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PBS - Chapter 2011 - A Surprising Discovery

Meng Jiugong wore a surprised look after listening to the message. He blurted out, "Is it really possible for the nine fleshes to coexist in the same body?"

Qin Nan asked with a frown, "Jiugong, does it mean a person having nine out of the Top Ten Ancient Flesh?"

Meng Jiugong took a deep breath. He spoke after some time, "Exactly, but I'm not quite sure of the details. I only know the person must have the second-ranked Flesh of Devour in order for the nine fleshes to coexist in the same body. The person will have to reach the Perfect Success Stage of the Flesh of Devour to devour the other eight fleshes!"

"However, even if the nine fleshes do coexist in the same body, it would trigger a terrifying disaster with great consequences as the Great Dao wouldn't tolerate it."

Meng Jiugong was struggling to calm his thoughts.

Having one of the Top Ten Ancient Flesh was enough to grant the bearer outstanding capabilities and guaranteeing them great potential!

How terrifying would it be to possess nine of the Top Ten Ancient Fleshes?

"So it's achievable by devouring eight other flesh?" Qin Nan asked.

"No, the Flesh of Devour might be powerful, but it will never be able to devour the Impenetrable Sacred Flesh. It can only devour the other eight fleshes," Meng Jiugong shook his head and said.

Qin Nan frowned even further.

Lu Gufeng had warned them both to be careful.

However, what should he be careful of if the enemy could not devour the Flower of Eternity?

Perhaps Lu Gufeng was only warning him to be careful of the person.

After all, Qin Nan was familiar with Lu Gufeng's strength. The man had improved a lot over the past two months, yet the enemy managed to defeat him still.

"Jiugong, the person would most likely be after you next. Let's see if you use yourself as bait and lure him out when we are at the Immortal-Slaying River so we can defeat him," Qin Nan said after giving it a thought.

He already treated Meng Jiugong as his friend. He was more than willing to lend his friend a hand.

"Qin Nan, I appreciate your kindness, but that won't be necessary. I doubt the guy is that stupid to show himself if he knew I'm with you."

Meng Jiugong grinned, "Besides, my cultivation might be weak, but my flesh isn't just for decoration either. There are many experts of my faction in the Death Zone too."

Qin Nan patted Meng Jiugong on the shoulder. The two continued on their journey.

Meng Jiugong immediately cast his usual laziness aside. Not only was he using the Flower of Eternity to train his Flesh of Good Luck, he was asking Qin Nan for advice regarding his cultivation too.

Three hours later, Qin Nan and Meng Jiugong stopped in a secluded spot in a huge mountain. They lifted their heads.

Someone extraordinary had left an enormous ravine across the land ahead. Golden water was rolling fiercely in it.

It was the Immortal-Slaying River. Apart from certain times, any cultivators who tried to cross the river would be crushed into pieces by its force.

Beside the Immortal-Slaying River were cities and palaces of various sizes.

Some cultivators had already gathered in them since the time until the Immortal-Slaying River was accessible was approaching.

The other side of the Immortal-Slaying River was considered the deeper region of the Death Zone. It was covered in a gray mist with all kinds of towering trees surging into the sky. There was also an icy glow in the distance, like it was going to pierce through the entire Sacred Area.

"The Spear Chigu was terrifying indeed. Even though it was not as impressive as it used to be, its aura alone was preventing me from keeping a calm head," Meng Jiugong exclaimed.

Qin Nan did not speak. He stood still in his spot while staring at the spear.

A familiar feeling rose from his heart. The Dao-Jolting Saber Art began to execute on its own.


Meanwhile, rapid whooshes were heard.

Qin Nan and Meng Jiugong followed the direction of the sound. They noticed an enormous bird consisting of golden flames approaching from the distance with a formidable aura.

"What's that? Some kind of beast?"

"No! Take a closer look, there's a lamp in its head!"

The cultivators in the cities and the palaces were startled. Qin Nan and Meng Jiugong noticed the lamp too.

The lamp was not huge. It was only around five zhang tall. Its surface was carved with phoenixes of different shapes.

Even though the lamp was not emitting any aura, for some reason, it felt like their minds were being sucked into a vortex when they were staring at it.

"Isn't that the Exquisite Immortal Lamp? Shouldn't it be on the other side of the Death Zone? Why did it turn into a huge bird and fly over here?" Meng Jiugong was startled.

A shocking sight soon took place. The Immortal-Slaying River did not react when the burning golden bird flew across it. It crossed the river and soon disappeared into the distance.

"It's the Exquisite Immortal Lamp!"

"Why did it come to the deeper region? Is it because of Chigu?"

"Quick, tell Senior Brother what we just saw, or else he's going to waste his time!"

The cultivators in the cities and palaces quickly collected their thoughts and transmitted their voices.

"Tsk tsk, Chigu has caused a series of unexpected events, and now the Exquisite Immortal Lamp is here too. Qin Nan, I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of cultivators here!" Meng Jiugong's eyes flickered with astonishment.

Qin Nan squinted instead.

The Exquisite Immortal Lamp was supposed to show up on the other side, but it had suddenly gone deeper into the sacred area. Was it because of Chigu, or the place that the Pattern Spirit mentioned?

He had a feeling that both had a pretty slim chance. He was more inclined to think that someone was manipulating it behind the scenes!

Others would not even think so. After all, if the Exquisite Immortal Lamp, one of the Three Unique Dao was being manipulated, who would possibly move it to somewhere else?

However, Qin Nan was different. He purposely leaked the information regarding the Tree of Wonderful Fruit to attract cultivators to it.

If someone was pulling the strings behind the scenes, there was only one goal the person was trying to achieve...

The person was going to attract most of the Exceptional Geniuses and Peerless Rulers in the Death Zone to this place!

It was just as Meng Jiugong had mentioned. Besides, many factions were keen to get their hands on the successor of the Fifth Immortal too.

Why would they not come here?

"Jiugong, I'm afraid we'll have to leave this place for the time being," Qin Nan said.

"Mm, I think so too."

Meng Jiugong nodded. If the Exceptional Geniuses and Peerless Rulers were here, they would easily discover them if they continued to hide here.

It would be very troublesome if their whereabouts were exposed before the Immortal-Slaying River was accessible.

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