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PBS - Chapter 2107 - The Secret Soul Art

Supreme South World suddenly switched up his hand seal.

Twelve different auras rose inside his body.

"Mm? Isn't that..." Qin Nan was startled.

He was familiar with the twelve auras, as they belonged to the twelve Arts of Dao Seeking he practiced.

"Qin Nan, you were distracted, so I wasn't trying to kill you. I've been waiting for this moment! Your extraordinary path of cultivation will be mine from today onward," Supreme South World grinned.

An ancient pattern slowly emerged from his body.

A formidable power burst out of it and collided with the force which Qin Nan's Dao Pattern was emitting, resulting in over a thousand explosions in the rift.

The two Dao Patterns went into a standstill. The Nine Heavens Supremes nearby lost their brilliance, as if the two Dao Patterns were everything left in the world.

"What's going on?"

"Did Supreme South World learn Qin Nan's extraordinary path of cultivation?"

Many Nine Heavens Supremes were startled by the sight.

Only Zhuang Nan retained his smile like he was not surprised at all.

"Oh my, isn't this the Dao of Stealing of the Tenth Immortal? Is the Tenth Immortal here too?"

Master Chihao was startled. What exactly happened when he was dead for a thousand years? Why did the Immortals keep showing up?

"The Dao of Stealing? Is it a Art of Dao Seeking that can steal other people's Dao Arts and Arts of Dao Seeking?"

Qin Nan asked immediately.

"Not necessarily, the Tenth Immortal's Dao of Stealing is a special ability of his soul. I don't really know where it's from, but it's true he can steal other people's Dao Arts and Arts of Dao Seeking," Master Chihao said.

"I see," Qin Nan squinted.

He must admit that Supreme South World was not the same as before. The man was placing him under great pressure in the battle.

However, Qin Nan had noticed that the auras of the twelve Arts of Dao Seeking and the Dao Pattern were indiscernible, similar to the power of the seven fleshes he unleashed previously.

Qin Nan believed Supreme South World was only stealing the surface of Dao Arts and Arts of Dao Seeking instead of their essence.

Otherwise, it would be a terrifying ability.

"Qin Nan, do you think I'm only stealing the appearance?"

Supreme South World chuckled as if he could read Qin Nan's mind, "So what if it's only the appearance? Do you think you stand a chance against the seven fleshes and your extraordinary path of cultivation?"

The power of the seven fleshes emerged from his body.

Supreme South World changed his hand seal again. An illusionary gate emerged from the rift and absorbed the power of the seven fleshes. It immediately underwent significant changes.

A terrifying aura surged wildly.

The gate no longer had a blurred outline. Seven kinds of ancient runes began to draw several patterns, granting the gate a deadly aura, as if it was capable of suppressing every entity in the world.

Qin Nan looked up. His hair drifted wildly in the wind.

The scene before him was similar to the battle between him and the South-Heaven Gate.

"South World, there's a huge difference between the appearance and essence of my cultivation. I managed to destroy your South-Heaven Gate in the past. I will destroy your Dao of Stealing too!"

Qin Nan unleashed an imperious aura.

His Dao Pattern buzzed and unleashed a formidable force knocking Supreme South World's Dao Pattern back.

He moved swiftly and combined the will of the twelve Arts of Dao Seeking and his will into a brilliant glow before merging it with the Heaven-Shattering Saber.


Strong gusts of wind surged in all directions.

Qin Nan was gone. The gate disappeared too. They were replaced by a magnificent Dao glow and a blue light which collided with one another.

"Qin Nan, you will lose today!"

Supreme South World let out a furious roar as he thoroughly unleashed his Supreme Force.

The rift turned chaotic. The Nine Heavens Supremes who were in the middle of a fight kept glancing at them at times.

"Mm? Is the battle coming to an end?"

The Nine Heavens Supremes were startled. They stopped performing hand seals.

A shocking explosion echoed in the surroundings.

The magnificent saber glow and the blue light disappeared. A figure soared into the sky. It was none other than Qin Nan.

Meanwhile, Supreme South World had a pale face. He spat out a mouthful of blood as his aura weakened.

It was obvious who had won the battle!

"How is this..."

Supreme South World clenched his teeth with bloodshot eyes.

His South-Heaven Gate lost in the past, and now his Dao of Stealing lost too?

Why is this happening?

"Useless piece of sh**!"

Zhuang Nan's face twisted. He yelled after the curse, "Are you all just going to stand there and watch? Qin Nan has used a lot of his energy. Hurry up and kill him!"

The peak Nine Heavens Supremes behind Supreme South World immediately collected their thoughts and attacked Qin Nan.

"Art of Taiyan!"

Qin Nan's aura and battle intent grew rapidly. He was like an emperor who looked down at the peak Nine Heavens Supremes and pointed at them.

It was a move he had not used until now, the Combination of Dao Arts!

A chaotic battle took place once again.

Meanwhile, three peak Nine Heavens Supremes had made it to the statue. They divided the remaining energy equally and refined them.

The remaining cultivators were going to fight one another to reach the statue, but they soon realized they could no longer go any closer.

"Shouldn't it still have a lot of energy left?"

Many shared the same thought.

However, they did not think Qin Nan was the reason behind it. They assumed the statue only allowed four people to refine it at a time. They had no choice but to give up in disappointment.

The situation remained chaotic since many were still fighting over the two mountains.

Qin Nan was doing two things at once. He was defending himself while refining the energy from the statue. After some time, he finally finished absorbing the energy.

His soul underwent significant changes too.

Different lights began to flow in his soul. The outline of his soul became a lot clearer too as his Divine Sense expanded rapidly.

"Kid, I'll give you something before we join hands as my act of goodwill!"

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