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PBS - Chapter 2020 - The Ancient Taboo's Conspiracy

The crowd was startled by Feng Wuheng's overwhelming aura.

Blue veins had surfaced on his hands as he clenched his fists. The two rebels cried out in agony before Feng Wuheng snapped their necks in half.

"This is what real power feels like!"

Feng Wuheng was extremely excited. He glanced at the Exceptional Geniuses and the Peerless Rulers, but none of them had caught his attention. He swiftly fixed his gaze on the terrifying tomb instead.

His eyes seemed to possess outstanding capabilities. He was able to peek through the walls and observe the ancient battlefield. He soon found Qin Nan.

"HAHAHA, his flesh and immortal force were sealed away? What a blessing from the Heavens! Qin Nan, I will be able to obliterate the rules completely with your blood and combine the nine fleshes into one! I will be unbeatable!"

Feng Wuheng laughed hysterically.

The people had no idea the coexistence of the nine fleshes was not terrifying at all, but the combination of the nine fleshes into one was a different story!

However, only the blood essence of the Fifth Immortal was able to merge the nine fleshes into one, since the Divine God of Battle was the most special existence!

Even though the Divine God of Battle had fallen and Qin Nan was only his successor, he still had the Divine Battle Spirit, which must have transformed his flesh too!

Therefore, Qin Nan's would work just as fine too!

Three formidable auras sprang into the sky a fair distance away from the tombs. They approached rapidly like a ferocious tide, startling the crowd.

"Aren't those...the auras of Nine Heavens Supremes?"

The cultivators' eyes widened. They began to tremble in fear.

It was not unusual for the auras of the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm to appear in the Sacred Areas of the Heavens and Earth, as some cultivators might choose to stay in the Sacred Areas until they achieved the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm after obtaining the fortunate encounters.

Once they achieved the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm, they could stay in the Sacred Areas for a few moments.

However, the three auras of the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm obviously belonged to the Nine Heavens Supremes in the Greater Success Stage!

Everyone knew the cultivators above the Peerless Ruler Realm were not allowed to enter the Sacred Areas of the Heavens and Earth, especially the Death Zone which had greater restrictions compared to the other Sacred Areas!

Where did the three Nine Heavens Supremes in the Greater Success Stage come from?

"Heaven, Earth, Human, the return of three corpses!"

Meng Shanyue flew out from the terrifying tomb and performed a mysterious seal after uttering the chant. Following three deafening blasts, the rift nearby was shattered into pieces.

Three figures over ten zhang tall who were covered in shrouds and only revealed a pair of crimson-red eyes showed up. Their foreheads were written with a single word with a murderous aura respectively!

Heaven, Earth, Human!

"The Ancient Taboo?"

"The Ancient Taboo is behind it?"

Nie Wufeng, Su Nu, and the rest of the cultivators immediately sensed a great chill running down their spines. It was obvious what the Ancient Taboo was scheming for!

Feng Wuheng withdrew his smile too, "It looks like you aren't just a bunch of trash!"

Meng Shanyue grinned wildly. He glanced down at everyone as he spoke, "Weren't you all pleased to claim the successions? The real fun only begins now!"

His figure dissipated into wisps of black light which entered the three corpses.


The weather shifted rapidly as the Heavens and Earth shook vigorously!

The Heaven Corpse sprang into the air right at Feng Wuheng. Every step it took would unleash fire, wind, and lightning simultaneously, as if it had come to deliver justice on behalf of the Heavens!

The Earth Corpse drew two demonic sabers out from the rift and fired boundless saber intents at Nie Wufeng, Su Nu, Jiang Ni, and the others!

The Human Corpse fully unleashed its aura while charging into the terrifying tomb in the form of a ray of light!

The cultivators were dumbfounded. Their faces turned pale. They fled for their lives as they did not want to be caught in the fight. As for the five cultivators who had claimed the successions to achieve the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm, they chose to leave the Death Zone to undergo the Tribulation instead.

Only Li Baiye remained seated in the golden turtle.

The tombs were in greater chaos!

Meanwhile, inside the terrifying tomb, Lu Qingyin was having a discussion with Xiang Tianqi after Meng Shanyue left.

However, their expressions shifted as they felt a great danger approaching. They subconsciously dodged to the side!


They immediately saw the Human Corpse charging at Qin Nan at a shocking speed!

"A Nine Heavens Supreme? What's going on?"

Qin Nan's Divine Sense rippled fiercely while Xiang Tianqi, Lu Qingyin, and the others remained still in their spots.

The Human Corpse unleashed a terrifying force while executing a series of Dao Arts. It immediately shattered the Immortal Blessing resources and the corpses into pieces!

It had cleared a path in just less than a second. It was only seconds away from reaching Qin Nan!

"It's the Human Corpse of the three legendary corpses, a trick that the Ancient Taboo has mastered!" a Peerless Ruler of the Wengu Tribe blurted out.

"HAHAHA, well done!" Xiang Tianqi burst out laughing.

The Human Corpse was as strong as a Nine Heavens Supreme in the Greater Success Stage, not to mention Qin Nan was unable to move and use his immortal force. He was dead for sure!

"Such a pity! I won't be able to retrieve the Primary Spiritual Seal since I'm not the one who defeated you!"

Lu Qingyin fondled her hair and combed it to her ear with complicated feelings.

Qin Nan had sensed the Human Corpse approaching, together with an overwhelming sense of danger.

"The Flower of Eternity is unable to resist the attacks of a Nine Heavens Supreme in the Greater Success Stage! However, my power is completely sealed away now. I won't be able to unleash the power of the remaining drop of blood either!"

"What should I do now?"

Countless thoughts crossed Qin Nan's mind. His will skyrocketed too as he tried to speed up the process of refining the seal to reclaim his freedom.

However, it was clearly not working. The runes which the seal had turned into were flowing into his body at the same rate. His body was in paralysis too!


When the last corpse in the way was smashed by a punch, the Human Corpse's aura shattered the ground within a few thousand li as it gathered a formidable force on the tip of its fist before throwing it at Qin Nan.

"Does this mean...I have no choice but to use the Seal of the Divine God of Battle?"

Qin Nan soon made up his mind after feeling the terrifying force surging in his direction.

"Illusionary Dao Formation!"

A roar sounded in the nick of time as countless runes established a formation in front of Qin Nan rapidly.

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