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ZL - Chapter 1043- Instigator

Deer Forest was having an intense battle, while Zhan Long members just casually trained around. The early stage battles were too intense; it was easy for one to lose sight of the main force. Moreover, this battle for the imperial city was just too intense. Three regions were clashing, with each being too strong. I flew above the Ancient Imperial City to map out the place.


  I could smell a gory scent in the wind. The core of the Deer Forest was a giant valley. In the middle of it was a golden city, which was the Ancient Imperial City. Many ancient soldiers were blocking the invasion of the players. If one wanted to occupy the city, they must kill all of them. There were two ways into the valley: One was in the north east and the other was in the southwest. The sides of them were cliffs, which were tough to scale. As a result, the three regions were fighting for these two paths. Whoever had more players in would be able to occupy the city.

  Most of the battle occurred at the vast land around the entrance to the two paths. The two entrances were pretty much meat-grinders as players of the three regions battled it out on either side. Demon Mountain was really direct and would definitely not give up this chance. Clear Black Eyes and Drunk Maple had just gotten Waterfront City, so they needed the one hundred thousand troops here as chips for the next country war.

  The battle continued. I drew the map of the surroundings before heading back. Over one hundred million players from three sides had joined the fight, and even without the seventy thousand Zhan Long players, there would be no difference at all. However, Clear Black Eyes definitely had her eyes on us. As long as we did not attack, she would leave her trump cards for us. We did not need to doubt that, for Clear Black Eyes had never disappointed me before.

  I looked down at the fighting and could see Clear Black Eyes leading the Lightning Trampling Cavalry to clash with others. A bunch of China and Nine Heavens City players were slain, and her side gained event points. I also allowed Li Mu and Wang Jian to stroll around the sides and kill some players with Zhan Long's Furnace God Cavalry. After all, they needed the points to gain better equipment and skills, but as for me, I did not participate in the first twelve hours.

  I was not planning to become MVP.

  Thinking about that, I clenched my fists and smiled. This time, Clear Black Eyes should not blame me for being vicious.


  Until 7pm, dinnertime.

  After eating my fill, I rested lazily on the sofa. Lin Wan Er was scrolling on her phone; Tang Qi yawned before following Q-Sword to battle. Dong Cheng Yue asked, "Brother Xiao Yao, are we really fighting at 2am?"

  "En, yes!"

  "Let's sleep for a while then as we have nothing to do."

  "Sure!" I looked at Lin Wan Er. "What about you?"

  Lin Wan Er giggled. "Great! I was worried that it’d be too late and I wouldn't be able to get up."

  "No worries. I will wake you up."

  "No, I'll be too lazy to open the door."


  I thought about it and said, "Switch off the lights, then. Let's sleep together here..."

  Her face flushed, but her eyes became filled with anticipation. "Really?"

  "Why not? If we turn off the lights, no one can see."


  Dong Cheng Yue asked with anticipation, "Can I join in?"

  I: "Up to you."

  Lin Wan Er giggled. "I will take the blanket!"


  A few minutes later, the second floor lights were turned off, and the hall became pitch-black. The sofa was circular, so after laying it out, it was no difference from a bed. It was the start of the summer and the weather was perfect. I took a pillow for my head; it felt decent to sleep on. In the darkness, Lin Wan Er climbed over carefully. I opened my blanket and allowed her to enter and hug me. She covered my mouth so that I would not speak.

  Dong Cheng Yue was a meter away; who knew whether or not she was awake?

  Lin Wan Er was in her pajamas and I was in a thin shirt. When we squeezed together, it felt great to the touch, especially since my little girlfriend's body was too fiery. Two soft peaks on my chest really took one's breath away. I could not help but kiss my girlfriend. Her breathing became rushed as a result, and she rolled her body. When one was turned on, who would care so much? My hands could not help but climb onto her peaks; those scenes were just beautiful.

  Ten minutes later, Dong Cheng Yue coughed. "Okay, time to sleep. The two of you won't do it here right? Pay attention to your image. What should  do..."

