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PBS - Chapter 2042 - The Mysteries of His Past Life, Part One

Half the duration of an incense stick later, Rudao brought Qin Nan and traveled across the rift. They soon arrived in a mysterious confined space in the Supreme-Transforming Right Realm.

"Husband, stay here for now, Feiyue will be back later, but she might be caught in trouble. I'll go receive her."

Rudao left after finishing the sentence.

Qin Nan looked at the plants around him. He then glanced at the glowing badges in his storage bag.

Yuan Ji, Eight Brilliance, Feng Hua, Chang Xiao, Doom, and others had sent him a message.

Qin Nan did not respond. He shook his head and sat on the ground with his legs crossed, trying to calm his thoughts.

He just needed to wait for Feiyue's return!

Time gradually passed. Five hours were gone.

The battle at the entrance of the First Sacred Area came to an end. Various news spread across the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm like a storm.

The whole Nine Heavens Immortal Realm was startled.

"Empress Feiyue uses the Art of Ten Lifetimes and fought the Ancient Taboo, the Patriarch of the Heaven-Slaying Sect, ten Masters of Dao, and twenty-nine Nine Heavens Supremes alone to save Qin Nan's life!"

"Empress Feiyue is truly terrifying!"

"She's easily the strongest Master of Dao!"

Empress Feiyue's strength had grabbed everyone's attention.

However, some ancient factions, and the mysterious factions in the Void Heaven Realm...

"Qin Nan is Zhou Xiao's reincarnation!"

"Does that mean he might have the clues about the Strongest Artifact's whereabouts?"

"Spread the words, anyone who stumbles into Qin Nan must capture him alive, no matter the costs!"

Many ancient existences were startled. They swiftly transmitted their thoughts.

Some time later, another news took the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm by surprise.

The Ancient Taboo, the Shidao Tribe, the Mumen Sect, the Extreme Living Gate, the Superfluous Lifeless Sect, the Reincarnation Sect, the Tribe of Immortal Spirits, and other Supreme Daoism factions and ancient tribes declared the order to kill Empress Feiyue and Qin Nan!

It was the first time that such a decree was declared in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm over the past ten thousand years!

The Sky Taihuang Sect chose to remain silent. There was nothing they could do now, as they would not make themselves a public enemy for the sake of Qin Nan and Empress Feiyue.

Meanwhile, in the rift...

Xiang Hun was leading his men to the Heaven-Slaying Sect.

His robe had a few cuts. Fresh blood was pouring out from them. He was in a slightly miserable state.

Even though Empress Feiyue had targeted him for no reason, he had benefited a lot from the battle!

He could not wait to return to his place and cultivate in seclusion!

"Master, the Patriarch of the Heaven-Repelling Sect kept transmitting a message to us saying that he has something important to discuss with you!" Supreme South World came forward and said.

"Him? What does he want from me? Just ignore him...wait!"

Xiang Hun suddenly remembered the nine fleshes which Feng Wuheng had acquired. He squinted and said, "Fine, ask him to wait for me at the Heaven-Slaying Sect!"


Meanwhile, the mysterious space in the Supreme-Transforming Right Realm...

Qin Nan immediately opened his eyes when he heard a few whooshes.

He saw Li Ji and Mo Xiaoli flying out of the rift. The former smacked his lips and said, "I didn't know there's such a hidden place in the Supreme-Transforming Left Realm. Even those in the Ruler Realm won't be able to find this place even if they ran out of patience..."

He performed a hand seal and established a palace of crystals. Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan were sitting inside it calmly while emitting a white-blue glow.

Even though the crystal palace had isolated their auras, Qin Nan immediately noticed they were done with their breakthrough. They were currently comprehending the changes.

Another whoosh occurred. Rudao and Feiyue showed up at the same time.

However, Empress Feiyue no longer had her usual imperious look. She was not emitting any aura. Her face was pale, and the front of her icy-blue dress was covered in blood.

"Copper mirror, are you alright?"

Qin Nan's expression shifted. He quickly went up to Empress Feiyue and grabbed her shoulders.

Empress Feiyue shuddered.

"I'm fine, it's not my blood. It's the Ancient Taboo's," Empress Feiyue said calmly. Her face remained expressionless as usual.

"What price do you need to pay this time?" Qin Nan was not convinced. He quickly asked.

"I've already overcome the Tribulation of Three Lifetimes once, so there won't be any Tribulation of Ten Lifetimes. It will only reduce my lifespan slightly," Empress Feiyue said calmly, "We'll discuss it later. Now that you've awakened the memory of your past life, do you know who your past life is now?"

Rudao immediately fixed her eyes on Qin Nan too.

Cheng Wuming had mocked her because of Qin Nan's past life. It was the reason why he had caught her attention in the first place.

She also knew that Qin Nan's past life was not Zhou Xiao.

"Isn't Qin Nan's past life Zhou Xiao, that man's son..."

Li Ji and Mo Xiaoli were confused.

Many factions had already learned Qin Nan's true identity. Why was Empress Feiyue asking about it now?

"It's Zhou Xiao's father."

Qin Nan took a deep breath before spilling the beans.

"Zhou Xiao's father? Zhou Xiao's father? Who was his father? His father...Holy crap!"

Li Ji and Mo Xiaoli were stunned at first. However, their hearts were filled with astonishment as they collected their thoughts. They both stared at Mo Xiaoli blankly.

Are you kidding me?

Qin Nan's past life was that man!?

"It explains why that old man was talking to me like that!"

Rudao's heart skipped a beat too even though she had braced herself for the truth beforehand. She now understood what Cheng Wuming meant.

"As I thought!"

Empress Feiyue's expression stayed the same.

However, her eyes flickered with a hint of doubt.

Some things did not make sense still!

"What else did you learn?" Empress Feiyue asked.

"I only saw my past life recruiting the Divine God of Battle, Xiang Hun, Cheng Wuming, and a scene where he was carrying Zhou Xiao. There was nothing else."

Qin Nan shook his head and said, "My past life also told me that the Flesh of Eternity will never fall. It will be born again in the Dao Seeking Land where the Indestructible Force is located. He asked me to claim it."

"Besides, he said something unclear too. He only said...you must...let Cang something."

Li Ji and Mo Xiaoli were lost for words.

The Indestructible Force!


These were things that were beyond their level, something they could never imagine!

"I get it now."

Empress Feiyue nodded. She said, "If that's the case, I'll tell you everything I know."

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