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PBS - Chapter 2083 - Immortal Comprehension Grass

Countless runes spread outward and formed a huge formation.

It unleashed an energy as Qin Nan and the two women disappeared right before Zhuang Nan and the others.

"They have gone to the next floor!"

Zhuang Nan's face darkened. He yelled at Li Changsheng after a slight hesitation, "Cultivator Li, if you're willing to swear an Immoral Demon Oath, we'll let you go first!"

He was unwilling to let Li Changsheng enter the temple first, yet he had no other choice.


Li Changsheng did not reject the suggestion this time.

A few moments later, on the first floor of the Three Moons Pagoda...

Qin Nan and the two women were greeted by an icy energy when they appeared. Qin Nan immediately fended it off with the Dao-Melting Immortal Flames.

Their eyes glittered as they looked up.

The first floor was around ten thousand zhang wide. The ceiling was covered in strange runes with three glowing moons in the middle. The floor was made of some kind of blue mineral.

Three stone pillars stood at the end. The first had a grass around the length of a finger covered in golden runes. The second and third had a purple and white keys respectively.

Beside each of the pillars was a corpse sitting with its legs crossed as if it was guarding it.

Furthermore, there was an open gate behind the pillars. The gap was big enough for two cultivators to pass through.

They could barely see the demonic aura that was flowing like a vast sea through the gap.

"It seems like we are in luck!" Qin Nan smiled.

Even though he had no clue where the gate would lead them to, the demonic aura in it was oddly terrifying. Supreme South World, Li Changchun, and the others would hesitate to go inside it.

However, Qin Nan was not worried at all. There was no demonic aura or presence that could harm him due to the demonic intent his past life had granted him.

"This Three Moons Pagoda isn't an ordinary place. There's already an Immortal Comprehension Grass on the first floor!" Princess Miao Miao's eyes glittered as she spoke, "The two keys must be something unusual too if they are placed together with the Immortal Comprehension Grass."

"The Immortal Comprehension Grass originates from the Undying Cycle Mountain. It has tremendous benefits!"

"Immortal Comprehension Grass?" Qin Nan frowned.

The three stone pillars were surrounded with powerful auras. The corpses that were protecting the pillars were nothing ordinary too. It would surely take them a lot of time to claim the treasure.

Supreme South World and others would have caught up to them by then.

"The barren land on the ground floor has one hundred and eight Disciplinary Statues. It must be some kind of formation that is enough to trap the enemy for more than an hour. However, Supreme South World and the others would choose to send Li Changsheng up here first to keep us busy."

"I can only roughly estimate their strength. I have no clue what other trump cards they have, nor could I predict what would happen from here onward. We only have around a thousand breaths if we want to be on the safe side" countless thoughts crossed Jiang Bilan's mind. She said, "Princess, we'll skip on the Immortal Comprehension Grass. If possible, let's claim the purple key in the middle. It might come in handy."

Princess Miao Miao nodded, "Xiao Lanlan is right. Xiao Nanzi, go for it!"

Qin Nan dashed forward and broke through the forbidding aura with the Dao Pattern. The two women stayed close behind him.

Around eight hundred breaths later, the forbidding auras around the stone pillar in the middle were destroyed. Qin Nan slashed at the corpse with the Heaven-Shattering Saber.

As they expected, the corpse's hollow eyes suddenly burst into green flames followed by an exploding intent which encapsulated them.

The surroundings began to change.

A ghastly face covered in blood appeared in the air. It burst out laughing, "How many years has it been? Someone has finally come! I'm going to claim your fleshes!"

Qin Nan summoned the Divine Battle Spirit before it could finish, "Try it then."

A hundred breaths later, the face was destroyed by the magnificent battle intent despite its fierce struggle.

The surroundings returned to normal. The corpse was gone too.

Qin Nan activated Immortal Eyes of the Divine God of Battle to wipe out the forbidding aura and the seals on the purple key. He successfully claimed the key after ninety breaths.

"Time is up, let's go!"

Qin Nan activated the Dao Pattern which encapsulated him and the two women before rushing into the gate.

The first floor of the Three Moons Pagoda already had something as valuable as the Immortal Comprehension Grass, meaning that the successions and fortunate encounters in the second floor would be even more valuable.

However, they must find a way out first since Supreme South World and the others were too much of a threat to them.

When Qin Nan disappeared into the demonic aura, a furious roar shook the hall, "Qin Nan, don't you run away..."

A terrifying fist intent followed, but it was all too late.

A thousand and three breaths had passed in total.

Qin Nan kept falling when he stepped into the demonic aura. He finally came to a stop as if he had landed on a boat.

"Such a strong demonic aura!"

Qin Nan glanced at the darkness around him in astonishment.

The demonic aura was ten times stronger than what he had expected. It was like an endless galaxy.

"I wonder why this demonic aura exists?"

Qin Nan continued forward despite the question that crossed his mind.

The power of his Immortal Eyes of the Divine God of Battle was sealed away. He was unable to see properly. He could only probe his way around.

However, the demonic aura in his heart showed its presence once again.

The boundless demonic aura around him remained over a hundred zhang away from Qin Nan as if it had met its emperor.

Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan sat in the Dao Pattern and focused on treating their injuries after realizing what was going on.

"Qin Nan!"

A loud roar came from behind in the distance.

Li Changsheng was a reckless man too. He was forcing his way through with an outstanding method.

However, it was still nowhere enough since Qin Nan did not even slow down his pace. He kept going like an ascetic monk.

Little did Qin Nan know, the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree far away in the Dao Seeking Land reacted the moment he arrived in the demonic aura.

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