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PBS - Chapter 2048 - Only A Year Left

Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan started establishing the formation.

Li Ji and Mo Xiaoli went from being curious to completely astounded.

The strength of the formation totally exceeded their imagination.

"With it, only Nine Heavens Supremes, or maniacs like Qin Nan and Feng Wuheng could pose a threat to you!"

Li Ji was extremely proud. He said, "I no longer have to worry so much when you two visit the Sacred Areas."

Princess Miao Miao rolled her eyes, "Old man, we aren't going anywhere yet. Xiao Lanlan and I still need to practice it. Besides, I have a feeling that the two seeds aren't only used for the formation."

Jiang Bilan straightened her face and said, "She's right, if we can discover their secrets, we might be able to look after ourselves even if we are in danger when we visit the Sacred Areas."

Mo Xiaoli smiled.

Li Ji smiled too. He said, "Your master, I am a Master of Dao still. Do you think you can trick me so easily? I'm pretty sure you just want to hang out with Qin Nan after he's done."

"Don't you even think about it. Hurry up and go to the Sacred Areas now!"

He added after a brief pause, "Did you already forget? Qin Nan is already a Nine Heavens Supreme. He will soon head to the Dao Seeking Land in the Void Heaven Realm! If the two of you can achieve the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm too, you may follow him to the Dao Seeking Land."

Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan exchanged glances with one another. The old man did sound reasonable now that they thought about it. They left for the Sacred Areas immediately.

Three days were gone after they left.

Qin Nan was currently in an obscure state.

He felt like he was soaring above the clouds or falling into a deep swamp at the same time. He was surrounded by light and darkness at the same time. The feelings contradicted one another, making it difficult for him to identify the actual situation.

In addition to it, the ten-colored glow of the Tree of Dao turned blurry as if it was covered by some white veil.

Refining the Fruit of the Heavens and Earth was different from refining other resources. It would only bring indescribable feelings to Qin Nan instead of directing him on a clear path.

Qin Nan's heart suddenly shuddered.

Twelve different lights combined into a peerless sword and sliced every contradicting element in half.

Everything became clear once again.

"Now is my chance!"

Qin Nan's will skyrocketed.

His Tree of Dao buzzed while unleashing formidable Dao intent and Dao glow.

The air within a few thousand li from him was filled with ripples. The place suddenly had an indescribable aura.

Li Ji and Mo Xiaoli both opened their eyes.

The Dao rhyme had appeared, a sign that someone had achieved the perfect stage of the Dao Realm!

The kid was going to do it!

A shocking clap of thunder suddenly occurred in Qin Nan's Divine Sense.

"I didn't expect I was able to talk to my future life one day. How intriguing!"

"My master, your true identity is actually Huangfu Jue, one of the four Supreme Highnesses!"

For some reason, the memory fragments, Zhou Di's figure, and Mo Xie's words kept repeating in his mind.

Qin Nan's heart shook vigorously like a pot of boiling water.

The Dao rhyme that he was emitting became chaotic.

"Crap, he's got a devil in his heart!"

Li Ji and Mo Xiaoli were startled.

It was not a good sign that Qin Nan was fighting the devil in his heart under the circumstances!

Not only would he fail to achieve the perfect stage of the Dao Realm, his mastery level might even drop once he failed!

Qin Nan's eyes sprang open. They were as sharp as a saber.

"As I thought, this won't be easy!"

Qin Nan took out a jade jar without any hesitation. He removed the cork on it.

A tremendous aura burst out and dyed the space red. Its presence immediately exceeded Li Ji and Mo Xiaoli's presence as it suppressed the energy.

It was perfect to refine the remaining blood left by Zhou Di now to overcome the demon in his heart and master the Dao Realm.

Meanwhile, somewhere mysterious in the Void Heaven Realm...

Empress Feiyue sat with her legs crossed. Several figures were behind her.

Every figure was unleashing a great force to absorb the energy in the surroundings into her body.

Her face was no longer as pale as it used to be.

The treatment was working.

Some time later, Empress Feiyue withdrew her hand seal. The figures behind her immediately vanished into thin air. Everything returned to normal.

However, her eyes shuddered.

Blood leaked out of her mouth.

She took a handkerchief to wipe the blood. She stared into the darkness ahead as she opened her eyes.

"What are you doing here?" Empress Feiyue asked.

"HAHAHA, my remaining will is about to dissipate from this world, so I'm here to see how you're doing!"

An old man with pitch-black skin but glittering eyes came over. He looked at Empress Feiyue and exclaimed, "Brilliant, how impressive! I didn't expect you to really invent an insane art like the Art of Ten Lifetimes!"

Empress Feiyue did not say a word. She put away her handkerchief.

The old man did not mind it, yet his eyes soon wore a menacing look, "However, why did you involve yourself in the first place? The others might not know, but I'm aware that you won't be able to withdraw the Art of Ten Lifetimes once you used it!"

"Is that Qin Nan really so important to you?"

Empress Feiyue's face remained calm despite the old man's questioning.

The old man felt his blood surging within him. He had an urge to burst out scolding, yet he withheld it in the end. He let out a sigh and said, "Forget it, just tell me how much time you have left."

Empress Feiyue stared at the old man for some time before he said calmly, "A thousand years."

The old man's expression froze. He burst out laughing in the end, "A thousand years, very well! Ever since that day, your lifespan will continue to reduce regardless of what resources you obtained! Nothing is going to stop it! A thousand years, you can only live for a year at most!"

"How could you possibly break through in just a year!? If you don't, you will be devoured by your ten lifetimes. You can't even reincarnate! Feiyue, how foolish of you!"

The old man eventually let out a sigh.

He initially thought there was going to be a new Heaven Highness, yet it had ended up like this.

Empress Feiyue looked at the old man. She disappeared after some time.

Her voice echoed in the rift.

"A year is more than enough for me."

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