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PBS - Chapter 2055 - Try It

"Senior Supreme...I...I..."

Zhang Tianfeng wanted to say something subconsciously, yet he was stammering as if someone was holding his throat.

"Be gone," Qin Nan said calmly.

A great force burst out of the rift following his sentence.


Zhang Tianfeng let out a cry of agony. It felt like he just took a huge punch from a giant to his chest. His bones cracked as blood jetted out. He went flying like an arrow being fired and slammed into a palace far away.

Qin Nan could easily crush a peak Peerless Ruler, let alone a Peerless Ruler in the early stage.

"I didn't expect you're a Nine Heavens Supreme!"

Supreme Longhui said after collecting his thoughts, "However, regardless of your cultivation, since you aren't willing to join either Wu Clan or Zheng Clan, you should return the two drops of Supreme Blood Essence. We'll pretend that nothing ever happened."

Even though he was annoyed because he felt like he had been tricked, he had to give the young man some face still since he was a Nine Heavens Supreme. He could not just fall out with the young man and attack him right away.

Qin Nan was utterly speechless. He said, "I've claimed the two drops of Supreme Blood Essence by following your rules. Why do I have to give them back now? How narrow-minded are you two Nine Heavens Supremes?"

Many people twisted their lips.

They finally realized that the Nine Heavens Supreme had only taken the trial because he was after the two drops of Supreme Blood Essence.

His intention was incomprehensible.

Supreme Hongxiu's expression turned cold. She said, "Do you think you can do as you please just because you are a Nine Heavens Supreme? A Nine Heavens Supreme isn't at the highest level in the Void Heaven Realm!"

"I'm not going to waste my time with you. You have ten seconds to hand over the Supreme Blood Essence, or we won't show you any mercy!"

Two drops of Supreme Blood Essence were not necessarily that precious in their eyes, but she had found Qin Nan an eyesore in the first place. Second, if they let Qin Nan leave so easily, wouldn't they only embarrass themselves?

What would the others think of Zheng Clan and Wu Clan once the news started to spread?

"You're threatening me?"

Qin Nan squinted, "Bring it on if you have the guts to fight me."

The atmosphere intensified following his words, as if a great emperor had arrived.

The Peerless Rulers and Heaven Immortals felt their hearts pounding heavily. Many subconsciously backed away as they were afraid of being dragged into a great disaster.

"You dare threaten us? You're asking for it!"

Supreme Hongxiu's eyes were filled with anger. She thoroughly unleashed her supreme force. She dashed toward Qin Nan and swung her hand which was covered in runes.

A great force surged at Qin Nan's mind like a heavenly dragon.

"Friend, you are crossing the line!" Supreme Longhui could not endure it any longer. His eyes turned cold as he grabbed a Dao sword from the rift. He unleashed thousands of sword intents within an instant. They combined into a sword formation and loomed over Qin Nan.

"They are fighting! We should leave!"

The rest of the crowd was startled by the formidable auras. Their eyes widened as they quickly flew into the distance. Even though they were interested in the fight between the three Nine Heavens Supremes, they did not dare to stand too close to it.


Many cultivators in the Imperial Courtyard were startled.

The Nine Heavens Supremes were confused. They immediately inspected the area where the noise was coming from with their Divine Sense.

"Who is that man? How did he offend the Nine Heavens Supremes of Zheng Clan and Wu Clan?"

The same question crossed their mind after they saw what was going on.

"Judging from your aura, you're only a Nine Heavens Supreme in the early stage! If the two of us join hands, you won't stand a chance..."

Supreme Hongxiu grinned coldly staring at Qin Nan.

Qin Nan suddenly moved in the nick of time. His aura grew at least ten times stronger.

If his aura was only extraordinary previously, he had now transformed into a ferocious beast. Each of his actions would make the Heavens and Earth tremble.


Supreme Hongxiu and Supreme Longhui were startled.

The young man was clearly in the early stage of the Nine Heavens Supreme, yet how did he possess such a terrifying aura that was strong enough to intimidate them?


Qin Nan only threw a punch forward.

It unleashed a destructive force which shattered the two Nine Heavens Supreme's attacks. The remaining force surged forward like a great tide.

The two immediately felt a chill running down their spines. They quickly executed an outstanding move to back away.

"Such a terrifying punch!"

"Who exactly is that guy? He just knocked two Nine Heavens Supremes back with a single punch!"

The cultivators in the surroundings and the Nine Heavens Supremes and Peerless Rulers in the Imperial Courtyard were greatly intrigued.

The punch alone had clearly indicated how extraordinary the young man was!

Supreme Hongxiu and Supreme Longhui wore dark expressions.

They finally understood why the man was so arrogant. He was extremely confident in his strength. Even if the two joined hands, they the fight would still end in a draw.


A loud burst of laughter came from the distance. It echoed in the Imperial Courtyard, "Lonhui, Hongxiu, what the heck are you two doing? Did you really just let an outsider bully you like that? How embarrassing!"

A middle-aged man with poisonous snakes that had blazing red scales and golden eyes on his shoulders and mysterious runes on his face approached from the rift. He did not enter the city through the glowing bridges.

Each step the middle-aged man took would shatter the rift into pieces, like it was going to crumble in any second.

His aura was immeasurable like the ocean. It significantly surpassed Supreme Longhui and Supreme Hongxiu's aura.

He was a Nine Heavens Supreme in the Greater Success Stage!

"Supreme Pingling?"

Supreme Hongxiu and Supreme Longhui were startled at first, but their eyes were soon filled with joy.

Supreme Pingling was the elder of the Wang Clan, one of the seven Highness Heaven Clans. They had met several times and were quite close to one another.

He was definitely able to defeat the young man!

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