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PBS - Chapter 2051 - Imperial Courtyard

"Does this mean it was only the beginning of the Dao Calamity instead of the end?" Qin Nan's expression sank.

If it was really the case, the Dao Calamity was going to be quite terrifying when it actually happened.

It was likely to trigger some unexpected changes. It might even expose the secret that he was the reincarnation of two Supreme Highnesses.

"Forget it, I'll just adapt according to the situation!"

Qin Nan shook his head. He calmed his thoughts and glanced at the immortal jade which Li Ji gave him.

He had to learn more about the Void Heaven Realm.

The immortal jade did not only have the map of the Void Heaven Realm. It also had many markings, including the bases of the seven Heaven Highness Clans, the Mumen Sect, the Shidao Tribe, and other formidable factions. It also had the cities, islands, forbidden areas, and other places which the Rulers of Dao occupied.

Qin Nan was not too interested in them for the time being. He skimmed through them and took note of some that caught his attention.


A place that was not too far away from where he currently was caught his attention.

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The Imperial Courtyard, a place that was built by ten experts in the Master Realm. Its actual form was a half-Dao Seeking Weapon. The ten experts in the Master Realm eventually passed away, thus the Imperial Courtyard had become a gathering place for the rogue cultivators. The seven Heaven Highness Clans usually recruit new disciples here..."

Qin Nan fell into deep thoughts after reading the description.

Based on the information provided, it was almost impossible for experts in the Master Realm to show up at the Imperial Courtyard, meaning that it would be safe for him. He had time to spare too, thus he did not mind paying it a visit to familiarize himself with the Void Heaven Realm.

After making up his mind, Qin Nan flew into the rift.

Around two hours later, the Imperial Courtyard was within Qin Nan's range of vision.

A huge city made of a kind of mystical yellow immortal stone with an imperious aura like a gigantic beast floated above the clouds. It was like a place that only existed in myths.

Not far away from Qin Nan were thousands of huge bridges with glows of different colors. They emerged from the ground and all reached forward into the enormous gate of the city.

There was a stone tablet at the head of each bridge with a few words on it.

"You can only enter the Imperial Courtyard through this bridge."

"The aura of the half-Dao Seeking Weapon is unusual indeed. The Dao Weapons are nothing like it."

Qin Nan activated the Immortal Eyes of the Divine God of Battle. He observed the city carefully before heading to one of the bridges and followed the crowd into the city.

The streets were extremely spacious. They scattered across all directions and were mostly crowded. The streets were bustling with noise.

Qin Nan looked around him and was astounded.

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He just noticed at least twenty-nine Nine Heavens Supremes around him. The number of cultivations in the Peerless Ruler Realm was even more shocking.

That being said, the majority of the cultivators were in the Heaven Immortal Realm still. There were a lot of Earth Immortals too.

The main reason was that the Imperial Courtyard had strictly followed a rule. Either the Peerless Rulers or the Masters of Dao were not allowed to attack cultivators below the Peerless Ruler Realm unless their dignity were at stake.

Qin Nan strolled around the city.

Half the duration of an incense stick later, two loud bell chimes came from the middle of the Imperial Courtyard.

The chimes were quite unusual. They were extremely clear despite noises in the city. Those who heard the chimes had an urge to pay their respect too.

"The Heaven Bell has rung at last!"

"There were two chimes. It seems like two Heaven Highness Clans have come to recruit new disciples!"

"Cultivator, it seems like we are in luck. Let's head over at once!"

Many cultivators on the streets, including Peerless Rulers were astounded. They immediately moved toward the center of the city like a wave.

"Oh? What a coincidence?" Qin Nan raised his brows.

Based on what Qin Nan knew, the seven Heaven Highness Clans would only recruit people with the same surname in the past. They would not recruit outsiders regardless of their talents and cultivation.

However, as time went by, more people of their own clan were killed due to infighting over the years.

In order to maintain the scale of the seven Heaven Highness Clans, they modified the rules so they could recruit outsiders. Every few years, the seven Heaven Highness Clans would send their representatives to the Imperial Courtyard to hold a trial and recruit new disciples.

Unlike the Supreme Daoism factions, these Heaven Highness Clans would only recruit a limited number of disciples. Furthermore, those with outstanding contributions might even be promoted to a member of the clan too.

Most importantly, the outer disciples would be granted a chance to observe the legendary statues of the Heaven Highnesses if they stayed in the clans for a certain time!

It was a great opportunity for many people. The benefits they would get from observing the statue of a Heaven Highness were unimaginable. They might even alter their destiny!

"There isn't anyone in the Master Realm nearby...I should go and take a look too."

Qin Nan executed his eye-technique and observed for a moment before following the crowd.

He soon arrived at a huge dojo in the middle of the Imperial Courtyard.

The dojo was fully crowded. A pitch-black altar around thirty zhang tall and a few thousand zhang wide was at the front.

Behind it stood around fifty figures.

In the middle of the dojo stood a white-haired old man and a teenage girl in a white robe. They were both in the early stage of the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm. The others beside them were Peerless Rulers, while the rest were all Heaven Immortals.

The two Nine Heavens Supremes were talking to one another while ignoring the rest of the crowd. The Peerless Rulers had straight faces while the rest had a disdainful look on their faces.

Qin Nan already found out that the two Heaven Highness Clans that came were the Wu Clan and the Zheng Clan based on the conversation of the cultivators around him.

"These people of the seven Heaven Highness Clans are no ordinary cultivators indeed. The auras in their bodies are a lot stronger than those in the same level. They also have a special force in their bodies similar to the ancient tribes..." Qin Nan observed.

Meanwhile, a Peerless Ruler from the Wu Clan stepped forward. He glanced down at the crowd and uttered with a thunderous voice, "We will now shine the Highness Light on you. Only those who have a seal on their chest are allowed to move on to the next round. The rest is disqualified!"

The white-haired old man and the teenage girl flickered their fingers following the announcement.

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