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PBS - Chapter 2008 - The Immortal Deers

Two days later, Meng Jiugong obtained the news that the Exquisite Immortal Lamp was going to show up soon from the disciples of the Nine Palace Golden Immortal Sect who once went into the Death Zone.

Qin Nan was not too interested when he learned it.

He could not care less about other treasures before getting his hands on the thing that the Pattern Spirit mentioned. Besides, he still had a few Fruits of the Heavens and Earth with him..

Even though they could not guarantee that he would definitely master the Dao Realm, he could still achieve it with a single Fruit of the Heavens and Earth once he accumulated enough experience in the Greater Success Stage of the Dao Realm.


Qin Nan's eyes suddenly sprang open and looked into the sky.

"What's wrong?" Meng Jiugong asked.

White flames erupted in Qin Nan's eyes. He said, "I just sensed a faint reaction from the rift above the Land of Deer."

Meng Jiugong was startled. He focused his attention for a while before he burst out laughing, "Qin Nan, I bet you're too nervous. I heard there are still at least three months before the Immortal Deers would show themselves again..."

However, his eyes widened before he could finish the sentence, "Holy crap!"

Wisps of golden light descended from the rift and spread over a few thousand li away at an instant.

In addition to it, the grass on the land started moving despite the absence of wind. They were emitting a faint glow too.

Even though it was not necessarily a spectacular sight, its significance was rather obvious when it was happening in the Land of Deer!

Apart from Meng Jiugong, the cultivators in the Supreme Mountain were startled too. They immediately flew out of the mountain from different entrances.

"It's really the golden light and dancing grass!"

"What's going on? I thought we have to wait for another three months!"

"Quick, notify the Patriarch and the others at once!"

Thousands of cultivators were dumbfounded upon witnessing the sight. They immediately picked up their badges and transmitted their voices.

Qin Nan stopped cultivating. He observed the scene before him.

He was not planning to claim the Immortal Deers for the time being. However, it did not hurt to observe them in person.

Three hours were gone soon.

The golden light in the sky grew stronger, the same as the glow of the grass on the ground.

Following it, melodies consisting of flutes and strings echoed across the land.

It slowly became louder.

"They are here!" Qin Nan said.


Following a huge blast, a huge crack appeared in the mysterious rift as if it had just received a huge blow. A white immortal light poured out from it.

The cultivators simultaneously held their breaths.

The whole place fell silent, as if time had frozen.

One second, ten seconds, a hundred seconds...after some time, a faint blue hoof reached out of the crack and stepped on the immortal light.

The hoof tapped the immortal light a few times, like it was confirming whether the light was solid enough to support it. It then slowly came out of the crack.

The Immortal Deer was five zhang tall. Its pupils were purple while its corneas were black. It had golden lines around its waist, which were not emitting any aura.

"Such a strange presence!"

Qin Nan's eyes glittered.

The Immortal Deer did not possess any cultivation, yet it felt like its body was just a mere illusion. It was impossible to land a Dao Art or an Immortal Art on it.

The first Immortal Deer soon landed on the grassland. It lowered its head and grazed on the field as if it was unaware of the cultivators around it.

It immediately wore an enjoyable look before it let out a weird cry.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

One after another Immortal Deers sprinted out of the crack and landed on the grassland. Seventy of them had appeared in just an instant.

The crack slowly closed after more than a hundred Immortal Deers showed up.

"Over a hundred Immortal Deers!"

"There haven't been so many Immortal Deers at once for more than five hundred years!"

"HAHA, my chance to become a Nine Heavens Supreme has finally arrived!"

The cultivators at the Supreme Mountain were overjoyed after the initial astonishment. They immediately unleashed their auras and rushed to the grassland.

The rift began to shake vigorously.

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"Holy crap!"

Meng Jiugong was utterly shocked.

The scene was simply too spectacular. It felt like a huge army was charging out of the Supreme Mountain and was going to crush everything in its path.

Even the battle for the Fruit of the Heavens and Earth was less impressive than the current scene.

Most importantly, the Immortal Deers had appeared all of a sudden. How insane would it be if the Immortal Deers actually showed up three months later as everyone thought?


A series of deafening explosions took place in just a few moments. Countless Dao Arts and Immortal Arts crashed fiercely, producing strong gusts of wind.

The Land of Deer was thoroughly lit up by the light of the arts.

Even the Exceptional Geniuses were no longer as outstanding amid the battle of such a large scale.

"Qin Nan, it's a rare opportunity. Aren't you going to secure one of them?" Meng Jiugong asked. He seemed pretty interested.

Unfortunately, his cultivation was too weak. If he was in the early stage of the Peerless Ruler Realm he would definitely take part in the battle.

"Forget it, we'll just watch it from here."

Qin Nan shook his head. He calmed the restless blood in his body.

He had spotted many experts in the Peerless Ruler Realm. Some had even achieved the Greater Success Stage of the Dao Realm.


Qin Nan's eyes flickered with astonishment.

Why was the Flower of Eternity glowing on its own?

He suddenly had a strange feeling. He lifted his gaze and looked to his left.

His gaze crossed the Dao Arts and cultivators, until he exchanged glances with an Immortal Deer.

He noticed an obvious passionate look in the purple eyes of the deer.

Qin Nan frowned. He soon noticed three Immortal Deers that were initially grazing on the land suddenly looked up and fixed their eyes on him.

They too had a passionate look in their eyes.

Qin Nan immediately had a bad feeling about it.

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