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PBS - Chapter 2100 - The Battle on Blood Mountain

Thirteen cultivators were approaching rapidly from the east and the northwest.

There were five cultivators from the east. Judging from their auras, two of them were peak Nine Heavens Supremes while three were in the Greater Success Stage. There were rogue cultivators as well as members of ancient tribes among them.

They must have joined hands after stumbling into one another coincidentally just like the three peak Nine Heavens Supremes Qin Nan encountered previously.

As for the eight cultivators coming from the northwest, four of them were peak Nine Heavens Supremes while the other four were in the Greater Success Stage.

Two of the peak Nine Heavens Supremes were monks of the Ancient Bodhi Temple, and the other two were disciples of the Extreme Living Gate.

The Nine Heavens Supremes in the Greater Success Stage were from two of the Supreme Daoism factions too.

Qin Nan's eyes burst into white flames.

The four peak Nine Heavens Supremes might not be as strong as Holy Monk Wangjin and Daoist Qianlong in terms of their own strength, but their combined strength was not to be underestimated either.

"Qin Nan?"

The thirteen cultivators were overjoyed when they found the mountain, but their eyes widened when they sensed the existence of others and saw Qin Nan and his crew.

"Amitabha, I didn't expect to stumble into Master Qin Nan here. Master Qin Nan is indeed destined with the way of Buddhism."

A monk placed his palms together and uttered a chant while transmitting a message with his badge. The Bodhi glow in his eyes grew too.

The other monk, the two peak Nine Heavens Supremes of the Extreme Living Gate, and the remaining Nine Heavens Supremes in the Greater Success Stage activated their Arts of Dao Seeking.

The atmosphere intensified as coldness surged wildly across the place.

Qin Nan and the two Supreme Daoism factions were already enemies of life and death. Even though they were interested in the mountain, their first priority was to kill Qin Nan here!

Qin Nan calmly transmitted his voice, "Princess, Bilan, when the fight starts, try your best to involve those five over there."

A strong saber intent burst out of his body and soared into the sky.

It was meaningless to come up with any plan now. Their only choice was to kill the thirteen cultivators and claim the mountain.


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As Qin Nan was about to make his move, everyone looked to the southeast after they sensed something.

A thunderous dragon cry suddenly echoed between the Heavens and Earth.

The calm rift suddenly shattered like a mirror as countless saber intents accumulated and transformed into a huge dragon over ten thousand zhang long. It let out a roar as it landed on the mountain.

The rocks shattered as dust scattered in the air. A young man with short black hair holding an ancient saber with purple runes appeared in front of the crowd. His aura surpassed everyone's at the scene.

"Chen Shiyan?"

The peak Nine Heavens Supremes were startled.

The Nine Heavens Supremes in the Greater Success Stage felt a great chill running down their spine.

They were not afraid of Qin Nan. His past life might be impressive, but he was only in the Greater Success Stage now.

However, Chen Shiyan was different. Not only was he the ninetieth Saint of the Chen Clan, he was also ranked ninth on the Supreme Leaderboard!

How significant was his rank?

Even the Patriarchs of the Ancient Bodhi Temple and the Extreme Living Gate were ranked lower than him!

Meanwhile, the stern atmosphere became weird all of a sudden.

Chen Shiyan ignored the crowd's reaction. He looked at Qin Nan and smiled to everyone's surprise, "I didn't think I would be so lucky to stumble into you here!"

"It seems like we are destined to fight one another!"

The flames in Qin Nan's eyes flickered vigorously. The battle blood in his body became restless too.

An indescribable feeling arose in his heart.

Qin Nan never underestimated any peak Nine Heavens Supremes, but only the unusual peak Nine Heavens Supremes on the Supreme Leaderboard were able to awaken his battling heart.

"Qin Nan, we can't fight Chen Shiyan now. Otherwise, the people of the Ancient Bodhi Temple and the Extreme Living Gate would find a chance to take us out too," Jiang Bilan advised. She knew exactly what her man was thinking about.

Chen Shiyan spoke before Qin Nan could say a word, "I have a message for you all. If anyone tries to harm Qin Nan and the people around him, I won't go easy on them."

Even though he was addressing it to the crowd, he never looked at them directly.

Qin Nan and his women were surprised.

Was Chen Shiyan thinking of...

On the other hand, the Nine Heavens Supremes of the Ancient Bodhi Temple and the Extreme Living Gate, and the rogue cultivators wore displeased looks.

This Chen Shiyan was being too imperious. He was not treating any of them seriously!

"We won't object it if Saint Chen has said so," the peak Nine Heavens Supremes said calmly after withholding their anger.

Chen Shiyan nodded. He performed a hand seal with a single hand which applied a strong sealing power on him.

After suppressing his cultivation to the Greater Success Stage, he raised his arm and pointed his ancient saber at Qin Nan, "Everything is now perfect. Shall we decide who's stronger right here and right now?"

Everyone at the scene was startled.

No one thought the man had done everything just so he could have a fair battle with Qin Nan.

Qin Nan smiled. He said without turning his head, "Princess, Bilan, go ahead and refine the mountain."

Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan nodded. They flew to the mountain without saying a word.

Now that everything was settled, their man could do whatever he pleased.

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"Cultivator Chen, why would I turn down the challenge if you've done everything to make it possible?"

Qin Nan's hair drifted in the wind. He looked deep into Chen Shiyan's eyes.

Their ancient sabers seemed to notice something. They began to buzz while emitting stronger saber intents.

The atmosphere was so intense that no words could describe it. The peak Nine Heavens Supremes even felt like time had slowed down at that instant.

Everything went into a full blast following it.

The two figures collided with one another in the air.

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