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EIF - Book 03 Chapter 127: Spy Mo Yike


Who could compete when the general appeared? The one million bronze statues were just like flat land to the general as he barreled towards Army Breaker.

Before this, who could have imagined barging past these one million bronze statues? This was an undefeatable army; there was no way to deal with them. However, they seemed utterly incapable before this general. His every punch could send thousands flying.

All the soldiers in Southern Suppression City experienced a surge of hot-bloodedness. As they looked into the distance, they clenched their fists tightly.

“We can win!”

“We can destroy Army Breaker!”

“General is formidable!”

The Southern Suppression Army’s soldiers in the city gate tower shouted excitedly.

At this moment, Ensnaring Performance appeared pale. Clearly, this piece was not that easy to play.

“Damn it! Hurry up!” Ensnaring Performance appeared anxious.

Playing the piece itself was not difficult. However, fully focusing on it and infusing his energy was extremely difficult. Ensnaring Performance did not know how long he could last.

“Hah!” the general shouted as he knocked another group of bronze statues away, getting closer to Army Breaker.

Fear appeared on Army Breaker’s face for the first time.

“Block him! Block him, you bastards!” Army Breaker yelled in horror.

The one million bronze statues hastily shielded Army Breaker, forming a thick wall of bronze statues before the powerful general rushing over.


The general reared his head to the sky and guffawed, looking spirited. Despite the one million bronze statues facing him, the general appeared disdainful.

“The general marches on, breaking down all armies!” the general roared while showing a ferocious expression. Then, he punched.


The general struck a group of bronze statues again.

Creak! Creak! Creak! Creak! Creak!

The bronze statues supported each other. This time, they did not get knocked into the air, only pushed back a little. This was because the one million bronze statues united to block the general. Finally, they stopped the general’s advance.

“They blocked him?” The expressions of the soldiers in the distant city gate tower changed.

“They can block for now, but they can’t block forever.” Sima Changkong showed a fierce expression.

“Ensnaring Performance, continue playing, continue breaking through. Victory is at hand!” Sima Changkong smiled as he turned his head.

Sweat covered Ensnaring Performance’s forehead. “I…I can’t last much longer. Master’s piece is too draining, quite unlike my songs!” 

Sima Changkong frowned.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The general attacked continuously. Although he managed to send one or two bronze statues flying, the one million bronze statues managed to pull through by working together.

“General is formidable!”

“General is unrivaled!”

Loud cheers rang out in the distance.

However, Army Breaker let out a long breath. “Hahahaha! I understand now. Ensnaring Performance, you really did your best. However, you cannot break through my one-million-strong army. You can’t last for too long. Hahahaha!” 

“The general marches on, breaking down all armies!” the general roared again.

This time, the general did his best as he punched.


The bronze statues’ bodies gave off an azure light, while the general gave off a golden light. The two sides appeared stalemated, with no clear victory in sight.


At Gu Hai’s location:

“Everyone, if it is as you said, this general was attacking the fairies in the bronze statues from a distance. Hence, it could be considered as the general restraining the fairies. Fairies are souls. You are souls too. May I trouble you to give it a try?” Gu Hai looked at the one million souls.

“Benefactor is too courteous. We will try!” the one million souls answered.


The one million souls charged into the battlefield together.


Far in the distance, sweat covered Ensnaring Performance’s forehead. “It’s over! It’s over! I can’t last any longer!”

The anxious Sima Changkong immediately called over a subordinate. “General Ma, I’ll leave this to you!”

That subordinate showed a bitter expression. “I only just reached the Heavenly Palace Realm, nowhere near this undefeatable general. How am I to deal with those one million bronze statues?”


“Ensnaring Performance, continue playing, then. Hahahaha! You already reached your limits, right? General? What is the point of the general?” Army Breaker laughed cockily.


As both sides clashed, one million souls suddenly appeared on the battlefield.

“That is?” Venerable Liu Nian appeared shocked.

“Mister Sima, look!” General Ma exclaimed.

“It’s Gu Hai?” Sima Changkong said in shock, his eyes suddenly lighting up.

The one million souls instantly arrived at Army Breaker’s location. Then, they entered the bronze statues’ bodies.

The fairies in the bronze statues were struggling to deal with the general. How could they spare any effort to deal with an invader?

With just a gentle push, the souls immediately squeezed out the one million fairies.

Without the resistance of the one million fairies, the general promptly knocked the one million bronze statues away.


The one million bronze statues went flying, looking like an explosion. This scene was at least a hundredfold more shocking than any of the earlier battles.

“No!” Army Breaker roared in despair.

The general immediately closed the distance.


The general walloped Army Breaker.

“Break and die!” Ensnaring Performance roared.


