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PBS - Chapter 2060 - Entering Successfully, Part Two

Meanwhile, the Heaven-Slaying Sect in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm...

Xiang Hun was seated at the leading position. On his sides were the Patriarch of the Heaven-Repelling Ancient Sect, Zhuang Nan, and an old man in a black robe.

Zhuang Nan took a sip of his immortal tea and said, "The seven Heaven Highness Clans are going after Qin Nan. Many other factions are hunting him down too. I bet he's going to the Dao Seeking Land."

"Many factions would have guessed it too. They must have contacted the Nine Heavens Supremes in the Dao Seeking Land and asked them to subdue or murder Qin Nan at all costs."

"I will need Qin Nan's blood for my plan to work. I hope you can send someone to the Dao Seeking Land with me so we can capture him."

Zhuang Nan did not want to cooperate with Xiang Hun if he had a chance, but he was left with no choice.

The Heaven-Repelling Ancient Sect had suffered great losses after being ambushed by the Ancient Taboo. Besides, there were many Nine Heavens Supremes from other factions in the Dao Seeking Land. He needed a strong and reliable ally.

Xiang Hun was his best option without a doubt!

He dared to betray Zhou Xiao's reincarnation just to claim the Flesh of Eternity. Could he possibly ignore the chance of possessing ten fleshes?

Xiang Hung did not answer him. His finger was tapping rhythmically on his chair's handle.

He had claimed the Flower of Eternity. He just needed to cultivate in seclusion for a year to acquire the Flesh of Eternity. There was no reason for him to have any dealings with Qin Nan again.

However, the First Immortal was still in the Undying Cycle Mountain, thus Xiang Hun preferred to avoid Qin Nan for the time being.

Most importantly, Qin Nan's past life was not Zhou Xiao, but Zhou Di, his master in his previous life. It was Zhou Di who took him in and helped him to get his revenge, yet not only did he betray him, he was going to set him up too.

"Fine, we'll do as you say, but you will only take his blood. You are not allowed to kill him," Xiang Hun said.

"Not a problem!" Zhuang Nan said with a smile.

However, he did not treat Xiang Hun's warning seriously.

Killing Qin Nan or not solely depended on whether he was going to cooperate with them.

Besides, Xiang Hun had already betrayed Qin Nan and had agreed to set him up. Even if he killed Qin Nan, Xiang Hun was not going to say a word. Xiang Hun was merely trying to convince himself that killing Qin Nan was not his own intention.

Xiang Hun looked at the man in a black robe and said, "Tell Supreme South World and the others to visit the Heaven-Repelling Ancient Sect."

"It's time for us to declare something to the whole sect."

Zhuang Nan said with a confused look, "Is Patriarch planning something important?"

Xiang Hun rose to his feet and smiled, "Nothing much, we are just going to relocate our sect to the Void Heaven Realm."

He had been planning to return to the Void Heaven Realm all along. He was going to trample the seven Heaven Highness Clans and the others under his feet!

Meanwhile, a mysterious land in the Void Heaven Realm...

Countless bones were floating in the river, but the number of bones was much lower than usual.

The Ancient Taboo had brought countless bones to battle on the same day when Qin Nan achieved the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm, yet they had lost the battle, resulting in great losses.

"Where is our master?"

"I have no idea. He has been missing from that day onward!"

"He must be feeling a great pressure after his plans failed continuously!"

The white bones were whispering among themselves.

Little did they know, there was a mysterious land toward the end of the Forbidden River.

The land was not huge. It only covered an area of a hundred li. There was a tablet in the middle.

Ancient Taboo's true form sat beside the tablet. It was gulping down jars of wine.

Even though the Ancient Taboo was no longer as powerful as it used to be, there was still no wine that could intoxicate it.

And yet, it was feeling a little drunk.

"Master, I've been following your instructions! However, my strength is limited. I'm struggling to stop them all! The Sixth Immortal is making progress, the successor of the Second Immortal naively thinks he can merge all ten fleshes. Zhou Di's useless son has returned too!"

"The Shidao Tribe, Mumen Sect, and the seven Heaven Highness Clans are planning their moves too!"

"However, I'm having trouble stopping them! I can't even fend off a young cultivator!"

"The Wang Clan and Zheng Clan, and other ancient tribes have broken their oaths too. They are no longer afraid of me. They don't even pay any respect to me..." the Ancient Taboo said.

It was venting the frustrations it had felt over the years.

"Master, it has been another five thousand years! You said you will be back one day! I never doubted it!"

"However, how long is it going to take? Where are you now?"

"I can't hold on for much longer on my own!"

Ancient Taboo's voice was thunderous.

Yet, no one responded to it. The place remained silent.

Some time later, the Ancient Taboo placed the jar of wine down. It let out a sigh and rose to its feet.

What other choices did it have? It could only stick to its plan.

Qin Nan and Feng Wuheng were most likely heading to the Dao Seeking Land. It must make the necessary preparations in advance.

Even though the chance of its plan working was getting slimmer, it still had to do it. After all, it was an order from its master.

The tablet that had remained silent for countless years shuddered all of a sudden. Ancient runes began to glow and construct a great formation on it.

The Ancient Taboo halted in its track.

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