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PBS - Chapter 2043 - The Mysteries of His Past Life, Part Two

Qin Nan straightened his face and nodded.

Even though he had achieved the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm, the things he knew were still too limited.

"Let's start from the cultivation levels."

Empress Feiyue said, "The levels above the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm are the Master Realm, the Ruler Realm, the Heaven Highness Realm, and the Supreme Highness Realm. The Master, Ruler, and Heaven Highness Realm are split into the early stage, greater success stage, and the peak stage. As for the Supreme Highness Realm, I'm not sure about the details yet."

Qin Nan was startled. He blurted out, "There are three other levels above the Master Realm?"

Everyone had been talking about the Immortals especially when their successors showed up. Many factions would plan their moves accordingly too. Qin Nan assumed the Ten Immortals were already quite powerful.

However, only the top four Immortals had set one foot in the Ruler Realm while the rest were only in the Master Realm.

Rudao said upon collecting her thoughts, "Husband, the Ten Immortals are unique. Rumors say their existence is tied to a mysterious place where cultivation levels don't reflect their strength directly. As such, their successors have been grabbing a lot of attention."

"In addition to it, there's no longer Supreme Highnesses in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm. Apparently, there's only one Heaven Highness left too, who has also reached the end of his life."

Qin Nan was startled.

There was only one Heaven Highness left?

"In the ancient times, the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm has many great talents. Countless cultivators have practiced extraordinary ways. Their rise was like the bamboo shoots after a rain."

Empress Feiyue said coldly, "Among them, four have exceeded their limits and became the legendary Supreme Highnesses. Their names spread across the world."

"However, for some reason, two of them were involved in an epic battle."

Qin Nan immediately recalled the ancient drawings he saw in the Seventh Immortal, Demon Emperor Wutian's palace in the Six Unity Forbidden Land.

Every ancient drawing was illustrating the same battle.

It must be the epic battle which Empress Feiyue was referring to.

"The battle spread across the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm. Countless Heaven Supremes, Rulers of Dao, Masters of Dao, and Nine Heavens Supremes had died in it. The thirty-six Sacred Areas of the Heavens and Earth turned into seventy-two Sacred Areas, the Void Heaven Realm was established, and the deep region of the First Immortal Realm was replaced with chaos."

Empress Feiyue said, "Your past life was one of the four Supreme Highnesses. The First Immortal, Fifth Immortal, Sixth Immortal, and Ninth Immortal were his subordinates. He was the one who started the battle."

The atmosphere suddenly froze.

Qin Nan's heart skipped a beat.

Even though he already guessed a little, he was still struggling to calm his thoughts after hearing the words.

His past life was one of the four strongest cultivators during the ancient times!

The battle he started was still affecting the cultivators in the present!

"The First Immortal is also my past life's subordinate? That means..." Qin Nan took a deep breath.

The voice that appeared when he opened the scroll in the Seventh Sacred Area must be the First Immortal!

When he activated the Seal of the Divine God of Battle, the First Immortal would appear and exterminate every cultivator in the Master Realm and below!

"The person whom you fought against in the past was Cang. The Ancient Taboo was Cang's subordinate. As for your past life's name, I've found it through a heavenly scroll. It's Zhou Di!"

When Empress Feiyue finished the sentence, claps of thunder took place in the confined space.

"His name is...Zhou Di?"

Li Ji and Mo Xiaoli were stunned. It was their first time hearing the name.

"Zhou Di, huh..."

Qin Nan shuddered.

An indescribable feeling rose in his heart when he heard the name.

He felt like he was incomplete before, but the feeling was now gone.

Empress Feiyue said after a brief pause, "The information which Zhou Di left you with, you must...let Cang...something, I believe it’s something along the line of, you must not let Cang return."

"Cang and Zhou Di were enemies of life and death. I've also read many books and ancient scrolls, but none of them mentioned Cang is dead. I believe he is still alive somehow after the battle."

"However, he is very likely in deep slumber, or placed under some kind of seal, or maybe he's badly injured, thus he couldn't show himself now."

Qin Nan nodded upon collecting his thoughts.

What Empress Feiyue said very likely judging from the circumstances.


Qin Nan's eyes flickered.

He had no clue who Cang was, nor did he know why Zhou Di fought him in the past.

However, for some reason, he could feel a sense of disgust from his heart.

If he knew where Cang was currently, he would not hesitate to go and kill Cang if he was strong enough to do so.

"Qin Nan, that's all I know about your past life. You will have to figure out the rest yourself. I'll now explain the current situation to you."

Empress Feiyue said, "The Sixth Immortal has betrayed you and claimed the Flower of Eternity. It's a great loss, but he won't expose your identity. The other factions assumed you are Zhou Xiao's reincarnation."

"Therefore, the situation is still in our favor. Many people might want to kill you, and many factions are keeping an eye on you, but those in the Ruler Realm, or even the only Heaven Highness won't bother coming after you..."

If they knew Qin Nan was Zhou Di's reincarnation, they would not have the chance to have a little chat in the confined space anymore.

Qin Nan totally agreed.

"Therefore, you should focus on visiting the Dao Seeking Land in the Void Heaven Realm to obtain the Indestructible Force."

Empress Feiyue shuddered as her aura weakened slightly. However, she did not show it. She added, "Once you obtained it, you will have a great chance of refining the Flesh of Eternity!"

The Flesh of Eternity was his past life Zhou Di's power. Xiang Hun was willing to betray Qin Nan just for it.

"Got it!"

Qin Nan frowned. He asked, "But what exactly is the Dao Seeking Land?"

Li Ji and Mo Xiaoli immediately collected their thoughts. They coughed and said, "Allow me to explain it to you."

They finally had a chance to say a word or two.

"Qin Nan, you should know by now that you have to break through certain levels in special places. The Dao Seeking Land is where Nine Heavens Supremes achieve the Master Realm!"

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