This punch sent Army Breaker flying. As he flew through the air, his body cracked and exploded into fragments.


The instant Army Breaker shattered, Ensnaring Performance reached his limit as well. Hence, the zither music stopped.

The one million bronze statues immediately fell everywhere. After all, these were bodies forged specifically for the fairies. Although the one million souls managed to hijack the bronze statues, they could not control the bronze statues, so they came back out in the blink of an eye.

The squeezed-out fairies showed despair on their faces. With Army Breaker’s death, they would not survive for much longer, either.

However, the fairies still rushed towards the bronze statues.

“Army Breaker died already. All you fairies are mine now. Get into my mouth!” Ensnaring Performance cried out excitedly.

A strong suction suddenly appeared, crossing the distance.

The one million fairies tried to flee in horror, but they could not. They instantly entered Ensnaring Performance. Ensnaring Performance had been pale due to over-exhaustion. However, his complexion recovered after he consumed the one million fairies. A faint glow even appeared on his face.

“Hah! General is formidable!”

“The bronze statue army is defeated!”

“Gu Hai is formidable!”

Countless soldiers on the city gate tower cheered.

“I was the one who played the piece. Why is no one praising me?” Ensnaring Performance grumbled with an unsightly expression.


Mo Yike’s residence, Northern Lookout City:

An angry Lu Yang led a large group of officials to Mo Yike’s residence.

“Your Majesty, Lord Chen has been missing for some time. According to our investigation, he appeared at Mister Mo’s residence before disappearing. At that time, he brought two servants with him.”

“Your Majesty, this subordinate obtained the portraits of the two servants that Lord Chen brought. After some comparisons, we have verified that they were Sima Changkong and Gu Hai.”

“Your Majesty, Sima Changkong and Gu Hai remained in Mo Yike’s residence for a long time. However, he did not report it.”

“Your Majesty, the crown heir is right. Mo Yike is a spy!”

The group of subordinates reported anxiously.

However, Lu Yang remained silent while showing a sullen expression until he arrived at Mo Yike’s residence.

“Your Majesty!” Ten servants immediately came over to welcome the group.

“Where is Mo Yike?” Lu Yang asked sullenly.

“We do not know!” the servants answered, at a loss.

“You don’t know? We arranged for you to be in the Mo Residence so that you could keep an eye on Mo Yike, yet you say that you don’t know?” Lu Yang said coldly.

The ten servants showed bitter expressions as they said, “We…Mister Mo might have discovered us long ago. For some reason, we fainted earlier. When we woke up, Mister Mo was gone.” 

“Search the place!” Lu Yang ordered with a sullen expression.

The subordinates quickly searched the Mo Residence.

At the side, one of the officials frowned as he said, “Your Majesty, the crown heir might know Mister Mo’s location.”

“Huh?” Lu Yang turned his head.

“Since the crown heir, Lu An, got sent to prison because of Mister Mo, he bears a grudge against Mister Mo. He insisted that Mister Mo was a spy, but we never took him seriously. However, Lu An kept an eye on him. Two days ago, the crown heir mentioned this matter again. At that time, Your Majesty even scolded him,” that official said respectfully.

“Where is Lu An?” Lu Yang asked.

“According to the reports, the crown heir left the camp with ten dragons last night. Perhaps he left in pursuit of Mister Mo?” that official replied.


On a flying ship to the south of Ying Province:

Mo Yike stood upright on the deck with his hands behind his back. As he looked into the distance, a group of black-clad men stood behind him. One of them knelt on one knee and said extremely respectfully, “Mister Mo, you had been fishing during the day and holding banquets at night, using the night to issue missions to us. We have already sent the information everywhere, and everything is now in place.”

“Everything might be in place, but whether it will go well depends on the results,” Mo Yike said indifferently.


“Alright. Stop the flying ship for a moment. He has already followed us for quite a while. There should not be anyone here.” Mo Yike revealed a cold smile.


The flying ship suddenly stopped.

At the same time, there was a flying ship hiding in the clouds in the sky. When Mo Yike’s flying ship stopped, it stopped as well.

“Come out, Young Master An!” Mo Yike called out indifferently.

“Roar! Roar!”

Dragon roars rang out. After putting the flying ship in the sky away, ten sin dragons with ferocious expressions appeared and rushed down.

Lu An stood on the head of one of the sin dragons.

“Mo Yike, you are indeed a spy. I finally caught you in the act today. You can’t escape!” Lu An said with a fierce expression.

“Ha! You have been pitting yourself against me since you came out of prison. As long as I say something is right, you say it is wrong. Ha! Young Master An, I have been reflecting over the past few days. Do you know that you are my greatest failure?” Mo Yike said indifferently after taking a deep breath.

