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PBS - Chapter 2193 - The Blossom, Part Two

Time gradually passed. Two days later...

The Southernmost Land had changed completely over the last two days. The spacious sky was dyed with nine colors. The land was covered by a golden veil. The rules of the Dao Seeking Land ceased to exist as they were replaced by new rules!

Those who did not witness the changes felt like they had come to a brand new world. Everything was different except for the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree which remained standing firmly between the Heavens and Earth.

The Nine Heavens Supremes who had witnessed the blossoming of the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree in the past knew the nine colors in the sky were the colors of the Heaven-Reaching Dao Flower!

The flower would fully blossom when the nine colors merged into one!

Every cultivator had gathered on the eighteenth and nineteenth branches. Once the Heaven-Reaching Dao Fruit was born, the terrifying aura which the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree was emitting would dissipate, meaning they could set out for the peak. 

The Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree would only emit the terrifying aura again after twenty days.

"Look, it's Xiang Qi who's ranked third on the Supreme Leaderboard!"

"The second rank Zheng Hou is here too!"

"I'm afraid the rest of the experts who are ranked on the Supreme Leaderboard, except for the first rank, Li Yangfan, are here too!"

The cultivators discussed as more figures showed up.

Normally, it was unlikely to see everyone on the Supreme Leaderboard gathering at the same place!

These people who were ranked on the Supreme Leaderboard stood out in the crowd. They could easily grab everyone's attention.

But now, the rogue cultivators quickly moved their gazes away after a quick glance.

The reason being that the Sixth Immortal and the reincarnation of the Supreme Highness, Zhou Di would be here too!

"Look, the colors in the sky are merging!"

"The Heaven-Reaching Dao Fruit would be born in less than an hour at this rate!"

"Why haven't Qin Nan shown up? Is he not going to come this time?"

"I won't if I'm in his shoes. Many factions and the Sixth Immortal have already set up a trap for him. He's only going to get himself killed if he comes here. I would rather wait another ten years!"

The branches were getting livelier.

However, the authorities of many factions had dark expressions.

If Qin Nan did not show up, they would have no idea what was going to happen after ten years, not to mention all the efforts they had put in until now would be in vain.

Xiang Hun was seated on a throne. He was drinking cups of red immortal wine while staring ahead blankly.

Meanwhile, a white figure was weaving through the crowd of Nine Heavens Supremes. She suddenly came to a stop and blurted out in astonishment, "Jiang Ni?"

Jiang Ni had changed completely. His hair was dilapidated. He was wearing a sackcloth. His eyes were cloudy, unlike the sharp and aloof look he had in the past.

Jiang Ni turned around when he heard his name. He said, "Cultivator Lu, it's been a while."

The woman in a white outfit was none other than the Saintess of the Tribe of Immortal Spirits, Lu Qingyin.

Lu Qingyin smiled alluringly and said, "Even though we aren't that close, fate has brought us together again."

It was a fateful encounter.

She had met many great talents when they visited the seventy-two Sacred Areas of the Heavens and Earth to achieve the Nine Heavens Supremes when she was only a Peerless Ruler.

However, she had rarely seen anyone she knew after becoming a Nine Heavens Supreme. Many had either died or were stuck in the Peerless Ruler Realm. Some had become so strong that they were no longer in the same circle.

Qin Nan was a great example.

She had tried a lot of ways to kill him, yet she eventually realized the man was several steps ahead of her. She could only look up to him now.

She was currently in the Greater Success Stage of the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm. She was considered outstanding among the Nine Heavens Supremes, yet the gap between her and that man was just too big.

Lu Qingyin added when Jiang Ni did not respond, "I heard you were treating Qin Nan as your rival back in the days. Is...is it still the same now?"

Jiang Ni's eyes flickered sharply. His reaction took Lu Qingyin by surprise.

The flicker faded away quickly. Jiang Ni said, "Yes, and no."

Lu Qingyin was startled. She fell into deep thoughts. Jiang Ni's answer might sound simple, yet it could mean a lot of things behind it.

"The Heaven-Reaching Dao Fruit will be born soon!" a loud voice uttered.

Lu Qingyin and Jiang Ni both raised their heads. The lights in the sky were merging into one as if an enormous hand was gathering them.

However, they did not see anyone coming from the distance.

The cultivators began to discuss among themselves.

Some were disappointed. Some shook their heads. Some were even expressing their disdain.

Lu Qingyin bit her lips in silence. Jiang Ni asked thoughtfully, "Say, do you think he's going to show up?"

Lu Qingyin said with a smile, "I'm his enemy. How would I know?"

She paused briefly before saying with a complicated look, "But, I think I just sensed his presence."

Jiang Ni stopped talking and looked into the distance. His eyes widened after a while.

"Look, something is coming!"

The Nine Heavens Supremes were startled as they sensed something.

The Nine Heavens Supremes in the Greater Success Stage and the reputable experts who were ranked on the Supreme Leaderboard fixed their eyes on the sky.

A ray of light was approaching them. They could finally see it clearly after it reached a certain point.

It was a ferocious dragon with blood-red scales over fifty thousand zhang long.

On the dragon were two women standing on both sides. Their dresses drifted elegantly in the wind.

Between them stood a young man in a black robe. He had an expressionless face. He was not emitting any aura, yet he had the temperament of an emperor.


The dragon let out a deafening roar.

"It's one of the six battling formations, the Sky-Roaring Dragon!" 

Xiang Hun rose to his feet. His eyes were fixed on the dragon as the Force of Eternity in his body became restless.

"Qin Nan...you're finally here!"

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