  Lin Wan Er's face flushed and she covered my mouth to tell me to fake that I was asleep. I faced down and hugged her!

  Unknowingly, I really fell asleep.


  Pa ta! I woke up when the lights were turned on. Someone switched the lights on and Qin Wen's voice came into my ears. "Why are all of you sleeping here? Aiyo! I shouldn't have appeared; I am sorry. Time to go out..."

  We woke up. When I opened my eyes, I found the lights to be piercing. It took me a few seconds to get used to them. Lin Wan Er squinted her eyes. "What happened? What happened..."

  When I was planning to climb up, I noticed that an arm was on my chest. This was not Lin Wan Er's but rather Dong Cheng Yue’s. She was on the sofa above me. Half her body was on mine. No wonder I felt like a mountain was pressing down on me. However, her dress was not proper and it was just hanging, resulting in her pink bra to be exposed. The two white peaks could be seen.

  My mind went blank. How was I going to explain this?

  I rubbed my eyes and said to Qin Wen, "No need to go. Nothing happened. We are still wearing clothes..."

  Qin Wen smiled. "Good kid, you really are good; you actually like threesome..."

  Lin Wan Er's face flushed. "Cousin, it’s not what you’re thinking!"

  Qin Wen smiled. "I didn't see anything, but Chanel's new jacket looks nice."

  Lin Wan Er did not hesitate. "I will send my bank account details to you."

  "Aiyo! Good girl~"

  I: "..."


  I looked at the time. It was 1am. Qin Wen was off work, which was why she had bumped into us. In truth, there was nothing wrong with hugging Lin Wan Er to sleep, but Dong Cheng Yue was unfortunately with us. This was hard to explain. When I wanted to ask why she was hugging me, she had already run out.

  No choice. Eat something and prepare to head online!


  At around 2am, I went online and noticed that the map was much cleaner. After twelve hours, the entire forest was dyed red. The leaves and grass were covered in blood. Some corpses had not refreshed. On the interface, fewer than thirty million players remained.

  On the leaderboards, Fang Ge Que was first, Clear Black Eyes was second, and Drunk Maple was third. Li Mu was the highest in Zhan Long at fourteenth place. This time, Zhan Long was doing really badly, but it was okay. We still had time. Now was our turn to perform!


  I returned to the Zhan Long camp. Li Mu and Wang Jian's blades were still covered in blood. Old K's Greedy Nine-headed Snake was bloodstained, and most of our members' white robes were stained with blood.

  "India still has many players; what shall we do?" Li Mu asked.

  I replied, "Contact Fang Ge Que and Rumor. Zhan Long will head from the southwest and open up a path to send the China players in. Right. What is going on in the city now?"

  Yue Qing Qian said, "No one has gotten in yet, but we can confirm that the person who gains the city will be able to summon a total of two hundred thousand troops as private army."

  "D*mn..." Li Mu's eyes opened wide. "We must fight for this."

  "Let's see who gets it."


  "Head out!" I raised Butterfly and said. "Poke right in and send the scouts to see where Waterfront City's important troops are at. Let's bite those teams smaller than one hundred thousand!"



  The achievement points this time was the same as the country war. When one killed the other person, one would obtain 10% of their points. This meant that although we were twelve hours late, we could still catch up. Especially me who relied on killing players with high points, this was too beneficial for me.

  Fifteen thousand Furnace God Cavalry charged ahead. The Indian players were in the middle of an ambush beside Deer Forest. When we got close, we saw their blades and shields reflecting light. Sans hesitation, the fifteen thousand Furnace God Cavalry sped up and charged right into the forest. We ripped apart the defenses of these thirty thousand people. The seventy thousand online Zhan Long players were all here, so how could a thirty-thousand, mid-tier guild block us?

  In less than an hour, they all turned into corpses while our losses were miniscule.


  "Brother Xiao Yao!"

  Yue Qing Qian walked over. "On our path to the Ancient Imperial City, there’s a team formed of four main India region guilds. There are one thousand members battling against the Appearance Alliance. Should we assist them?"

  "Let's go!"



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