“Oh?” Lu An appeared slightly surprised but cocky. He thought that Mo Yike was praising him.

“According to my plan, I could have helped Lu Yang to take over Yong Province as well. Unfortunately, you ruined everything. I did not lose to an opponent like Gu Hai. I still feel no fear for Gu Hai. What I lost to is an incompetent teammate like you. I never expected that you alone could cause Lu Yang’s army to fall to such an embarrassing state. I should have changed you out long ago. I should have done that,” Mo Yike said with a regretful expression.

Lu An’s face turned sullen with anger. “You are just a spy, and you dare to complain about me? Humph! Mo Yike, you can’t escape today. I will not give you a chance to malign me before Grandfather. You shall remain here forever.”

“Oh? Ha! These ten dragons are sin dragons that managed to escape Nine-Five Island? You want to use them to kill me?” Mo Yike revealed a cold smile.

“Roar! Roar!”

The ten dragons roared while showing ferocious expressions.

“They are the ones, so what? Eat them all!” Lu An said with a ferocious expression.

Mo Yike smiled faintly but did not move.

Suddenly, the ten black-robed men behind Mo Yike exuded a sinister, black aura.

When this sinister aura spewed out, it suddenly dyed the world black.

This gave the dragons pause.

The twenty black-robed men’s eyes suddenly gave off red light, and two crimson fangs appeared in their mouths.

“This is?” Lu An’s expression changed.

“Mister Mo, this humble one has not drunk dragon blood before. This time…,” one of the black-robed men said with a smile, revealing his fangs.

“Go on. Be fast,” Mo Yike said indifferently.

The twenty black-robed men immediately started running on the deck, rushing towards the dragons. As they ran, the black aura around them intensified.


The twenty black-robed men suddenly exploded, turning into countless bats that flew amid the black aura.

Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! 

The twenty black-robed men turned into a vast swarm of vampire bats that rushed at Lu An and the dragons.

“What?” The dragons’ expressions changed.

“Vampires? Mo Yike, you are the Yuan Imperial Dynasty’s man? You…you…you are indeed a spy! You…,” Lu An exclaimed.


The bats immediately engulfed the dragons and Lu An.

“Roar! Roar!”

The dragons cried out miserably in pain.

“Ah! Quickly run! Hurry! Flee! Save me!” Lu An yelled in horror.

Black aura churned in all directions. The countless bats frenziedly bit the dragons. The dragons wanted to flee, but they could only struggle within the black aura, unable to escape. Soon, all their blood was sucked dry.

“No! No! Argh!”

Desperate cries rang out amid the blackness.

Mo Yike stood on the deck and watched indifferently. “Young Master An, all my efforts went to naught because of you. Because of you, Lu Yang’s army cannot progress beyond Ying Province. Hah. I did not want to kill you, but you latched on to me like a mad dog.”

“Argh! Argh! Argh! Argh! Argh! Argh!”

Following a string of miserable cries, no more sound came from the black aura.

Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!

Amid a burst of shrill noise, the many bats all returned to the deck. Then, they transformed back into twenty black-robed men.

“Many thanks to Mister Mo for bestowing blood to us!” the twenty black-robed men said respectfully.

Nearby, Lu An and the ten sin dragons had turned into dry corpses.

“Tidy up a little. It is time for us to return,” Mo Yike said indifferently.

“Yes!” one of the black-robed men said respectfully.


Lu Yang had waited at Mo Yike’s residence for some time.

One of the subordinates came back after one round of searching and reported, “Your Majesty, Mo Yike did not leave anything behind.” 

“Mo Yike is indeed a spy,” Lu Yang said with a sullen expression.

The group of subordinates did not dare to speak, letting Lu Yang’s rage grow in silence. My most trusted Mister Mo is actually a spy? The evidence is iron-clad; there is no mistaking that.


Suddenly, Lu Yang heard a sound. A spiritual connection had broken.

“Army Breaker died?” Lu Yang’s expression changed.

If Army Breaker died, then the army at the frontlines…?

“Your Majesty. Mister Mo is a traitor, so what should we do about his residence?” one of the subordinates asked softly.

Rage filled Lu Yang’s eyes. He turned his head and looked at the buildings within the Mo Residence.

“Humph!” Lu Yang snorted coldly. Then, he stomped gently with his right foot.


A berserk energy shock wave spread out from Lu Yang in all directions. He displayed extremely exquisite control of this shock wave. No one even felt any wind blowing, but the entire Mo Residence was instantly reduced to level ground.

The buildings, pavilions, courtyards, corridors, ponds, and trees were reduced to yellow dirt with boundless dust clouds lingering in the air.

“There is no Mister Mo in my Ying Royal Dynasty!” Lu Yang said with an icy expression.

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