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ZL - Chapter 1043- Instigator

Deer Forest was having an intense battle, while Zhan Long members just casually trained around. The early stage battles were too intense; it was easy for one to lose sight of the main force. Moreover, this battle for the imperial city was just too intense. Three regions were clashing, with each being too strong. I flew above the Ancient Imperial City to map out the place.


  I could smell a gory scent in the wind. The core of the Deer Forest was a giant valley. In the middle of it was a golden city, which was the Ancient Imperial City. Many ancient soldiers were blocking the invasion of the players. If one wanted to occupy the city, they must kill all of them. There were two ways into the valley: One was in the north east and the other was in the southwest. The sides of them were cliffs, which were tough to scale. As a result, the three regions were fighting for these two paths. Whoever had more players in would be able to occupy the city.

  Most of the battle occurred at…

Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by ryangohsf, Ciel. Edited by Slumber, Pret.