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PBS - Chapter 2090 - Believing in Buddhism

"Enough of your crap!"

Zhuang Nan, Li Changsheng, and the peak Nine Heavens Supremes executed their Dao Arts.

"Fellow cultivators, please calm down!"

Following a loud yell, thirteen figures flew to Qin Nan and nullified the Dao Arts.

"We're going too!"

The other rogue cultivators flew over without any hesitation.

A moment later, thirty-six people were standing on Qin Nan's side. Half of them were peak Nine Heavens Supremes, while the other half were Nine Heavens Supremes in the Greater Success Stage.


Zhuang Nan, Li Changsheng, Supreme South World, and the others were furious.

They finally had a chance to take Qin Nan down, yet these people intervened with their plan!

"Fellow cultivators, we insist to kill Qin Nan. Standing on his side makes you our enemy! As long as you are willing to step aside, I will give you..." Zhuang Nan said while withholding his anger.

Before he could finish, Jiang Bilan giggled and said, "We are giving everyone three Essence Wither Pills."

Princess Miao Miao lifted her chin too, "And I am going to give you all a stalk of Yin and Yang Accumulating Grass, and two seeds of the Immortal Transcending Tree."

The three of them dared to wait in front of the tomb despite the circumstances because they were filthy rich!

The rogue cultivators were startled. A peak Nine Heavens Supreme glanced at Zhuang Nan and the others and said, "I know what you are after, but why the rush? It's no longer our business once we brought him to the place where the bodies of the Masters of Dao are. You can do whatever you want to him."

They were willing to help Qin Nan not because they were after the resources, but they also had another plan.

If they were to protect Qin Nan throughout the journey, the authorities of many factions were going to hate them and treat them as enemies. It would not benefit them at all.

However, once they found the bodies of the Masters of Dao, they would focus on competing for them. The resources that Qin Nan promised were no longer as valuable.

After all, the blood, eyes, fingers, and everything else that belonged to a Master of Dao contained the will of the Master Realm, which was what they were after.


Zhuang Nan was enraged.

Before he could finish, Supreme South World patted him on the shoulder. He looked at Qin Nan coldly, "Since you're trying to drag it out, we'll do as you please. I would like to see how long you can drag this out."

He wanted to take Qin Nan out to eliminate once and for all, but now that the rogue cultivators were involved, Daoist Qianlong, Holy Monk Wangjin, and Supreme Wanqing were withdrawing from the fight too. Li Changsheng was also wearing a frown as he was unwilling to force the fight.

If they tried to take the fight now, both sides would be injured. No one knew what was going to happen in such a complicated situation.

"HAHAHA, kid, that's very bold of you. You're just like me back in the days!" Meng Langtian burst out laughing. He blatantly blew his own trumpet.

Qin Nan's lips twisted, but he still brought his fists together.

Among the Nine Heavens Supremes and factions, he only had a good impression of the Nine Palace Golden Immortal Sect. After all, Meng Jiugong had helped him a lot when they were in the First Sacred Area. He still owed the man a huge favor.

Following a loud thud, the entrance to the tomb was open. A powerful gust surged out of it. Everyone could feel their heart pound heavily.

"Into the tomb!"

Everyone made their move.

Qin Nan used the Sky-Stride Blow and entered the tomb first with his women.

The tomb was not much different from the other tombs they had visited. The walls were carved with ancient drawings. Many statues stood at the center with a sinister aura, and behind them were several caskets. There were six of them, each with an ancient seal on it.

A purple casket around five zhang long was hovering upside down at the end of the tomb, with a saber, a sword, a halberd, and a fan on both sides. Everyone could feel a formidable power from it.

"Half Dao-Seeking Weapons!"

The eyes of many burned passionately.

Chen Shiyan's gaze was fixed on the saber.

A half-Dao Seeking Weapon was not necessarily invaluable to them, but a half-Dao Seeking Weapon which an expert in the Master Realm had used for many years was a different story. The will of the Master Realm it contained easily surpassed other half-Dao Seeking Weapons.

"Why are there caskets here when the bodies aren't around?" Daoist Qianlong harrumphed coldly.

He flung his sleeves and emitted seven sharp glows before charging forward.

The statues at the center were startled by the intruder's aura. They immediately unleashed a strong murderous aura while strong formations were activated on the walls, ground, and ceiling.

The tomb suddenly turned into a deadly trap.

A series of explosions took place, starting from the six caskets at the front. Wisps of Dao Intents and will of the Master Realm burst out of them, followed by scrolls, manuals, and tablets.

They contained the Dao Arts and Master Arts that the Master of Dao had learned.

When the last purple casket broke into light dots, immortal jades with the pattern of an ancient immortal wolf howling at the moon floated in the air.

"The Soul Howl Immortal Jades?"

Everyone's eyes glittered.

Shocking auras exploded following it. The tomb trembled vigorously as if it was about to collapse.

"Sky-Stride Blow!"

White flames erupted in Qin Nan's eyes. He executed the twelve Arts of Dao Seeking and went close to the Soul Howl Immortal Jades while bringing the two women with him.

Even though they had missed out on the briefing from the Sacred Priests as they were waiting outside the tomb, they had learned the rules earlier than everyone else.

They even had the time to figure out a plan.

The situation was extremely dangerous. They would be doomed with just a single mistake.

Therefore, they had derived a plan consisting of three main steps. First, they would enter the tomb. Second, they would claim the Soul Howl Immortal Jades.

They would convince enough rogue cultivators to side with them to prevent Zhuang Nan and the others from targeting them.

As long as they secured the Soul Howl Immortal Jades, they could guarantee their safety until they reached the place where the bodies of the Masters of Dao were.

"Mister Qin Nan, you must atone for your sins. Come and pursue the path of Buddhism with me!"

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