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PBS - Chapter 2004 - The First Sacred Area

"It's Supreme Xiang Ming of the Shidao Tribe!"

"Xiang Ming? You mean the guy who came out of the Death Zone ten days ago?"

The Peerless Rulers of other factions soon recognized the Nine Heavens Supreme.

"Qin Nan, you are the disciple of a sinner. You must die!"

Supreme Xiang Ming uttered in a thunderous voice. His long robe flapped wildly as he pointed his finger forward. A formidable force of the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm immediately sealed up the rift around Qin Nan.

He activated his Shidao Flesh. The strong murderous intent it was emitting dyed the surroundings blood-red.


He began to make his move. Tens of thousands huge swords with terrifying auras appeared from the rift and surged forward like an unstoppable tide.

The Peerless Rulers and Heaven Immortals in the cities felt their scalps turning numb and chills running down their spines.

"Holy crap!"

Meng Jiugong's face turned pale immediately.

His Flesh of Good Luck seemed to have lost its effects. He happened to be in the same area as Qin Nan. He happened to be standing in front of Qin Nan.

The swords were going to kill him first.

Qin Nan was indeed his nemesis!

"Come over here!"

Qin Nan grabbed forward and moved Meng Jiugong to his back. He executed two Arts of Dao Seeking simultaneously, summoning the Divine Battle Spirit and a magnificent illusionary figure.

"Sky Taihuang Battle Dao Saber Art!"

Qin Nan slashed forward once again, firing a powerful saber intent.


The enormous swords broke into pieces and disappeared.

"Qin Nan's strength is this impressive?"

The Peerless Rulers and cultivators in the cities were astounded.

However, they soon realized there were wrong when they noticed Supreme Xiang Ming was already a hundred zhang away from Qin Nan. He had completed a hand seal too.

The previous attack was just a feint.

"Successor of the Fifth Immortal, this is all you got...it's the end now," Supreme Xiang Ming said coldly before shoving his hands forward.

The illusionary figure of an enormous three-legged golden turtle appeared between the Heavens and Earth. It let out a cry and charged at Qin Nan and Meng Jiugong with the force of the Heavens and Earth.

"Tree of Dao!"

Qin Nan already expected it. He remained still as a huge tree soared into the sky.


The three-legged golden turtle turned into overwhelming golden flames surging in all directions. Its golden light shone upon the place, serving as a great contrast with the blood-red glow which Supreme Xiang Ming was emitting.

"Is he dead?"

The Peerless Rulers in the cities were startled.

Supreme Xiang Ming frowned. His eyes widened as he sensed something.

"A Nine Heavens Supreme...that's all you got, until next time."

A calm voice echoed between the Heavens and Earth. Qin Nan grabbed Meng Jiugong and flew out of the light. He used the Sky-Stride Blow and went into the gate before Supreme Xiang Ming had time to react.

Supreme Xiang Ming's face darkened.

He had failed to kill Qin Nan at such a close distance. He did not even harm Qin Nan by the slightest. It was a great humiliation!

The cities soon burst into uproars after a moment of silence.

A hundred breaths later, the first Sacred Area...

Qin Nan and Meng Jiugong landed on a lake, startling the beasts nearby.

Qin Nan immediately observed the surroundings.

The sky and the land were perfectly normal, with no obvious difference compared to the outside world. However, there was a strong presence of immortal intent in the air. Even the Supreme-Transforming Left Realm was incomparable to it.

"Qin Nan, the tree just then...why did it have the aura of the Superfluous Lifeless Sect and the Ancient Bodhi Temple's Arts of Dao Seeking?"

Meng Jiugong fixed his eyes on Qin Nan.

"Mm, that's right, I've secretly learned their Arts of Dao Seeking."

Qin Nan did not keep it a secret. Even if he was not exposed this time, he would be exposed eventually as he was involved in more battles along the journey of becoming a Nine Heavens Supreme.

He had now gone into the Death Zone, thus it did not matter if the secret was exposed.

"Impressive, I didn't think you could acquire their Arts of Dao Seeking too!"

Meng Jiugong exclaimed. He added with an excited voice, "Do you want the Art of Dao Seeking of the Nine Palace Golden Immortal Sect? I'll give it to you!"

Qin Nan was left speechless. Wasn't this guy the young master of the Nine Palace Golden Immortal Sect? Did he really just offer to give away the Art of Dao Seeking of his faction so easily?

"There's no need for that. It's meaningless to cultivate it now."

Qin Nan said with a displeased voice as he recalled something, "But you, why did you keep following me around? You've ended up in the Death Zone when you're only a Heaven Immortal. There's no way of telling how long it will take you to leave this place."

To his surprise, Meng Jiugong did not seem bothered at all. He said indifferently, "That's nothing, many Earth Immortals have come into here to hide from their enemies! The first Sacred Area has long developed into the scale of a Small Immortal Realm. You can find everything you need in here."

Qin Nan could not help but agree with it. He waved his hand indifferently, "I have some matters to attend to. It's time for us to part ways here. I'll have a duel with you next time."


Meng Jiugong immediately stopped Qin Nan and said, "Our Nine Palace Golden Immortal Sect has access to a lot of information. I'm very familiar with the first Sacred Area too, so maybe we can work together."

"Besides, even though my cultivation isn't too impressive, my Flesh of Good Luck might come in handy at times."

Qin Nan nodded slightly, but he was not in a rush to accept the offer. He asked, "Why do you want to follow me around?"

Meng Jiugong shrugged, "Since I awakened my Flesh of Good Luck, I have never encountered any problem, but for some reason, it's rendered useless whenever I'm with you."

"Perhaps, it's an opportunity for me to perfect the Flesh of Good Luck!"

Meng Jiugong's eyes glittered.

"Fine, let's swear an Immortal Demon Oath."

Qin Nan nodded. Meng Jiugong agreed without any hesitation.

Qin Nan, Chigu was spotted flying into here. Is it what you are looking for?" Meng Jiugong asked immediately.

"That's right, I'm heading deeper."

Meng Jiugong said after a slight pause, "From what I know, the deeper region of the first Sacred Area is separated by a formation called the Immortal-Slaying River. It's only possible to go into it on certain days, regardless of a person's cultivation."

"We might be able to go to the Land of Deer to learn about the latest situation."

"By the way, you might not know this, but the Land of Deer is a land of treasure close to the deeper region. Once every ten years, an immortal deer will appear in it. Whoever that rides it will have a greater odds of claiming the fortunate encounter of the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm..."

The two were on the move while they were talking.

Qin Nan had saved a lot of trouble by joining hands with Meng Jiugong. He had learned a great deal without having to investigate the matters himself.

Time gradually passed. Jiang Ni had entered the first Sacred Area from the outside world alone. The cultivators of various factions were entering the gate continuously too.

A remote place in the Supreme-Transforming Left Realm. Two great beauties were riding immortal cranes toward the location of the first Sacred Area.

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