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100000PSI - Chapter 64.2: 100 Million Has Returned (2)

Shortly after noon, Ji Fanyin received a call. It was from Mrs. Bai’s secretary. 

“Miss Ji, Madam Meng wishes to have dinner with you. May I know when it’s convenient for you?” The secretary’s manner of speaking was polite. 

Mrs. Bai’s maiden name was Meng. Despite being a woman, she had a resounding reputation in the corporate world. Most people would be excited to even catch a glimpse of her, let alone be able to share a dinner with her. 

Ji Fanyin had already anticipated this in advance, so she was hardly surprised at all. She took the lead and made a counterproposal, “I have around an hour and a half now. I’ll be heading to Japan afterward, so would it be possible for us to meet right now?”

“Madam Meng’s schedule is packed. I’m afraid that it would be hard to adjust her schedule,” the secretary politely rejected Ji Fanyin’s suggestion. 

Ji Fanyin expressed her regret. “That’s unfortunate. I’ll be busy till the day after tomorrow, so we will probably have to postpone the dinner till then.”

It can’t be helped. I’m a busy woman too. I have Li Xiaoxing today, Song Shiyu tomorrow, and Bai Zhou the day after tomorrow. 

Ji Xinxin will be returning tomorrow, so I’ll have to keep an eye out for her too. 

The experienced secretary gave the matter some thought before saying, “Could you hold on for two minutes?”

The least Ji Fanyin could do was to wait that long, though the secretary’s attitude was enough for her to confidently rise from her sofa and grab her bag and keys. 

If it was truly impossible for the schedule to be adjusted, the secretary would have turned her proposal down right away. The fact that the secretary had chosen to consult with Mrs. Bai revealed how seriously the latter took this matter. 

Ji Fanyin leisurely walked to the doorway and put on her shoes. Just as she was about to head out, the secretary finally returned to the call and answered, “Miss Ji, Madam Meng has postponed her plans. The meeting location will be the shopping mall beneath the company building. May I know how long it’ll take for you to get there?”

Ji Fanyin made her way toward the lift as she did a quick estimation. “I should be able to reach you within thirty minutes.”

The secretary politely replied, “Alright. I’ll send you the restaurant’s address.”

Seconds after Ji Fanyin hung up the call, she received a location pin from the secretary. Using the location pin, she hailed a cab. 

Upon getting into the car, she started browsing through her Moments page out of boredom and saw Bai Zhou flaunting his kitchen. There were all sorts of ingredients lying on his kitchen table, including vegetables, meat, or eggs. 

If Ji Fanyin hadn’t known about Bai Zhou’s atrocious cooking skills, she would have thought that he had awakened his passion for cooking. 

There was a reason why she had completely barred Bai Zhou from the kitchen. The most she would allow him to do was to wash some vegetables or set the plates. Not even Song Shiyu, who was at best an amateur, was anywhere as terrible as Bai Zhou.

As for Li Xiaoxing… With those legs of his, it was unlikely that he would devote much time and effort into cooking. 

She began crafting a message for her Moments page. 

【Nowadays, it’s not just women who should know how to cook. Men should learn to cook up a few dishes too. That’ll help them greatly in their lives.】

Barely a minute after she sent the message out, Zhang Ning and Chen Yunsheng had already given her post a ‘Like’. It was as if the two of them were living inside her Moments page, constantly waiting for updates. 

A short moment later, the reticent Programmer 996 also quietly offered a ‘Like’.

Ji Fanyin: “…”

A university student staying at a dormitory, a tough young miss who never had to do household chores, and a programmer who was slogging it out to earn extra bucks despite already working 996… Are you certain that the three of you know how to cook?

Bai Zhou tried to ignore the post for a whole twenty minutes before finally succumbing to his anger: 【What do you mean by that? Is that post directed toward me?】

Ji Fanyin politely answered: 【Not everything is about you】

Bai Zhou furiously replied: 【Just you wait! I’ll post the completed dish once I’m done!】

Ji Fanyin didn’t think that it was likely for Bai Zhou to create a ‘completed dish’. 

It’s totally possible that he doesn’t even know that oil is needed to prepare green onion pancakes. What a pity that those ingredients are going to waste.

She found it comical, how Bai Zhou was still innocently messaging her when she was on the way to meet his mother.

Now that she was thinking about it, Bai Zhou’s family circumstances played a huge part in him becoming the person he currently was. Children who were deprived of love often grew up hungry for love, but neither Mr. nor Mrs. Bai seemed to understand that. 

Mrs. Bai had reserved the entire restaurant for this meeting, and her secretary was waiting by the entrance. Upon spotting Ji Fanyin, he bowed slightly to her and gestured inward. “Miss Ji, Madam Meng is waiting for you inside.”

Ji Fanyin entered the restaurant. 

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