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PBS - Chapter 2002 - The Single Drop of Blood That Shakes the Heavens and Earth

Meanwhile, the boundary of the seventh Sacred Area of the Heavens and Earth...

Qin Nan did not expect such a terrifying scene would occur when he removed the cork on the jade jar.

A terrifying, indescribable blood glow soared into the sky, bringing chaos upon its reach, like a boundless sea of blood.

The vast land began to shake vigorously and cracked apart, resulting in enormous ravines.

Fierce storms took place with the roars of ancient beasts surging in all directions.

"What's going on?"

"What now?"

"Is the seventh Sacred Area about to be destroyed?"

The Peerless Rulers and Heaven Immortals in the Capital of Future were dumbfounded by the scenery around them. Their faces were filled with astonishment.

Lu Qingyin, Xiang Yuansheng, and the Exceptional Geniuses were astounded too.

The appearance of the Capital of Future had already triggered a variety of rare phenomena, but the ones currently taking place were a lot more terrifying, as if the apocalypse had come.

They soon noticed something scarier. The rare phenomena showed no sign of weakening. In fact, they were growing stronger as time gradually passed!

Even Qin Nan only managed to collect his thoughts after some time. His forehead was covered in sweat. He quickly put the cork back.

As the copper mirror mentioned, he would be getting a lot of attention if he exposed the drop of blood in the first Sacred Area or the Supreme-Transforming Left Realm.

A familiar aura surged into his body like an endless stream, forcing his actions to freeze in the air.

The purple fragment in his Divine Sense began to glow as a wisp of formidable energy entered his body.

The Dao-Melting Immortal Flames began to grow rapidly too.

His aura rose at a remarkable pace.

"A breakthrough?"

Qin Nan was startled. He quickly withdrew his thoughts after a slight hesitation.

Normally, he would need a lot of resources and time to reach the peak Peerless Ruler Realm. He would not want to miss the opportunity.

He totally forgot about the situation he was in and focused on the breakthrough!

"You piece of sh**, how dare you remove the cork here!"

The old man yelled upon taking a glance. He was even angrier when he saw what Qin Nan was up to, "F**k me, you're attempting a breakthrough here instead of putting the cork back!"

"Wake up at once!"

It would take him an entire year to fix the damage that the drop of blood had caused in just a short period of time after the cork was removed.

How could he possibly remain calm?

He had the urge to interrupt whatever Qin Nan was doing.

However, his expression soon froze.

Normally, anyone would have woken up after hearing his yell. They would not be able to focus on their cultivation or breakthrough, but it was different in Qin Nan's case.

His figure was encapsulated by the aura of the drop of blood, which was preventing his Divine Sense from reaching Qin Nan.

Most importantly, if he tried to stop Qin Nan with force, he would be going against the drop of blood instead!

"This little assh***..."

The old man clenched his teeth as he appeared in his true form.

No matter how furious he was, he had no choice but to put the cork back first. Otherwise, he would have to spend years just to fix the damage.

However, he soon froze on the spot.

The cork was imbued with a unique seal. It was preventing him from picking it up!

Time gradually passed. Some time later, Qin Nan's aura broke through a bottleneck, hinting that he had achieved the peak Peerless Ruler Realm.

To Qin Nan's surprise, apart from the roots, the branches and trunk of his Tree of Dao had nine colors now.

It was the same as the Dao glow it was emitting.

However, its leaves still consisted of the will of various Arts of Dao Seeking.

He had yet to master the Dao Realm, but his Dao glow had already improved significantly. It was a lot stronger now.

"I didn't expect the aura of the drop of blood left by my past life would bring me such huge benefits," Qin Nan murmured.

He opened his eyes and immediately saw an old man with white hair and a face full of wrinkles staring at him. The old man's face was only inches away. It gave Qin Nan a huge fright. He subconsciously backed away.

"You're finally done! I apologize for scolding you before. Can you please put the cork back?" the old man blurted out.

"Ugh, alright."

Qin Nan was startled. He picked up the cork and placed it back on the jade jar. He then put the jar away.

The terrifying rare phenomena instantly dissipated.

The whole place was still vibrating vigorously, but it had weakened a lot compared to before.

"Senior, I'm sorry, I just wanted to check out the drop of blood. I didn't expect it to come down to this," Qin Nan said apologetically when he saw the scenery around him.

The old man was obviously the ruler of the seventh Sacred Area.

"Hehe," the old man forced a smile after letting out a relieved sigh, "It's fine, it's not really a big deal. Everything will be back to normal soon."

He finally understood that even though the guy had reincarnated, and his current cultivation was only in the Peerless Ruler Realm, he was still his nemesis!

"Are you leaving? The exits have been destroyed. I'll make another one for you right away," the old man said. He immediately made his move.

Qin Nan felt a little ashamed, "Senior, is there any way to fix the place? Feel free to tell me, I don't mind staying a little longer..."

The words sent chills down the old man's spine, "That won't be necessary, I can do it myself!"

He pushed Qin Nan straight into the gate and made sure he was gone.

He let out a relieved sigh.

That God of Disaster was finally gone!


The old man remained still for a moment. He murmured thoughtfully, "I actually hope you'll claim that thing instead of the other three. Let's hope you'll succeed this time."

The old man vanished into thin air.

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