he could even crush those who were a whole cultivation level higher than him, let alone those in the same cultivation level.


As the storm which Xiang Hun had summoned poured down from above, the will of the twelve Arts of Dao Seeking and the Rules of the Immortal Demon lost their brilliance.

Qin Nan's Divine Battle Spirit and Heaven-Shattering Saber shook vigorously. He did not want them to be destroyed, thus he had no choice but to withdraw them.

Qin Nan's mind was in a chaotic state.

Xiang Hun was simply unbeatable. Qin Nan was feeling beyond helpless.


Li Yangfan was startled. She had to do something now.

"It's not your turn yet!" Xiang Hun snapped coldly. The words struck Li Yangfan like flames of wrath, freezing her right on the spot.

"Qin Nan, you are nowhere close to Zhou Di's level! You have brought nothing but disgrace to his name as his reincarnation!" Xiang Hun looked down at Qin Nan disdainfully.

"Therefore, as someone who used to be Zhou Di's henchman, it's my job to get rid of his disgrace! I will make you drop to your knees before you die!" 

A terrifying aura erupted from Xiang Hun's back as thirteen shocking rare phenomena occurred in the air with a strong presence.

He was not using the combination of his arts, but he was using the will of thirteen Master Arts as the backbone and thirteen Dao Arts as the foundation to execute a peerless attack!

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